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    trainers and running shoes - buy now or wait?

    Buy there for sure! That's one thing that is definitely more expensive here in my opinion. Amart sports is not too bad. We have also ordered from Sports Direct and even with shipping costs it was cheaper than here. My friend does an annual shop with Sports Direct :-)
  2. We have family living in Engadine in the Sutherland Shire. They commute to the city daily and are about 25 mins drive to beach. It's a green and leafy area, not quite a village feel but it has its own town centre and train station. They are very happy there but it's horses for courses :-)
  3. toast72

    Adelaide to Perth?

    Hi Kymm, Hope I haven't put you or anyone else off. Adelaide has been good to us in many ways, friends/people wise, positive experiences ( never owned a boat before) and financially. Hubby loves the wide open spaces here and felt revitalised when we first arrived with getting involved with the Surf Club, developing a different lifestyle etc. My post may not have been well balanced as I wrote it with all the negatives in mind. I suppose I have itchy feet and after coming so far, I just want to get it right for my family. Things are changing with MH here and UK nurses are certainly influencing change, so don't be disheartened. It's a tough call knowing where to settle, every part of Oz offers something different. If you can, visit Adelaide before you decide?? All the very best on your adventure Kymm x
  4. toast72

    Adelaide to Perth?

    Thanks for the responses to date everyone. As requested by BeanBear, these are some of the reasons we are considering an interstate move- * I was brought up in a Forces family, so moving around areas is part of my make up. We did eventually settle in one place, which also has many advantages of course. * We originally researched Perth but house prices rocketed and my job offer came up in Adelaide. * I've visited all of the states in Australia except for Perth, so still interested in what WA has to offer. * Adelaide has alot to like but I've never felt I could be here long term, this hasn't changed after 4 years, it's now come more in to focus as we feel we've "done it" and now the thought of buying a house here makes me feel I could get stuck! * Utilities seem to be more expensive in Adelaide * Sorry to sound like a whinging pom but.... the weather, the winters are colder and much longer than I had anticipated and I had lived in Oz previously and researched for nearly 3 years before the move. Even in the summer months the evenings still get cold, eg, I went to an outdoor cinema in January, prepared for the temp to drop and rugged up too, my teeth were chattering!! :-) Hubby and kids are all involved in the local Surf Club, which becomes inactive for 6 months of the year due to the cold weather * I work in Mental Health and some of the attitudes, treatment and services for MH are way behind the time and were quite shocking when I arrived. My current job and team are excellent however and more forward thinking. SA on the whole has a lot to catch up on in ths area. * Myself and my husband both have been fortunate to have decent jobs at present. Hubby did get made refundant last year but found work quickly. However the overall unemployment level is rising and looks to get worse. We do have concerns for our childrens future and prospects here in SA. I understand this is a problem in other states too but SA seems to be the worst and no firm indicators of how this will be resolved. Whilst we are fully aware that there is no Utopia out there, we still wish to explore all our options before we commit to a mortgage. We have friends in Perth who love it there. We have family in Sydney, but ir's far too expensive and busy for my liking, great to visit though. The Sunshine Coast was another consideration however employment for tradies is poor, the flood risks a real worry and when we visited this year, the rest of the family were not keen to move there The climate in Perth is attractive, the shorter flight for visiting rellies from the UK a plus, and a bigger population than Adelaide but without being crowded is appealing. We plan to take a trip there in the next few months, who knows what will come from that :wink:
  5. toast72

    Adelaide to Perth?

    Anyone please? ☺
  6. Anyone have a rough idea of costs to move interstate. Possibly Adelaide to Perth? I've heard it's almost as much as when first moving from the Uk ?
  7. toast72

    Adelaide to Perth?

    Hi there! Has anyone moved from Adelaide to Perth? How does it compare?* We are a carpenter and mental health nurse who've been in Adelaide for 4 yrs. We are now ready to buy a house in Oz but not sure Adelaide is our true home.* Is the job situation in Perth any good? Hubby is a life saver and both of our children are part of the surf club, so coastal areas are a must. The thought of moving interstate is almost as daunting as our original move from the UK ?
  8. toast72

    Just arrived in Buderim...

    Hi there! Sounds an exciting time for your family. We have considered doing the doing the same. Really interested to see how life in the SC compares with Adelaide? Particularly with jobs, cost of living and house prices. I bet the winter weather is better than here in Adelaide
  9. toast72

    Work in Illawarra area

    Anybody got any inside info please??
  10. toast72

    Work in Illawarra area

    Hi all, we are currently living in Adelaide but have family in Sutherland Shire which is out of our price range. We liked the Wollongong area and have been trying to do some research in to jobs for a Carpenter and Mental Health Nurse. I've seen some mental health jobs in Shoalhaven but would there be much for carpentry? Any thoughts, views about jobs and that area welcomed :-)
  11. toast72

    Mental health jobs in Sunshine coast

    Thanks for the responses so far :-)
  12. Hi! We are thinking of relocating from Adelaide to the Sunshine Coast. Anybody have any tips on good starting points to look for mental health nursing jobs, please? TIA
  13. Hi all. Hubby currently working in South Australia but work possibly drying up. We are considering our options and moving interstate, Queensland maybe. Anyone know where would be the best place for his trade?
  14. toast72


    Try contacting the Southern Justice service in Christies Beach, they are very helpful.
  15. Hey there! Anyone know what the job situation in Queensland is like for a Mental Health Nurse and a Carpenter please? TIA