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Hi guys,

Can any one tell me what the sport, in particular football, is like for children? Is there a lot of structure & money invested in them, particularly if they are showing a talent & ability in a certain area? We have a 6 year old that is enrolled in a development academy for football so just wanted to see if such things are in place in Oz, we are off to South Audtralia.


Thanks anyone for any info

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Most sport is local sport for children. Funds are provided by the local councils usually to clubs. Fees are charged by sporting clubs and depending on the sport they can be quite hefty.


Not sure about academies. Institute of Sport in Canberra is the place that talented children go to live and train but it covers all sports.


Soccer is very popular here but the big one in South Aus, Victoria is Footie, Aussie Rules. Adelaide has two teams in the AFL. AFL have scouts who seek players at a young age and they are taken up by the major clubs.


Hope someone comes along and has more info about soccer for you.

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