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Visitor visa subclass 600 - how many successive visas can you have?


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It is not clear on the immigration website about successive Visitor visas.


History: An application for 12-month visitor visa (subclass 600, tourist stream) was successful and this expires in a few months.


Can they apply for successive Visitor visas (subclass 600, tourist stream) for another 12 months? She is the mother of my partner who is having a baby later this year - could be considered compassionate / exceptional circumstances?


Thank you in advance

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She won't be granted a Visitor visa that will allow her to effectively live in Australia on a long term basis.


I think the best indication of the department's way of thinking is to go to the subclass 600 Visitor visa page then select Visa applicants > Who could get this visa > Tourist stream and under that, Visitor visas for parents of Australians. This states that more generous Visitor visas can be granted to parents of Australian PRs and citizens but that while they have a longer validity, holders are still restricted to staying in Australia for no more than 12 months in any 18 month period. You haven't mentioned your partner's immigration status, but assuming she's not a PR or citizen, I'd say it would be highly unlikely that her mother would be able to get another 12 month visa immediately after the current one - that would be more generous than what a citizen's parent could hope to get.


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Tostar - every post you put here makes it look like you are trying to cheat the system. It's not a good look.


You might find it helpful to make a list of all the outcomes you are looking for, and a comprehensive statement of current circumstances, and take it all to a migration agent. He or she might be able to suggest a strategy that would get you what you want. But asking us for advice about how to push the envelope a bit more each time is probably the wrong approach.

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Hi Folks,


Quick qst re Visitor visa (subclass 600) tourist stream duration.


Wish to apply for parent (mother only) to come visit, will be her first time to Australia. I am not PR or Citizen (I am on 457 for 1 year).


Can we apply for the visa as 12 months (it says 3m, 6m, 12m).


And will she need health cover if we apply for 12 months? (I assume the 12 months is eligible for single stay upto 12months in total?)


The last time we applied via an agent, they advised us to apply for 3months, we got the visa but mother couldn't travel due to personal commitments That visa expired. This time I am applying independently (the agent cost was double the visa cost) and wondering if I can apply for standard 12months (but if they will ask for health cover)?


Thanks in advance

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