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Found 58 results

  1. Hi all! after a little advice (and I’m sure it’s in here somewhere but we have a LOT of posts) I’ve recently moved back to Sydney (worked in the UK for two years, missed it so much, and decided here is where I belong) and although I am originally British, I now have dual citizenship (thank goodness I got that after 8 years here) my question is - my mum (only remaining relative - 69, healthy enough, retired, but without a pension, she owns her house and has no debt though) is in England. I miss her so so much. I realise visa wise it would take forever, or involve lots of money (once I’ve been back here 2 years) for her to move here. however...the dream is I could spend a couple months in the UK each year (I’m freelance, well starting my own business, so long term will be possible) and she could come stay with/visit me for terms. how long is she allowed to stay here, each year or at a time? And if (I doubt it but you never know) she ever needed a doctor, or severed a limb...would we/Australia leave or help!? i know slightly silly/obvious questions but I’m keen not to be all excited about her coming here for a few months at a time, if it’s really impossible. thanks so much lisa
  2. My family and I live in Australia ( QLD ) and we are having my wife's Mum come to visit and stay with us. She is 71 yrs old and in very good health. It appears she can get a 3 month visa with no real problems, but to apply for a 6 month visa, she is expected to meets lots of criteria; provide a medical cert, have private health insurance & be able to demonstrate £5000 in an English account. We know that you can apply for a visa extension, so our dilemma is ....do we jump through hoops and try to get the 6month visa or get the simple 3month visa and attempt the extension once she is here.???!! The DIAC have advised that visa extensions are usually granted, but we didn't really want to blatantly cheat the system..!?! Any advice is most welcome..!!. Stephen...
  3. I know migration is a massive step, but, has anyone on this forum gone through the pricey migration process, Visa's, etc, and moved to Oz without visiting the country first? :huh: I'm soooo very tempted to do this, rent out the house, and go for it. I do realise Visa's take time and that's if you're lucky enough to get one, have enough points, etc. Crazy or not?? :chatterbox:
  4. Guest

    visiting pets in quarantine

    I just wanted to ask if most people visited their pets when they were in quarantine. I was sure I was going to but I am starting to think it is a selfish thing to do as it may unsettle my cat and could mean that when I get her out of quarantine and take her to our new home she may get stressed when I leave for work? As usual any advice is greatly appreciated!
  5. Fisher1

    Parents of poms in oz!

