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Found 49 results

  1. Hi there i've never done this before so if i ramble too long or give too much info - sorry! :wideeyed: my partner and i are both social workers and have been offered state sponsorship for WA. having looked through lots of posts on this site i am beginning to panic about trying to find work in the perth area. my partner has DipSW and i have an MSc in SW. are the local councils the best folks to work for or are there other organisations that offer better opportunities? were there any problems with qualifications as long as balanced with experience? (both of us will be 3 years post qualifying when we move out with 4-5 years pre-qualifying experience) it seems to be really hard to get any useful information from any formal websites and we are really struggling to find jobs on any websites that we would be interested in. my preference is child protection and his is community care. Any hints or tips that you could give us would be fab cos we really have no idea where to start!! Cheers Freyja
  2. is there is anyone out there who has started to complete their ACS recognition of prior learning with the new PASA form based upon the "Key Areas of Knowledge". ???/
  3. Hi there, I am 30 yrs old and have been in Melbourne for 1 year and am always keen to meet new female friends who are up for spontaneous drinks/coffees/theatre/cinema and generally enjoying all that life in lovely Melbourne offers! If anyone can point me in the direction of any upcoming meet-ups that would be great equally would love to meet individuals/arrange a girlie group meet-up depending on numbers. Home-sick central today am normally more fun, promise! :tongue:
  4. Currently looking for an experienced SAS Developer for the Bankwest IT & Change Management team, based in Perth CBD. The role is permanent and will pay up to $120k inclusive of super. Required skills listed below. Let me know if you are interested - you can reach me on +61 8 9449 5421. The essential skills we will be looking for are: - SAS modeling and programming - SAS base code development, review and debugging - SAS performance tuning - DI Studio - SAS Management Console - SAS Macros - Enterprise Guide - Business Objects - Datamarts Highly regarded skills for this role include... - Relevant SAS qualifications - Exposure to Agile development methodologies - SAS Credit Risk Management Solution for banking - Credit Risk business knowledge - SAS Reporting Web Studio - OLAP Cubes - Banking/Financial Institution experience
  5. In case anyone isn't as mad as hell as me regarding blatant lies and misrepresentation in the media and from our politicians in the UK, this is a very good site that researches those half truths and mistruths, so you don't have to... http://www.fullfact.org (hope you don't mind admins!!)
  6. Hi I am gonna undertake medicals. I have already undertaken Police checks 6 months ago. Enter before date in visa application is calculated based on medicals or PCC? For instance if I submit a fresh medical test along with an old pcc which is still valid then my enter before date will be calculated based on medicals or old pcc? Regards
  7. Guest

    GSM paper based applications

    I have started this thread for sharing the time line of paper-based GSM applications so that it will be helpful for our forum members. Guys please share your time line. I have sent my paper application last Wednesday and it has reached DIAC today. Waiting for the ACK from DIAC. Hope it takes a month at least...
  8. :arghh:Hi all, I have only just joined the group and am still here in the UK well for the next few weeks at least. Today I have been offered the job of dreams in Perth, all relocation paid. What can I say 'ROCK ON TOMMY'. I will be working on FIFO job a a construction manager cant wait. I will be moving with my partner and 2 children 7&3 they cant wait. We are looking at Burns Beach or Quinns. I was just wondering if any one has points to make about these plece's. :biggrin: - How to make a new life with freinds that is the next question?:confused: If anyone has been through a similar process I would welcome your comments.
  9. hi gang, could anybody please help, i am about to apply for registration in Vic, but am having difficulty in finding out (or understanding website) on registration fees, i have seen that as an overseas nurse i have to send $220 but cant see what else i have to pay for... Any newly applied nuses could you please give me an idea.... Much appreciated. Jim
  10. Georgiajoe

    agent uk or aus based ????

    hi, could anyone please advise me if its best to use a uk or austrailian agent. also if its best to use an aus one, do the time differences created problems , ie delays etc. sorry one more question!!, what is the average cost as i'm going to need a 175 skilled worker for perth. thank you
  11. Hi all, I have a real dilemma and I'm hoping that some of the agents on here can advise? I have a 475 Regional Sponsored visa which I received in April 2011. The plan was that we were going to head to Perth in Feb however, I have been head hunted by an Australian company. The company has nominated me for a 121 visa and I have submitted the visa...we have both received acknowledgement that all is correct and has been lodged. The question is, can I go and live in regional NSW and work for a company that is based in Bondi Junction? My contract would be 'work from home' and so would not be breaking my 475. Is it possible for a company based in a non regional area to employ a 475 visa holder? This will be a short term measure whilst I await my 121 to come through which should hopefully be November. If you can help then I would appreciate as I am looking to fly out mid September. Thanks in advance Mike
  12. staceyirvine

    medicals paper based?

