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We went to the Overseas Expo last year. It was OK. We run through free initial visa assessments for Oz, NZ and Canada which give a simple yes or no. Naturally you have to pay if you want any level of detail. There were seminars from a few people who had moved which were interesting to listen to. A few of the big recruitment agencies were there, but would only talk to people who had visas, so that was no good for us.


They are worth a look, even just to get a feel for things. We will be going back again this year now we are further down the line, to talk to some of the banking stands ect. :cute:

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We are going to the Birmingham one on 8th Feb. We have been before but it was ages ago.


Now our move is getting closer we want to talk to shippers, bankers, pet movers etc.


The seminars are usually quite interesting. There was a long queue for the visa agents last time we went, but it seemed to move quickly.


Tickets are half price if you subscribe to Autralia Magazine

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I went to the London Down Under Live about 5 years ago, it was pretty good from what I remember, well worth the £10 ticket price.


There were a handful of migration agencies all offering free initial assessments to see if you have the points. Representatives from the major banks were there too. There were various seminars going on, with WA state sponsorship being the only one I can remember. There was also a jobs board with vacancies listed.


I'm going to the London DUL in Feb, any Melbourne bound folk want to chat over a coffee? (Got my 189, processing partner visa for Mrs, heading out Q4 2014)

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