    I am a parent of a 'pom in oz' We (husband and I) have been out three times and love it there. We would seriously think about emigrating ourselves (always supposing it was possible to get the necessary visas etc.) but my very elderly mother makes this unthinkable for the moment. I am wondering if there are any other parents in a similar position who, while not wishing / not able to take the plunge and emmigrate, would be interested in swapping information thoughts etc. For example, I found out only recently (through poms in oz) that Amazon now deliver to Australia. There must be lots of useful information to share, not to mention cheap (ha ha I mean less expensive) flight news and of course accomodation information. Our daughter hasnt got room to put us up, so we are thinking of trying house swap next time to keep the costs down ... has anyone tried this? Is there anybody there? :-)
  6. Hi New to this so this may have been asked before! Myself and my husband are wanting to emmigrate to Perth, however neither of us have even been to Oz let alone Perth and wonder if moving out without visiting first is a good idea? Any advice would be appreciated!!:biggrin:
  7. Please help, we are due to visit in 12 weeks for a 3 week stay specifically to attend a wedding. We booked this in Feb have remortgaged our house to pay for the trip, and despite asking about visa at the time of booking and the fact that I have a criminal conviction I was told you get an ETA visa one month before. Being organised I have started early and realised this is not the case at all, I am now panicking! I was convicted 21 years ago for section 20, unlawful wounding and was sentenced for 15 months of which I served 6 months. It appears that I will have to apply for the Tourist Visa 676, but has anyone got any advice, on whether I am likely to be approved, or how long this may take and what information they will need. I am now 46 and will be travelling with my wife who is now distraught.
  8. Hello, i am a doctor by profession and will be coming to Melbourne late December/Early January to give my AMC clinical exam due in late Feb/early March . I will have business short stay subclass 456 visa which allows me to stay in Australia for upto 3months with multiple entries for a year. hopefully, after successful completion of my exam,ill be searching a job there and will be permanently settling there. But i have nothing planned as yet,that is why im very confused, and need some guidance. 1) I know not a single soul on Aussie land and will be coming alone. Can anyone guide how much will be the expense monthly (considering i will not be able to work with subclass 456 visa) 2) How to get a place to live for at least 3 months before reaching australia? 3) Which is a nice place to settle initially? 4) is there some way to open a bank account before coming to Australia? Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. I may ask other questions when they come in my mind Regards
  9. Hi sorry my question is not very exiting but we are visiting our family who have just moved to Tas. What does anyone think would be the best things to bring.There are 4 of us coming. Our family over there are daughter son-in-law & 3 boys 16,7,& 5 years old. Really enjoy reading " chewing the fat " & you have some very funny comments from people. It makes me laugh & is a good fun start to the day.:smile:
  10. Hi, we're new to this forum and are planning moving to Melbourne by the end of 2011. Hubby is in medical profession so he's looking to get sponsored fairly quickly. We're going to visit in July for a recce - both in terms of work locations and possible places to live. We've got several job opportunities in south east Melbourne - around Frankston and Mornington Peninsula. We've got a six month old son and we'd be grateful for any advice on areas that are particularly good for young families e.g. baby clubs, future schools! Also, we're looking for good places for outdoor activities as we're keen to take up sailing again and play tennis etc. We'd really like to live near the beach. If anyone living in south east Melbourne would like to meet up in July and tell us all about how wonderful your new life is, we'd be all ears! Thanks :biggrin:
  11. Hi Guys, I'm after abit of advice if you dont mind. My nursing registration has lapsed and I am looking at returning to update my registration. I was last a health visitor (also a paediatric nurse), I would prefer to return to health visiting and wonder if anyone knows whether Oz has jobs in health visiting (or its equivalent). Cheers muchly peeps Kate
  12. Hi, We have just received our 5 year business visa (big change from just thinking of going for a year), and hopefully moving next summer. We are going over for 4 weeks in September to have a look at where to move to. We originally thought of moving to Melbourne where I have family but we also have friends/family in Perth and Brisbane so are now undecided. Need some advice on good places for a young couple (late 20's, no kids) to live, how to fit in 3+cities in four weeks and what to do, where to go while we are over. Are there others cities we are missing? Basically get the most out of our time. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi All, My husband and I are going to visit UK for our honeymoon soon. We are planning to stay in London for the most of our journey, but also want to visit some cities near the sea, not far from London (1-2 hours by train or car). Any recommendations? Thank you a lot in advance!:hug:
  14. annagilda

    Visiting Australia in the winter

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on visiting Australia during the Aus winter? It's going to be atleast 6 years until I can move over there, so I'm thinking about going for a month next year, if I can get the money together. The only time I'll be able to get over for a month is July/August time, so just wondered what you thought? I traveled Australia in their summer last year, and figured if I am going to live there, then I should see it during the winter also. I'll be heading to (Hopefuly) Perth the. Adelaide, onto Melbourne and then Hopefuly a week in Tasmania. I know the winters there can be pretty full on, but surely not as bad as the UK/ Netherlands, that I'm used too? I mean 2 years ago I got frost bite in my feet, and nearly lost one of them it was soooo cold! Any tips ideas or thoughts would be very much appreciated. Many thanks. Anna. X
  15. Hi guys, I need some advice from you ppl. My OH and I are planning to make a quick dash trip to OZ in mid-June to visit our friends. We are offshore applicant (VE175) and received the March 18 letter stating we should be assigned CO within 3 months (i.e. by 18-June). My concern is I might be in OZ at that time the CO picks up my application. Initially I thought I'd wait to be assigned CO first and let him/her know of my arrangement but lately I am seeing a lot of applicants are getting Visa grant right away (I have front loaded all the medical & pcc info). So should I inform DIAC in advanced prior to flying to OZ. If yes how do I inform DIAC?
  16. Smirfyduo

    Friends visiting Melbourne

    Great timing now that we have moved to Mackay :arghh: :mad: Anyway!! They have 3 kids - 12, 5 and 1 - and are planning a trip to Melbourne in August for a week. Could use some advice on 2 levels please!! Firstly, they are on a pretty tight budget, so can anyone recommend anywhere for the 5 of them to stay? When I have asked what they want to see / do, the answer is - oooh, what do you think we should do!! :goofy: So I don't think they have any idea about where in Melbourne they should stay! (No preconceptions could be a good thing!!) Because we lived in Melbourne, we never looked for short term holiday places there :eek: Secondly - apart from touring around the city and places like the Vic Market, most things in Melbourne that we used to take visiting family and friends to do / see cost money. Eureka tower, Yarra cruise, Great Ocean Road, Wine tours, Moonlight Sanctuary, Werribee Zoo, Healesville, Phillip Island, Aquarium, dinner on the tram etc Also - we don't have kids, so even if I could come up with loads of ideas about what to do, I am totally clueless about what the kids would like to do. The zoos I guess would be ok for them (tho the entrance fees are pricey:swoon:), but August is too cold for the beach, and Luna Park is the only theme park I know of and friends with kids who have been there say it is pretty pants :huh: Don't think the kids would appreciate being cooped up in a car driving out to the Great Ocean Road - really stunning, but surely not entertaining for the 12 / 5 year old. :SLEEP: What can I do for the kids to be the cool auntie???? :wink:
  17. Guest

