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Guest sleepysunday

Proof of income for Sydney rental (self employed) + 100 ID points query

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Guest sleepysunday


We are moving to Sydney in September (I'm Aussie but my husband is British) and when we arrive I won't have a job and my husband is self employed so I wanted to know what others have used when looking for rentals?


We will have funds we can show in our account from the sale of the house but I know they often ask for references from previous rentals or employers details both of which don't apply to us.


Has anyone else been in a similar situation and can shed any light on what to do?


As for the 100 points of ID what can you use if you don't have anything with a fixed address on it? And is it 100 points for my husband and 100 for me or 100 in total?


Thanks all. You think I'd know this being Australian but yesterday I became a British citizen as well after being here for 12 years!



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Guest GoldCoastMag

hi sleepysunday,


this is one list,


Primary Identification Documents

You are only allowed to use one of the following:

Passport (current or expired with last two years, but not cancelled)

#Birth Certificate/Extract

#Citizenship Certificate


You may use more than one of the following:

Licence issued under Australian law (e.g. Driver Licence or other government issued licence)^

Government Issued Proof of Age or Photo Card

Pension Card (Issued by Centrelink)

Foreign Driver Licence^


all worth 70 points


So your passport and drivers plus a bank card (when you first arrive the foreign ones can be used) & should give you 100 points.


the following are worth 30 points and you can use more than one of them


Government authority or public service employee’s ID Card

Tertiary Education Institution ID card

Centrelink Health Care Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card


as soon as you arrive you can apply for your medicare card and tax file number, but the bank will probably open an account without, then you can print the statement from it off the internet to show your address.


the drivers licence can be changed at main roads straightaway too.


hope some of this helps and congrats on becoming a dual citizen, PS I found hubby with his visa had an easier time opening things than I the returning citizen

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