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visa 176 proof of relationship


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Hi i'm just gathering the last few bits for our visa and i see on the checklist for the 176 it asks for proof of your continuing relationship. My husband and i have been together for 13 years and married for nearly 7, we have four children together. What proof should i send? I have a certified copy of our marriage certificate and a couple of bills to say we live at the same address but apart from that not alot. We have four children, so no social life lol, and it is always one of us taking photos and the other in them.

Thanks for any help!

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Guest VickyMel

They are interested in seeing you as a couple

Joint holiday, joint bank account, wills,

I say that but we are not even married and had none of those things - I even supplied some photos of us (and there are not many) of us obviously at the same place when we took photos of each other!

I think most married couples are fine with that bit of extra like showing you are at the same address - but I do know one person where the marriage certificate was not enough.


I am sure you will be fine - and when you get a CO if they need more evidence they will ask.


Good luck


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Guest slain

hi, we have had to prove our relationship as a couple and a family. we sent marriage cert and a cert we got with our childs birth cert, it is a copy of an entry on to the birth register and it has both our names on as parents , occupation, place of birth ect.

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