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What am I entitled to receive on Medicare


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Pretty much everything except dental, optical (except eye checks which are bulk billed in some places) and some physio type things. Any emergency or injury is bulk billed (daughter had x-rays, son had stitches etc), i have scans, bloods and specialists appointments which are bulk billed too. Just try to find a Dr who bulk bills adults, lots only do children.

I must admit Medicare was one of the hardest things to get my head around when i moved here,lol..


Cal x

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Medicare is as confusing as a man trying to understand a woman! ;)


In Darwin at least, what i found is that some doctors can chose WHO they bulk bill. They don't bulk bill kids here but my doctor choses who to bulk bill and who not to.

It depends on how often you go which is unfair as hell! The more you go, the more chance you have of being bulk billed.


Good thing is to have a good scout around for X-rays, specialists etc etc and listen to recommendations. Some doctors here just give you pills and push you out.



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