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  1. tostar

    Partner visa without marriage certificate

    Isn't the intention of this forum to help with migration issues? Why does it matter so much who its personally for? does anyone else have any input to the original question?
  2. tostar

    Partner visa without marriage certificate

    Hi there, I apologize, please disregard my previous threads as they don't all apply to me or my family. I have asked questions on behalf of friends
  3. Hello, I had a question about including a partner that I am married with on my visa. Although I won't have the certificate of marriage for about 30 days, can I apply without having this?
  4. tostar

    Contributory parent visa - # of applicants

    If you dont mind me asking, what evidence did you provide to prove dependency?
  5. tostar

    Contributory parent visa - # of applicants

    Thanks Rich, I have contacted an RMA but before proceeding I wanted to clarify the costs. Dependent child is still 24 presently. Are you saying he wouldn't have to pay ~$40000 to be part of the application (first+second installment?)
  6. tostar

    Contributory parent visa - # of applicants

    I wasn't aware of that. His present age is 24 and it may be possible to lodge the application prior to his 25th birthday. I will consult with a RMA, is there any other information regarding his dependency I can source from immi?
  7. tostar

    Contributory parent visa - # of applicants

    Yes - back and forth between studies at work. Not married. Still living at home with parents, and they pay for his food/transport/living expenses. Tell me about lucky!
  8. Thanks, definitely going down the return flight option!
  9. tostar

    Contributory parent visa - # of applicants

    Thanks, yes they are over 18. They will be between 25-30 when the application is made, is their any age that is too old to be a dependent child?
  10. I was told its possible to voluntarily withdraw a tourist visa application if an employment opportunity did arise
  11. Hi all. Was wondering if a return flight needs to be booked if coming on a tourist visa (subclass 600) with the intentiom to find sponsored work, then change visas. Any input would be appreciated
  12. Hi all, does this estimation of fees sound right? 2 parents and dependent child Base charge $3520 Additional applicants 18/over $1185 (x2) Second instalment $43600 (x3) Total $136,690 Didnt know if 3 second instalments are needed? Thank you!
  13. You have a great knowledge and thank you for sharing. As I read it, the word legal in this instance doesnt mean having permanent residence. Any temporary visa also classes as living here legally.
  14. Thanks for the advice, I'm still in the early stages but am getting a preliminary strategy in place. It will be good to talk to an RMA at some point. Regarding this requirement for the sponsor: "living lawfully in Australia for at least two years before the visa application is lodged" Does it mean 2 years as PR, or on a valid visa?
  15. Thanks, it does seem like that is an option and the most cost effective one. Sorry but what did you mean 'RMA about that approach'?