    Visiting Canberra in January 2011

    First time post here - we have ACT state sponsorship, Feb 2011 and are awaiting our 176 visa - expected May 2011. Meds and police checks all completed. Although we will have a visa we are visiting first before totally deciding to move as my husband has never been to Australia before. We have two small kids, both under 5, and want to see if Canberra really can offer a good lifestyle. As part of a holiday trip we are visiting Canberra for a week to see what it has to offer. My husband is an independent consultant specialising in E2E financial processes - has anyone got a view of the market place for consultancy in ACT? Also - any recommendation of suburbs to view when we are over would be great. Thanks Sal
  18. Guest

    visiting australia

    since i retired from work after 42 yrs in the meat trade i have thought about a good 3 weeks holiday in australia to coincide with the nrl rugby season maybe 2011--2012. one of the reasons for wanting to come "down under" is that i have an old school-mate who ame over there in 1962 and would really like to meet up with him. is there a thread on this forum where contact is permitted to search for relatives/friends. hoping to hear from someone cheers james 11
  19. Hi all, for those of you who know us we have had our sights set on Perth for a few years now with a PR visa. been waiting in limbo like many others for most of the year waiting for the SMP only to be dissapointed to hear they have changed the criteria for experience to 7yrs so we cant now apply for that visa. Dont want an employer visa for personal reasons. However like the look at SA where we do fullfil the criteria but have never visited. we wouldnt be able to go until Aug 2011 for a rekki and really wanted to move in Sept 2011 so do we just go ahead and say lifes too short and what the hell or be cautious. our 2 boys dont really care as long as we move and a close friend of mine is applying for SA without ever visiting but im a planner and could i pack up my whole life to a place iv only ever seen online. Does anybody else have any comments. Lisa :nah: :reindeer2:
  20. So, my mum is coming to visit just after Chrimbo. She's never been to Australia before, and so is very, very excited. She wants to spend NYE in Sydney and see the fireworks of course. I'm thinking about one of those dinner&cruises around the harbour. Anyone been on one? Got any good companies to recommend? Willing to consider something else, but what I'm looking for is something that is going to be (maybe a cliche but) totally amazing that will make everyone else jealous etc etc. Idea-me-up, gang :cool:
  21. Hi everyone, Am off to the UK next month to visit everybody, and was just chatting to my friend and she seemed to think i may need a RRV? seeing i haven't been here 2 years yet? Hadn't even given anything like that a thought....needless to say i have no clue whether i do or not??!!! If anyone can let me know one way or the other i would be very grateful....worrying now as i didn't even give it a thought!!!! Thank you! Claire x
  22. hi everyone! we are coming to perth in april and wanted to know if there is any way i can have a look around a hospital to get an idea what its like there? Any help appreciated! Kate:biggrin:
  23. hi i am thinking about visiting or maybe working in oz , in 1990 i was convicted of shoplifting, and was fined £100 with no prison sentence. it was my first and only offence. i have got a police certificate that has no live trace on it . will this effect me obtaining a visa ?
  24. Guest

    Visiting before emigrating

    Hi we are very new to this, so please bear with us. We are visiting Queensland for 5 weeks, staying with friends who moved out over a year ago. They have convinced us Australia is the place to live. Husband is a carpenter and I work with special needs children as a teaching assistant. Our two children, both boys 12 and 14, are a little dubious about moving. We have decided to come and have a good look around at schools, jobs, areas etc. Whilst we are visiting we also want to visit Sydney, stay for a couple of nights and walk Harbour Bridge. Any advice on the above would be much appreciated. Many thanks:wink:
  25. gsaps

    parents visiting

    we're hoping to be in Oz in the next few months and was wondering if someone can help with some info. My mom is currently in the UK on an ancestral visa (age 65), can anyone tell me what sort of tourist visa she can get, we're ideally hopng she can spend a few months at a time with us in Oz and return to the UK for a few months. Does anyone know what's allowed in terms of repeat visits, how often in a year and how long each stay can be for? thanks grant