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has the dream come to an end?


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I actually feel like pulling my hair out at the moment!!! After many years of planning i feel like moving to oz is going to be an impossible task. My husband is a self employed bricklayer who completed his NVQ level 2 12 years ago, since then he has worked for several different companies. We really wanted to get the 190 visa but has struggled to get points for 8 out of ten years work exp due to poor earnings (bad weather, recession etc). Also has now been told that his NVQ 2 wont be regarded as a qualified bricklayer!!!

I honestly dont know what to do for the best i have spoken to a few mara agents but keep getting different answers?? Is this just the hard work or an impossible task?

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Has he thought about doing his NVQ lvl3? I would worry about the level of earnings as long as he can prove he has been working 20+hrs per week in his trade. Not all businesses make huge profits. I pay an accountant every year to show that I have made the least amount possible:wink:


Edit: I was told by one agent that I had little chance of passing the trade assessment because as a self employed carpenter working for small companies, some for only a few days. I had no idea who I'd worked for over the last 10 years, it was literally 50+ different companies, some had disappeared, gone bust or just had no inclination to help.

I also didn't have my papers of proof of my apprenticeship, I got copies of my papers quite easily and a certificate of which ever body it was that over looked apprenticeships to prove I was time served. I wrote a stat dec with a lot of detail and rolled all the little companies into one as working for myself which essentially it was. I had no problem.

I think agents tend to talk up their services.


I used a chap in Melbourne to help with my trade assessment and if you want his contact details then drop me a PM. He assessed all my evidence, he told me what I needed to add and whether it would, in his professional opinion succeed. It did!

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The level 3 nvq shouldn't be hard for him to achieve.

also like above said I wouldn't worry to much about proving work experience. I have been self employed all my working life, mostly small jobs. I have ridiculously low earnings.

Pm me if you would like the number of a fantastic guy, based in cork (Ireland), but he helps out a lot of guys from the uk.

he specialises in trades people getting visas.

i was let down big style by a well recognised visa agency firm, that often get great press on this board. After they had completely wasted my time and emptied my pockets I went this this guy, who made the whole thing so simple... And for about a 6th of the price that the other agency was charging! And no, I'm not getting commission. :) just believe in credit were credit is due..

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Problem with passing level 3 now is your skills assessing authority MAY not recognise it until you have 3 years post qualification experience. I had this problem with TRA despite over 20 years experience in my industry. However, there was a solution. You may be able to get an Australian qualification called an AQF which can be issued on the grounds of recognised prior learning (RPL) and may be accepted by your skills assessors straight away.

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