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  1. Hi everyone we've been in Adelaide for 7 years now and for the last 6 months have been feeling a really strong urge to move to Qld. I dont want to knock Adelaide too much as it's been good to us and made our dream to move to oz a reality BUT there are a few things that just feel are missing plus I can't stand the cold windy winters. both my husband and I work and have to commute to the city as there are no jobs outside that area, we've been monitoring the vacancies in both areas and for both of us Brisbane has 4 times more vacancies advertised. The schools look good and we have already enrolled our daughter in Morton Bay College to start in 2015 so we are quite serious!! just wondering about Wakerley as an area to live as it looks close to the coast and reasonable commute to the city if need be? any advice or experience of the area or school would be really appreciated. Many Thanks Kim
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    Adelaide to Queensland?

    Hi toast72 we are also in Adelaide and after 7 years have decided that Brisbane area is for us. I hate the winters here in Adelaide they go on for a while especially last year and although we have never been out of work there are so many more jobs advertised in Brisbane. We are planning on moving to Qld by then end of the year and have our daughter enrolled in a school already to start in Jan 2015. We we like the fact that you can be in Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast within 40 minutes and there seems to be so much more to do. wishing you the best for your move kim