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  1. AnnetteV

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Hi, I applied on the 15th January 19 and I haven't heard back yet. I do meet the 2 year requirement, so am just waiting now. I guess there is nothing else we can do.
  2. Hi I'm wondering if any holiday taken overseas during the 2 year resident requirement is included or excluded when I want to apply for a five year RRV? Many thanks.
  3. Hi again I was chatting to a friend of mine yesterday and he may have had a point but I'm not sure so thought to post it here. When I was working full time here I went on holiday twice overseas, one 10 day trip and one 3 weeks holiday. Do I need to add those 30 days at the end of my two years in Australia or am I allowed to go on overseas holidays within the 2 year requirement?
  4. Many thanks. I will just have to wait and see.
  5. Hi My current RRV runs out end of August 19 and end of February 19 I have been two years in Australia on and off since 1 May 2016. I'm wondering if anybody know how strict they are about the two months as I'm thinking of applying for a new five year RRV now? As I might move to Europe early next year for 2-4 years. I worked as an employee for 1.5 year at a university here and has been self employed for one year, as a EAP Counsellor and Career Coach. I did voluntary work at the bookfest this year and have done different courses here. I'm member of PACFA as a Counsellor as well. Any thoughts or recommendations will be great to hear. Many thanks.
  6. AnnetteV

    Is there a risk of losing PR

    Many thanks for your thoughts/advice. My current RRV is running out in August 19, so I guess I have to apply for that while overseas. We can get GP's letters in regards to his health and from his company overseas as well. We will come here on holiday so I need a RRV and not tourist visa from my understanding. His parents lives here and I'm still hoping for earning enough for a small investment property. My company, the terms will stay the same for my job as I work from home and they have been great for me. Many thanks! Fingers crossed! We would prefer not having to apply for a de-facto as I already have PR but will in worse case...
  7. AnnetteV

    Is there a risk of losing PR

    Hi everyone I'm wondering if anybody can tell me if someone have ever lost their PR due to leaving before renewing RRV or becoming a citizen. I have skilled migration visa and been here 1 year and ten months. My partner of ten years is Australian and due to his work we are leaving Australia end of next week. He has mental health issues and that is why I'm going with him now and not waiting two months till I can get a five year RRV. We might be out of Australia for 2-5 years and can imagine settling here again but I'm wondering if I can add his work commitment overseas and his mental health as compassionated reasons for leaving and wanting to return later, when applying for a RRV? Or can I list those reasons when applying for a RRV when my current travel facilities runs out? I have worked for the whole time being here, done a little bit of voluntering and I will continue to work for an Australian company when overseas. I hope it makes sense and I know you can only give your thoughts/advice but would be good to hear if anybody else has heard or experienced this themselves. Many thanks.
  8. AnnetteV

    is Five year RRV possible

    Hi Paul Many thanks for clarifying that. I will do my best to stay here for another five months so I can apply for a five year RRV. I do work here again so easier to stay.
  9. AnnetteV

    is Five year RRV possible

    Hi Paul So do you think I shall apply now because the waiting time will take me to having met the two year requirement? I know there is no sure answer.
  10. AnnetteV

    is Five year RRV possible

    Hi I'm looking for some advice. I moved to Brisbane 1 May 2016 and was here until early January this year 18, where I left for England for five months due to my Australian partner's work there. I'm on a skilled visa and my travel facility is running out end of September this year. So I have not been here for two years, only 1 year and 7 months more or less. I'm back in Brisbane and would love to apply for a five year RRV and then go back to be with my partner in England but I'm not sure how likely it is I will get a five year RRV. Has anybody else been in the same situation? Many thanks.
  11. Hi everyone I got my PR, skilled visa in 2012, moved to Brisbane 1 May 2016 and just left mid Janaury 18. In September last year I got RRV for one year as I had only been there for little more than a year and the travel facility ran out. It looks like we will be living in England for the next year or two. My current RRV expire in late September 18. We are living here because my Australian boyfriend got a job here. Does anybody know of the likelihood of me getting a new RRV in 1-2 years time? I don't have property in Australia and my only tie is my boyfriend. Many thanks for your thoughts.
  12. Hi everyone I have been in Australia for 11 months and I might end up leaving in a few months due to my partners work overseas. I have PR, skilled migration visa, the travel facility runs out end November. Does anyone have experience with getting a RRV, when not having been here for two years? I thought I would apply for a RRV for five years When I get closer to leaving Australia. We do travel a lot and will come to Australia at least one month a year. Many thanks.
  13. I would guess you can put any city in as long as it is in Queensland. It says "Intended" only which means you can change your mind.
  14. I have 190 skilled migration visa with ACT sponsoring me, got it in 2012, when Careers Counselor were on their Csol list. I was not successful in getting a job there so I started to apply all over Australia and got lucky with my current employer with the added bonus of my partner(Australian) being from Brisbane. I did contact ACT, who were not happy but did say they could not stop me from accepting the job. I would have turned down the job if ACT had told me I had to move to ACT. I actually like Canberra and the surrounding nature a lot and it was my intention to move there but ended up in Brisbane instead for now. Best of luck with what ever path you choose.
  15. Hi I'm Danish but came from England, I have a skilled migration visa as a Careers Counsellor (UK educated), so got the visa part sorted out. I applied for work in all of Australia, as I had already applied for more than 100 positions in ACT over a time period of 3 years, had a Skype interview for a position as a Student Advisor at a small private university and got lucky with the Skype interview, I just passed my probation :-) If you got the visa it can be done but it is not the norm, from my understanding. What do you do for a living?