    Hi we went for our medicals 8th July and were told they would be going to Sydney..now how long do they take to get there?? thanks Stacey x
  13. april.will

    Paper based medicals - how long?

    Hi we had our medicals last week, on line application, except we had to do our sons as a paper application because I couldnt download his form. Now the medical arrived in sydney on monday and wondered if anyone knew how long it takes to get to your CO or anyone been in similar situation? Any help would be very grateful as we are desperate to know the outcome, been on the visa laddder for nearly 3 years and just want to know move to OZ or move on. thanks in advance april :huh:
  14. Malcomza

    Visa 175 paper based application

    My paper based application for Independent GSM visa (175) was just recieved by the Adelaide Skills Processing Center on 26th May 2011. I am wondering how long time should I wait for their Acknowledgment Reciept and does any person have an idea about the timeline to affect the CO knowing I am from High Risk Country. Thank in advance. Regards, Malcom
  15. Dear All, I submitted a paper based 885 on the 27th of April 2011 via express post platinum and it was delivered to DIAC, Adelaide processing on the 29th of April 2011. I see that my money is debited on the 03rd of May as per my bank records. However, until now (06th of May) I have not received any official acknowledgement from DIAC either through email or via post. Please share your experiences in this regard. Thanks Deepak
  16. I'm looking for an agent based in Melbourne, any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks Eddy
  17. Hi Refer to the check list for 475 visa application, it shows that the F80 to be submitted with F1276. I have a doubt on this because they are stating that police clearance to be submitted in later stage. since i am in high risk country i think i need to apply for police clearance before the case officer assigned. can i do that?. is it necessary to submit the clearance cert directly form police HQ to DIAC? or i can get it to my home address and the can post to DIAC? Thanks Kumar
  18. eHealth Medical vs Paper Based Medical?
  19. Could anyone point me good reason for collecting bio matrix data ONLY for paper based applicant ?:rolleyes: Jess
  20. Guest

    Northwest based pet shippers

    Hi just wondering if anyone has used any uk North west transport agencies for their pets ? What was your experience and would you recommend them ? Thanks in advance :wink:
  21. Hi all you seasoned travellers out there. We are thinking of flying back to the UK next year for a 5 or 6 week visit and have been doing some fare searches on the net. My question is whether it is possible to book a return flight through a UK based travel agent because my initial research shows that with such a strong Au $ you can get a much cheaper flight than booking through an agency here in Au. Is there anything wrong/illegal using the return half of the ticket first, will the airlines allow you to do it?. Has anyone done it? It's our golden wedding anniversary next year and if we do go back then we intend flying business class as a one off present to ourselves, and the saving seems to be substantial. eg Qantas Melbourne to Edinburgh and return is around $18500 booked in Au, but through an agent in the UK Edinburgh to Melbourne and return is about UKBP.9500. (this is the price for 2 people). Ideas anyone Mike
  22. sykestykes

    Codeine Based Painkillers

    Hello All My sister is coming to visit me soon and she wants to know, can she bring codeine-based painkillers for her back through Abu Dhabi airport (she is flying with Etihad). If not, does anyone know if she can buy them over the counter here in Oz. Thank you in advance - sorry I'm too lazy to research the chemists here :wink: Sue x
  23. Is this possible to send supporting documents for a paper based 176 application via email? Thanks
  24. This story here:- Employer-backed migration is surging | Business | News.com.au says that sponsored skilled migration is surging whilst permanent residency permits are dropping.
  25. Hi everyone, I really need some advice to stop my partner from going crazy. I’m from the UK and lived in Aus for 5 years (on a 457 Visa) until March 09 when I was made redundant and had to return to the UK. I’m returning to Brisbane in July 09 and applying with my partner for De facto - Onshore Temporary - Visa (Subclasses 820). We’ve lived together since we first met in July 08 and have been together constantly (apart from the 3 months I’ve been in the UK). We will be applying ASAP from Australia but I don’t want to be sitting around for months ad months waiting before I can start working. Does anyone have any info on the time taken to process De facto Visas? We have all the relevant info, stat decs, proof of relationship and Police Checks. Any help from someone in the know would be great. Jock