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Found 44 results

  1. Mcfcjosh

    Employer sponsorship help

    Hey I need some help my employer has been teaching me a new trade for the last 4 months (cladding and rendering) now he says he wants to sponsor me to stay in the country but neither of us know which visa I could use if any as I'll be classed as unskilled. Any help would be appreciated. Ps I'm 25
  2. littlem

    Self employed on a 475

    Hi dont know if anyone can help on this. If we went to Oz on a 475 regional visa and started a businness (consultancy type) would we be allowed to work with clients in the metro area. The visa stipulates living and working regional areas, however i am thinking if the office was based regional we lived regional, some of our clients would obviously be regional but also some in the city, could that work. Would that be allowed under the working regional rules. As a business we would be mad to turn work down on the basis of the companies location but would that jepodise a conversion to a permanent visa? I am not sure where the best place is to ask this question would it be DIAC? Any ideas, expereince on the above would be appreciated. Thanks Michelle
  3. Guest

    Self employed

    Hi, has anyone got any advice on working for yourself as in self employed? Im a floor layer and have spoken too a few companys in NSW and they all pretty much say the same thing, self employed. Whats the process for going S E and what kind of hoops do you have to jump through. Any advice would be great thanks Rob
  4. Can anyone help me out with something...my OH has worked for more than 10 years as a plumber but last August he went self employed. This is fine as he has been lucky enough to get work throughout but our tax return is not due till January. Our CO has now requested the following: Must include (but is not limited to):- British Taxation Documents and Assessments, Profit and Loss statement if operating as a sub-contractor Does anyone know what I can give? I don't have the taxation docs obviously due to the above. Can I just do a profit and loss myself? Or would I get an accountant to do this? I can do it and I'm not planning on getting an accountant to do my end of year return so I'd only be going to one for this purpose. I have already sent references and bank statements so I guess that wasn't enough. I have about 7 months already from when he was working for a company before going self employed so it's just 5 months I need to prove. Getting a bit stressed out, can anyone help? Thanks in advance xx
  5. Hi Currently my hubby here in Scotland has his own limited company (no employees) & works as a contractor in the north sea oil industry. Obviously he earns a really decent salary due to high daily rates (but no sick/holiday pay, other normal employee benefits etc) He is mainly onshore office based now a days with occasional short trips offshore (no manual labour now though LOL) He is about to be looking for work doing the same job in WA but we're unsure if its possible to do it the same way as he does here (basically self employed) or would he have to/ be better to get a job as a normal employee. Currently he earns more doing this as a contractor than he would as an employee (and pay a bit less tax to our delightful goverment) Also I guess he is looking for getting his visa through work/job so again not sure how that would work when contracting. Would there be scope to go over as an employee then perhaps become a contractor at a later stage ? Its quite relevant to the whole thing obviously from a financial point of view to enable us to have a similar quality of life & lifestyle that we have here (setting aside being in a lovely country/lots of free things to do with family etc down the beach etc) Any thoughts/advice/imput ? ps sorry if i've worded that wrong & waffled.
  6. rick1981

    Self employed

    Is it harder to get into oz if your self employed?
  7. Hi All, I am currently investigating applying for my Skills Assessment as a Hairdresser to then apply for a 176 SS Visa. I have been working as a Self Employed Mobile Hairdresser for 10 years now and am finding it hard to gather all the required documentation they want for the Skills assessment. I have a client base of over 100 people and have built up my business through word of mouth mainly. Has anyone else applied in the same situation?? And what evidence did you provide?? HELP!! Thanks:biggrin: Emma x
  8. I cannot find any definite statement on if it is allowed to be Self Employed while on a working holiday visa. If anyone can advise, I'd be grateful I'm from the UK, if this helps, and I will be mostly in NSW.
  9. We are making the move in November and were wondering if it is possible to go self employed/start own business on a 176?
  10. Hi We are moving to Sydney in September (I'm Aussie but my husband is British) and when we arrive I won't have a job and my husband is self employed so I wanted to know what others have used when looking for rentals? We will have funds we can show in our account from the sale of the house but I know they often ask for references from previous rentals or employers details both of which don't apply to us. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and can shed any light on what to do? As for the 100 points of ID what can you use if you don't have anything with a fixed address on it? And is it 100 points for my husband and 100 for me or 100 in total? Thanks all. You think I'd know this being Australian but yesterday I became a British citizen as well after being here for 12 years! :jiggy:
  11. I am all ready to file my application for visa 175, I have just realised that I have misread the work experience for partner skills. It says that you have to be in paid employment, now what happens if you are self employed and been breaking even over the last 2-3 years, not taking any money out, does this count as paid employment. Feelling really stressed about this now, as this is the final hurdle, all the skills assessments are done, and all docs certified, was planning on submitting this weekend. Can any one please advise ASAP? Thanks very much.
  12. I have just spent the last couple of hours reading through the Australian Immigration website and have been reading about the evidence you need to supply to substansiate certain points. My husband is self employed in his trade, (carpentry) and has been for the past 17 years, with this being the case he will not be able to provide evidence of employment from his employer on letter headed paper or payslips......Would it be sufficient to send dated references and attestations from his most recent clients?.. There must be hundreds of you over their who were self employed before you applied for your visas,, any information would be great!!.
  13. Guest

    Self Employed Car Rules???

