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  1. hogan

    finding a rental with a dog

    Hi, we moved to the central coast just under two years ago and i am affraid it is harder with dogs, the only properties you can rent are the older style, what you need to do is go into the estate agents and rather then looking at the rental list or real estate, just ask them to point out any houses that would except a dog and you must say the dog lives outside then smuggle him in, this is the only way i am affraid, we wished we didnt bring the dogs but they were part of the family good luck
  2. hogan

    Chances of finding Employer Sponsorship

    Definatly pay the extra and get the permanent visa, especially if you have any children
  3. hogan

    Real Australia

    Read second line then looked at another paragraph and thought my god this person needs to get a life, dont even know if your in australia but please stay in england
  4. hogan

    How much did/are people taking?

    Look around at the garage sales, loads everywhere, thats what we did then slowly started to buy new again
  5. Hi everyone just a reminder that we are going to meet up on tues the 10th dec at terrigal surf cafe, was thinking we could meet at the bench which is under the tree next to the cafe, everyone welcome young and old x see you there vicky
  6. Ok lets do it, really busy this week but what about tues the 10th dec 10am at the surf cafe in terrigal??
  7. hogan

    School uniforms

    Hi, just a thought for you that my sons NEVER wear trousers anymore and the kids like to fit in with others,even in winter they wear their shorts and a jumper, once you start earning the aussie dollar you will find things are not that expensive
  8. hogan

    Wanted-boat to hold min of 5 people, nsw

    Nice boat, but not looking at spending quite that much lol, it's a shame they never got to cruise in it, life's a bitch sometimes
  9. Don't put your kids in a school where there is a high number of Asians !!!
  10. Hi, I would love to meet new girlies, I live in terrigal but I am a little older (40) lol, are you free at all during the day for a coffee, pm me if your interested, Vicky
  11. hogan

    Midwifery conditions in the UK

    My friend who is a midwife has left uk and gone to Abu Dhabi, she is enjoying it, especially the pay !
  12. Hi we are looking for a family boat to hold min 5 people, with an engine, we live on the central coast but don't want to pay millions of bucks please pm if you have one to sell thanks Victoria
  13. What reasons are they giving
  14. hogan

    Help and Advice please :)

    No and there are not as many supermarkets here like the uk