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Sorry its been along time visiting the site..

Guest kia1

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hi everyone,

i havent been on pio for a month or so as i have been sooooo busy, the store at beaudesert is opening around the 15th-18th dec i have had alot of hours and by the time i finish i am too knackered to do anything. Me and stef the other pommie girl and the assistant manager are setting up the beauy store and we have been told that the store assistants dont get to do this so we are very priveledged and we cant wait. So the britts triumph again lol....

well today we went to australia zoo and had a good time all i can say is terri has commercialised the kids too much.........

we had a cuddle with the koalas and the kangaroos were soooo idle we had a cuddle with most of them they drank from the bottles. And the elephants were lovely.

the boys are enjoying school well they have broke up now for 8 weeks, both are working.

hubby still has bad days and wants to go back but we dont, we have a mortgage broker coming tomorrow to sort out how much we can get, as we start paying rent in jan and would like to buy soon.

does anyone know of any other good places to go near us. And does anyone know where steve irwins dads zoo is he set another one up....

dogs are panting well but are coping at the minute especially with the air con on lol......

the storms are amazing the lightining is ace.

i do have bad days and seem to think of home when i see a plane. I speak to mum once a week.

i have alot of friends and we have girlie meet ups regulary. I am happy here and wouldnt go back for anything,

to all those that are coming over enjoy and to those still waiting, spend as much time with the people you are leaving behind.


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Hey it was good to see your login today!


Glad to hear work is going good for you, thats one of my fears.


You seem pretty settled and it is early days still, I hope your OH feels better abt things soon it must be hard starting all over again.


Sorry we are not there yet , we arrive on the 10th Dec but do hope you find some more places to explore soon!


Have you been to the Koala sanctuary? We went there it was great and also to the Lagoon in Redcliffe, that had a real nice feel to the place. Trying to thing of where else we went !!! Oh yes how about the sea world (sorry cant remember what is was called) might be underwater world near Mooloolaba that way.


Enjoy life x

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Guest JoanneHattersley
sorry forgot to say --- Have you been to the 'glow-worm caves' up Mt Tamborine yet ? great for a rainy day out.

Cal x


OOhhh, I havent been there yet! Sounds mystical!!:wink:

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Thank you all.

we had the mortgage bloke come tonight so we are going looking for houses now and then we will see.

having checked out the glow worms but will have a look at them, also if there are anybody out there who would like my facebook its paula louise and there are loads of photos on there just say who you are on the message, i have got curlysoo and sharon etc so just look for me.



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