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Adelaide to Queensland?


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Hi there, has anybody moved from Adelaide to Queensland? We have been in Adelaide for 2 years now but often wonder if Queensland has more to offer.

We hope to buy a house this year so want to be sure it's in the right state!


In what way more to offer? it would also depend where in Qld too.

I live in Qld (nr Brisbane) but in Adelaide at present working (return to Brisbane Saturday) so can offer my opinions on those two area's.

Cheers Keith.

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Comparisons really as far as schooling, jobs, cost living, and of course the weather? Winter in Adelaide is quite chilly and for longer than we thought. Hubby is a lifeguard too and here the season is only 6 months long. Queensland it's year round.

Also, accessibility to other areas?

We really enjoyed the Gold Coast for a holiday, quite fancy the Sunshine coast but the rain and flood risk is a concern.

Adelaide has alot thats great but don't know that it's my forever place.

Any insight welcome :-)

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Hi toast72


we are also in Adelaide and after 7 years have decided that Brisbane area is for us. I hate the winters here in Adelaide they go on for a while especially last year and although we have never been out of work there are so many more jobs advertised in Brisbane. We are planning on moving to Qld by then end of the year and have our daughter enrolled in a school already to start in Jan 2015.


We we like the fact that you can be in Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast within 40 minutes and there seems to be so much more to do.


wishing you the best for your move


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Hi we're in similar position were thinking of moving to Sunshine Coast next year .. We have lived in adelaide for nearly 3 years and althoe we love it here we don't feel that it's our forever home.. We have brought a property and will rent it out and my husbands work means he can transfere to Brisbane way ... But I want to be out of the city and live up in the Sunshine Coast.. I have a 2,5 and 16 yr old who will be in yr 12 when we move up... Any areas to avoid ? High schools to avoid ? We were going to wait a couple of years but were now thinking why wait... Looking forward to our new adventure

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