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  1. AnnetteV

    When to apply for citizenship

    Many thanks for your comments. It means I can apply May next year
  2. AnnetteV

    When to apply for citizenship

    Many thanks. I think I will do it myself too. My main question is when to apply, do I have to wait until I have lived here four years or can I apply after 3 years giving the waiting time.
  3. AnnetteV

    When to apply for citizenship

    I hope all are keeping well. I’m wondering if anyone can recommend any immigration lawyer? I have some questions about when to apply for Australian citizenship? I still have a year or so to go with PR, I think but as I’m a planner I would like to know for more certainty. Plus I believe there is a long waiting period after submitting the application. many thanks.
  4. AnnetteV

    When to apply for a RRV - 11 months left

    Hi @paulhand Many thanks for your help. I will apply soon again and see how it goes.
  5. AnnetteV

    When to apply for a RRV - 11 months left

    Yes I have hit the days now
  6. Hi Im wondering if any agents might have some advice for me. I got my new RRV one month ago. I only got one year RRV due to my many travels I’m guessing even though I have been here just over two years. Im due to leave Australia again in about one month and this time I will most likely be away for 2-5 years due to my my partners work. He is Australian and I’m on skilled visa. Im wondering if I shall apply for a RRV before we leave or if I shall wait until early next year to apply? many thanks.
  7. AnnetteV

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Hi everyone I finally got my RRV. Only for one year through but that is fair enough as I have traveled a lot in the last year. it took two months to the date, from when I applied til I got it.
  8. AnnetteV

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    I have been on many holidays overseas Since I moved to Oz in May 16 and am self employed so that might be the reason it is taking longer for me.
  9. AnnetteV

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Hi all I noticed a “post June 2018” note on my application as well yesterday and I do meet the 2 year requirement but am still waiting for a new RRV. I applied on the 16th January.
  10. AnnetteV

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Hi, I applied on the 15th January 19 and I haven't heard back yet. I do meet the 2 year requirement, so am just waiting now. I guess there is nothing else we can do.
  11. Hi I'm wondering if any holiday taken overseas during the 2 year resident requirement is included or excluded when I want to apply for a five year RRV? Many thanks.
  12. Hi again I was chatting to a friend of mine yesterday and he may have had a point but I'm not sure so thought to post it here. When I was working full time here I went on holiday twice overseas, one 10 day trip and one 3 weeks holiday. Do I need to add those 30 days at the end of my two years in Australia or am I allowed to go on overseas holidays within the 2 year requirement?
  13. Many thanks. I will just have to wait and see.
  14. Hi My current RRV runs out end of August 19 and end of February 19 I have been two years in Australia on and off since 1 May 2016. I'm wondering if anybody know how strict they are about the two months as I'm thinking of applying for a new five year RRV now? As I might move to Europe early next year for 2-4 years. I worked as an employee for 1.5 year at a university here and has been self employed for one year, as a EAP Counsellor and Career Coach. I did voluntary work at the bookfest this year and have done different courses here. I'm member of PACFA as a Counsellor as well. Any thoughts or recommendations will be great to hear. Many thanks.
  15. AnnetteV

    Is there a risk of losing PR

    Many thanks for your thoughts/advice. My current RRV is running out in August 19, so I guess I have to apply for that while overseas. We can get GP's letters in regards to his health and from his company overseas as well. We will come here on holiday so I need a RRV and not tourist visa from my understanding. His parents lives here and I'm still hoping for earning enough for a small investment property. My company, the terms will stay the same for my job as I work from home and they have been great for me. Many thanks! Fingers crossed! We would prefer not having to apply for a de-facto as I already have PR but will in worse case...