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Chances of finding Employer Sponsorship


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Hi All,


I'm sure this is a common question but I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone with up to date experience or info.

My wife and I are hopefully getting a 189 visa soon. She is a chartered accountant and has sent her skills assessment last week. She has done the IELTS Academic and should get 60 points all-in.

I am an accounts technician, part qualified CIMA (completion this year) and qualified PMBOK Project Manager, specialising in project accounting in utilities.

My wife works as an analyst in Financial services for a global securities bank.

We have applied for jobs already, hoping to find somewhere that is willing to sponsor but have had little response.

Can anyone advise on the likelihood of finding sponsorship or getting a job offer when/if our visa is awarded in either of our roles in Sydney?

We are fearful of quitting our jobs here and moving only to be left unemployed. It would not be an

issue but we have a six month old baby and don't want to have to slum it with him. If it was just the two of us, we've slummed it for years quite happily!!


Sorry for the long post, any help much appreciated.

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Guest guest30085

Hi there


If you are successful in gaining the 189 visa then you will have permanent residency therefore no need for sponsorship by an employer, if that was what you were meaning.


Other than checking out websites like seek.com.au etc, you could try approaching firms directly and explain that you are awaiting your 189 visa and would be looking at moving over in xxxxxx month etc. it does appear to much harder when still out of the country, from what I've seen, employers prefer you to be already onshore, although obviously this is a risk we all face when emigrating without work already lined up. You never know though, you may gain some interest before you've landed. Good luck.

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Hi Adonna


I probably wasn't really clear. We're going for the 189 visa but would prefer sponsorship because it would mean we had a job to go to and we'd also save the visa fee!

I was just hoping for some feedback on the likelihood of finding work before getting to Sydney, either sponsored or with the 189 visa. We'd like to have at least one of us set up before packing up and leaving, starting to think this may be unrealistic.

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I would not peruse sponsorship. It is normally a 457 visa. This is a temporary visa normally for 4 years. It has some significant issues. These include that if you lose your job, you have 90 days to find another who is willing and able to sponsor or leave the country. There are other issues as well.


I would wait until you have a permanent visa before applying for jobs and then making it clear on the cv that you are an Australian permanent resident.


However, you need to be aware that many employers will not consider an applicant until they are in the country. The majority if migrants simply have to take that gamble. Hence why it is advisable to have significant savings to tide you over while you find work.

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