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    Told that packing boxes more costly?

    My Mrs packed a load of clothes in boxes and the packers unpacked the all and repacked them. They said it was them as a company that were importing them so they had to be sure what was in them.
  2. flatpack

    UK Driving Licence and AUS Driving licence

    My my point was that there was no provision for people moving abroad. In a world where people move countries quite regularly. No way of stopping them writing to me. It's possible that the person who lives in my old place knows I've gone to Oz, if the DVLA write to me at that address for any reason then the person who lives there could well apply for a license in my name. ID theft made easy
  3. flatpack

    UK Driving Licence and AUS Driving licence

    Once I'd moved to Oz I contacted DVLA about my license as it registered to a house I'd moved out of. They said tough luck, I wasn't allowed to change it to a relatives address and I couldn't change it to an Australian address. I told them that was a fantastic idea for cloning someone's id
  4. Bachelors Super Noodles, you can get them in some shops but they are around £2 a packet here and around 50p in the UK.
  5. flatpack

    Gas & Plumbing Questions!

    Each state is different, WA is not the best place at the moment jobs wise. Yet I know a young lad, not long out of his time who landed in Sydney and had a job plumbing within 48hrs. Officially he's a trades assistant as he's not licensed but he's doing a tradies job and getting tradies money!
  6. Check out IKEA because I think they do European sized mattresses, I'm not 100% and a quick look online will soon tell you.
  7. flatpack

    Tax Return advice about Medicare levy

    As an aside, you may calculate that you're entitled to $400 but a good accountant may well get you more as they know precisely what you can and cannot claim. Any fee you pay them is also tax deductible.
  8. flatpack

    Anyone have a detailed breakdown of emigration process?

    Sounds like they want someone to do their research for them. Google is your friend.
  9. flatpack

    489 to 887 Self Employed Evidence

    Your accounts would go a long way to prove it, along with your business insurance, ABN number. Pictures of a sign written van (if you have one). Customer stat decs, copies of advertising, a link to your web page. That's straight off the top of my head, given some thought it should be one of the easiest things to prove.
  10. flatpack

    Flying/shipping tools over from the uk??

    Paslodes are around $650 to $700 here and look on Bunning (just like B&Q) they're pretty cheap for makita kit. Get the prices from there and make your own mind up
  11. flatpack

    Flying/shipping tools over from the uk??

    Makita battery tools ate very cheap here but saying that I brought all my tools with me. Sell any 110v stuff and buy here.
  12. flatpack

    Passport query

    Due to circumstance we may have a window to go to Bali on holiday in 6 weeks, the date is pretty much set in stone. Myself and my partner along with our daughter have PR but our son is Australian. We all have British passports but our son doesn't have a visa in his. We only got his British passport as it was so easy, all in all it took 6 working days to receive it. Getting his Aussie passport mean getting him a citizen certificate which was put off at the time as we were busy and now I doubt we'll have time. Is there anyway we can go to Bali and get back into Oz (with our son)? TIA
  13. flatpack

    Passport query

    Without trying to be funny, why would you comment about the need for a citizenship certificate if you aren't sure. We have looked into it and it is a requirement, we're not in the habit of doing unnessecary paperwork if we don't need to. There is currently a minimum 3 week wait to get the citizenship certificate, add this to the time that a passport application would take and it is doubtful that we'll get it. That said we have started the process and my partner is going to immigration tomorrow with the relevant form/ evidence. My question was whether we could get back in without too much hassle.
  14. flatpack

    Passport query

    Do you always think about the worst possible case? I mean come on, under what circumstance would they seize a 10 month old babies passport?
  15. flatpack

    Passport query

    If we took him out of the country on his British passport, would he be refused entry into his country of birth? Would they not allow us on the plane? Could we just apply for a tourist visa to get him into the country?
  16. flatpack

    Having debt in the UK but living in Aus

    Youve changed your your tune a little. A few posts back you were telling tales of debt collectors tracking people through social media and staking out the airport waiting for debtors to holiday in the UK. I'm not sure what you thought they might do once the plane landed lol Now the story is "if they return they could face a lot of problems" If and could, not very sure now are we? What might be the problems?
  17. flatpack

    Having debt in the UK but living in Aus

    So you don't know of any powers then?
  18. flatpack

    Having debt in the UK but living in Aus

    As I put in my reply to PM, I don't need research, I have first hand experience of chase someone thought the courts. I won, I got a CCJ against two seperate parties. What I didn't get was any money, debt collectors have zero powers, but if you know of some mystical power then please let me know. Just to give you a head start, debt collectors and court appointed bailiffs are two very different things.
  19. flatpack

    Having debt in the UK but living in Aus

    Google all you like, I've chased people for money through the courts and after spending a small fortune, got zero back. I did however get CCJ's and some practical knowledge. Ive highlighted the biggest mistake in your copy and paste, the OP lives in Australia!
  20. flatpack

    Having debt in the UK but living in Aus

    You're sure? That's it, you've gone from telling the OP that if she revisits the UK on holiday that debt collectors will chase her, and now 'you're sure' they can track debtors :laugh:
  21. flatpack

    Having debt in the UK but living in Aus

    Naive my arse, debt collection agencies have absolutely zero powers. Chase? Please explain what you mean by chase, and then exactly what are they going to do if they catch the debtor? What if the debtor doesn't run, what will they chase? I'll tell you what they'll do, they'll send threatening letters, they may call at your door but they cannot take your wallet out and take the money out of it. Especially if there isn't anything in the wallet. Sure they can get CCJ's but all that does is let other lenders know that you have defaulted, nothing else. You can't go to prison and they can't beat you up. They won't even write it on your Facebook page or tweet about it in the digital age
  22. flatpack

    Having debt in the UK but living in Aus

    :laugh: What utter clap trap, do you honestly think that equifax know everyone's travel plans and inform creditors which gate you'll be landing at? And what do you mean by try to recover the money? Are they going to stop you buying duty free and take you holiday spends?????
  23. flatpack

    HSBC - any reason to use them?

    My sister was with HSBC in the Uk and they sold it to her that it would be better for her to open an HSBC account in Oz and use them to switch her money. As she was changing over £50k she would be a platinum customer for no charge. What did she get for that I hear you ask? She got $30,000AU less than she would have done had she used a forex company but she was a platinum customer (for no extra charge) My advice is to play the banks off against each other to get the best deal for yourself, show them no loyalty just as they would with you.
  24. flatpack

    Does 2 years in NZ = permanent residence in OZ ????

    I'm surprised a a medical professional cannot pass the IELTS test, what part of it are you struggling with?