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475 question about employer being based in Sydney

Guest mikewheble

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Guest mikewheble

Hi all,

I have a real dilemma and I'm hoping that some of the agents on here can advise?


I have a 475 Regional Sponsored visa which I received in April 2011. The plan was that we were going to head to Perth in Feb however, I have been head hunted by an Australian company. The company has nominated me for a 121 visa and I have submitted the visa...we have both received acknowledgement that all is correct and has been lodged.


The question is, can I go and live in regional NSW and work for a company that is based in Bondi Junction? My contract would be 'work from home' and so would not be breaking my 475. Is it possible for a company based in a non regional area to employ a 475 visa holder? This will be a short term measure whilst I await my 121 to come through which should hopefully be November.


If you can help then I would appreciate as I am looking to fly out mid September.


Thanks in advance



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