    Can anyone pls advise what are the tax rules regarding self-employed people in Australia. Do you have to prove that you need to drive from A to B or? as long as you are self employed you can get a car and offset it against your tax at a rate of ?? Any advice would be appreciated. thks __________________
  14. Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone can help me at all, my OH is a self-employed bricklayer, he did a three year apprenticeship and for the past 25 years has worked for a national housebuilder on a self-employed basis. The problem that we seem to be having is that our agent keeps asking us for items such as a contract list, letterheads, proof of business premises etc all to support our Vetassess application. This is all well and good if my OH actually had his own company, he doesn't, he just puts in a time sheet, gets paid and we complete a self-certification tax form each year. I'm sure that there are other brickies out there who have put together all of the paperwork required for the Vetassess and I was just hoping that maybe one or two of you who have been successful could let me know what you supplied. Thanks Tracey :biggrin:
  15. Hi guys I have been searching the net and to be honest I am struggling to find decent information regarding my situation so I was wondering if anyone on here can help. My story is - I am on a defacto visa and heading to oz in Jan. I resigned from my perm job in London recently and they have asked me to stay on with them as a self employed consultant. I would not be salaried but would earn money on successful projects I deliver on. They have asked me to do this to assist them as they havent found a replacement for me in London. I have agreed and had thought it would be similar to here in UK, where you go to agencies like "first contact" and just set up a limited company very easily and contract through that. I would be self employed but would use their brand behind me. Has anyone got any information on what I will need to do or options for me? Thank you so much if you can help or at least provide guidance.
  16. nikkib

    Self Employed Experience

    Hi I am trying to pull together my applicant, and ned to claim partner skills to gain the necessary points to apply for a skilled visa. My partners makes the basic requirements apart from the work experience, he has been self employed since 2002. How do I get around this as he has no employer to give him a reference? Any advise please? Thanks
  17. Hi !! My husband was offered a job by ACTS ( Australia Construction Training Services) as an assessor, but we are still waiting for the job contract, which was supposed to be sent by email... My husband sent an email to his contact ( the guy that offered him the job) there, but it's been over four weeks now and still no replies... we are getting a bit worried about this... as all the previous contacts we had with them were not really straight forward... Do you also think that this lack of feedback is worrying ? Just want to know if there's any ex-pat here that is working for this company; or has been offered a job with them... or even if you know someone who is working or was offered a job by them and is still in UK... ??? Also, if you are using their services to get your aussie qualifications, I would appreciate a sincere opinion, please, as we are getting really worried. Cheers!
  18. Hi guys, Did you have to inform HM& revenue that you were leaving the country? Were there any implications? My OH tax is up to date. Thanks
  19. Guest

    Currently Not Employed

    hi, this forum is helping all of us specially those who are in a process of preparing application for migration. i really need an advice from all experts in this forum. i left my job (due to company's business closure in country) today and currently unemployed. the problem is, currently im waiting response on skill assessment from ACS, hence haven't submitted my application to DIAC and for SS Sponsorship (since I'll be 5 points short in-case of positive assessment). the question is how would my SS application be treated (please note that i have 4 years of relevant experience data warehousing with proof) and would i be able to submit my application to DIAC (even i get job in different domain like i.e, sales or business analyst) will appreciate suggestion from all. thanks.
  20. Hi there, My OH starts his job in Sydney on Monday as a carpenter, and he'll have the choice of being self-employed or PAYE (or is it PAYG?). Are there any particular benefits or pros or cons to either? He doesn't need a work van at the moment and the company (very small firm) are getting their accountant to sit down with him to discuss... Just thought I'd see if you knowledgable PIOers can offer any advice, or perhaps certain questions he needs to ask the accountant? Thanks!
  21. Hi all. I'm pretty sure this has been covered many times within this forum, but I can't seem to find any specific answers to my questions. I am a British citizen, and holder of an Australian permanent residency visa, currently working from home in Bristol, UK for a British company. However, I'm interested in moving to Melbourne and continuing to work for this British company. The company has agreed in principle, but has asked me to do some preliminary, informal enquiries as to whether it's possible, as they have no Australian corporate presence. I need to convince the company that it wouldn't cost them an arm and a leg to do this, and that I'm happy to pay my own relocation costs etc. - all I'm keen on doing is shifting from remote working in the UK to remote working in Australia. My questions are, therefore: Is the only way to do this as a contractor, or can I stay an employee? If the only way of me doing this is as a contractor, is there a time limit on how long I can be contracted for (e.g. 2 years)? What does the British company have to do to facilitate me doing this? e.g. would they have to register in Australia? Would it be better to be paid into a UK bank account or an Australian one? Can you tell me anything details about the UK/Aus reciprocal tax arrangement (the Credit Method for Elimination of double taxation)? Answers to any or all of the above questions, and any other advice, is hugely appreciated. Thanks, Huey (I don't want to get too bogged down in the tax questions at this stage, as that's more of a personal matter - I'm more keen on any information regarding the law about overseas employment/contract work).
  22. Hi everyone, My wife and I arrived in Melbourne last month on working holiday visas, but with the current job market have had trouble finding work (we've been through all the agencies, handed out CVs, applied on all the usual websites). Anyway, as a hobby-business back home I did some website designing and thought that may be something I could make a bit of pocket money with while I'm here. Does anyone need a website doing, or know anybody that might? My rates will be pretty reasonable! Examples available on request. Andy
  23. Hi everyone, Does anyone know what evidance or proof a self employed man has to provide? I don't have any invoices or bank statments! Any help will be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  24. Hi we are now in Perth on a 457 which is through my wife , I am a floor layer and was wondering what forms i have to fill in before I can work. I have just done the TFN on-line but as I will be working for different shops and builders do I have to have a ABN and a sole trader number. Any help would be appreciated
  25. Hi, Going out to Aus on a permanent residency visa courtesy of my girl friend who has been offered and accepted a job in Perth. Can i carry on being a self employed tradesman when we get out there? I.e. buy a van, promote myself and work only for me on domestic jobs rather than sub contracting or getting a job direct with a company and working on site. thanks. Karl