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  1. Hi everyone I got my PR, skilled visa in 2012, moved to Brisbane 1 May 2016 and just left mid Janaury 18. In September last year I got RRV for one year as I had only been there for little more than a year and the travel facility ran out. It looks like we will be living in England for the next year or two. My current RRV expire in late September 18. We are living here because my Australian boyfriend got a job here. Does anybody know of the likelihood of me getting a new RRV in 1-2 years time? I don't have property in Australia and my only tie is my boyfriend. Many thanks for your thoughts.
  2. Hi everyone I have been in Australia for 11 months and I might end up leaving in a few months due to my partners work overseas. I have PR, skilled migration visa, the travel facility runs out end November. Does anyone have experience with getting a RRV, when not having been here for two years? I thought I would apply for a RRV for five years When I get closer to leaving Australia. We do travel a lot and will come to Australia at least one month a year. Many thanks.
  3. I would guess you can put any city in as long as it is in Queensland. It says "Intended" only which means you can change your mind.
  4. I have 190 skilled migration visa with ACT sponsoring me, got it in 2012, when Careers Counselor were on their Csol list. I was not successful in getting a job there so I started to apply all over Australia and got lucky with my current employer with the added bonus of my partner(Australian) being from Brisbane. I did contact ACT, who were not happy but did say they could not stop me from accepting the job. I would have turned down the job if ACT had told me I had to move to ACT. I actually like Canberra and the surrounding nature a lot and it was my intention to move there but ended up in Brisbane instead for now. Best of luck with what ever path you choose.
  5. Hi I'm Danish but came from England, I have a skilled migration visa as a Careers Counsellor (UK educated), so got the visa part sorted out. I applied for work in all of Australia, as I had already applied for more than 100 positions in ACT over a time period of 3 years, had a Skype interview for a position as a Student Advisor at a small private university and got lucky with the Skype interview, I just passed my probation :-) If you got the visa it can be done but it is not the norm, from my understanding. What do you do for a living?
  6. At the university where I work I was told an international student can only defer if the student has compelling reasons, like health issues or death in the near family. As said earlier contact your agent or a MARA agent if you don't already have an agent. At my university we would ask immigration to cancel your current visa if you could not show compelling reasons.
  7. For the sake of your mental health I would recommend contacting Headspace, they offer free online and phone counseling as well. Only for young people up till 25, including 25 years old. If you want to see them in person you would need a referral from a GP. https://www.eheadspace.org.au Like others have said speak with your partner's parents and contact an agent to guide you with your visa options. Communication is the key here...Be kind to yourself and the baby. Best wishes
  8. I did it myself years back and I had a friend helping me out, so I didn't forget anything or made a mistake. I also went to the free legal aid for them just read through and see if they had anything to add. I did made a mistake but my friend pointed that out so it all worked out well in the end.
  9. Money transfers

    I have used http://www.transfermate.com been happy with their service
  10. What life really like to live in Queensland?

    I moved to Brisbane in May and I live in the West End and I really like it. Am able to walk to most things and got South Brisbane train station and a few other main station within easy reach. Plus a fake beach in South Bank :-) I feel it is worth the money and time gained with having way less transport. I work in higher education and I find people very friendly and easy going. I have worked and studied in Belgium, England, India and Denmark where I'm from and I have to say that I'm very surprised about the lack of job security that seems to be the norm here, well as least with the ones I have spoken with so far. But other than that I enjoy it here and can only recommend it.
  11. Is TAFE the best option

    Given that she has no clue I would recommend she takes a her time when moving here, go to open days, study days, visit a lot of different colleges/uni, get unpaid work placement for a week or so, interview people in areas she likes and do her research. Depending on what she decide on, there are many start dates and she is young. I work as a student advisor in Brisbane and I'm amazed at how many students are dropping out, with a huge student debt and no degree/diploma to show for it with the main reason being they didn't know what they were getting into. She can perhaps work part time until she starts studying. http://www.gooduniversitiesguide.com.au/Latest-news/Getting-into-university/How-to-choose-a-course-if-you-re-not-sure-what-you-want-to-do#.V62il1fVNSU this site might be helpful
  12. Help Needed with Best way to relocate to Brisbane area

    Hi Another option to look into housesitting/pet sitting unless you have allergies or don't like animals. A friend of mine did this when she moved to US and it worked out very well for her. I have found two sites you can check out. https://mindahome.com.au/house-sitting-positions-australia.html and https://www.aussiehousesitters.com.au My understanding of it, is that you look after the house and any pets the owner has and you get to live for free. My friend has done it a lot when moving around with a small budget. Might be an option to consider. Best of luck.
  13. Tax Help Australia

    Hi I arrived in Brisbane 1 May last month and started a permanent job on the 16th May. I got permanent resident visa. Is it correct I will have less in the tax free allowance until I have lived here for six months? I'm used to do my own tax return from my home country so will continue with that, do you have any advice or things I need to be aware off when I do my tax return? many thanks.
  14. When do I have PR for life?

    Thanks for the taking the time guys to answer. I travel a lot so just wanted to know what to be aware of. My PR visa ends in November next year so from that time I have to stay here until I got two years on my visa. my partner is Australian but since I already have the PR we want to avoid having to apply for de-facto partner visa. I aim to buy a property within the next year here if all goes well. That should help in the RRV if I end up needing it. If Im here long enough I will get citizenship. thanks again
  15. When do I have PR for life?

    Hi I just moved to Brisbane, got PR in November 2012 and am wondering when I will have PR for life, is it still 2 years I have to live here and then my PR are for life? Meaning I only have to apply for resident return visa if I were to move to another country at some point. many thanks