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  1. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    Without bursting the bubble and sounding cynical, the 'diverse skills' I also had can be parked at the airport, you won't need them. Mental health is a strange old game over here and different in many weird and wonderful ways from what UK'ers will be used to.....an open mind is needed :-)
  2. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    IELTS? You don't need to do it if you can prove your secondary education was taught in English? Or have they changed the rules AGAIN?!! Hahaha listen, there ain't no such as thing as 'forensic' here, unless you ARE back in the 1920's. Learn Aussie terminology first as many nursing terms/concepts/processes will be alien to the UK nurse. Mental health is utterly medicalised here.......
  3. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    If you can expand a little then I am sure forum members can point you in the right direction . Australia is as big as Europe and things vary from state to state. Where will you be moving too? Have you got AHPRA registration? What visa? We are in queensland so I can share my experience nursing here but without sounding rude you will need to be more specific.
  4. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    Pharmaco whatever. If you used and learnt about medication that covers criteria 8.
  5. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    People stop panicking and teasing words apart in the 'criteria'. If you were trained in UK and have UK registration then registering with AHPRA shouldn't be a problem. There is no recognition of mental health here anymore but this doesn't prevent UK nurses from getting AHPRA registration. It will all be cool. I remember fondly all the anxiety but jump the hoops and don't get bogged down with all te finer details. Pommy nurse = Aussie registration.
  6. fluxsta

    457 visas- Any positive comments?

    457 served it's purpose for us, and we are now residents. Nowt wrong with the visa, make it work for you........
  7. fluxsta

    A word of warning

    Do your research, and then do some more research, and then do some MORE research. Winners make things happen, losers let things happen. Life is what you make it. Yes, we don't have palm trees flapping in our faces with a sea view, but then again it gets cold in the winter by the sea. Play the game........ Journey: Research, more research, recce to Oz, 457, job, culture shock, fear,compare with England,get over culture shock and fear, compare some more,accept new environment, stopped comparing,more research,asked for help,made friends,lowered expectations,adapted to job,18 mths-got residency via employer,job sucked,made applications,changed jobs......moved house 4 times in 2 years,gained ACCEPTANCE......... Worked at it and made decisions based on 'playing the game' to get myself and my familys needs met.......
  8. ha ha! Have moved AGAIN mate....been around we have, Warner to Dayboro, to Samford and now in Griffin :-) Who cares if mental health is backwards, the diagnosed ones are backward as well, same as the nurses, me included. Management changed as did the vol au vents......in fact a lot changed so after residency was granted I jumped ship and am now up Sunshine Coast for work in new unit here. Haven't been on here foever so not sure what others have been saying but if they want to be 'returnees' to UK then good luck to them, obviously wasn't meant to be. Good luck getting a job in UK then, or indeed a pay rise! ha ha, i will stick with my earnings here thanks and sit tight in the knowledge that we made the right choice to stick it out here. Nothing over there mate......zip,nada,zilch... Won't spend time reading the whining about mental health as I can see myself becoming a little bit vocal on the subject :-) Whinging poms
  9. What a moron! Without your help Johndoe we wouldn't be where we are today......legend.Still using the plates and glasses you gave us :-) x
  10. fluxsta


    No offence but why the fascination with North Lakes? So many people on this forum loooove North Lakes, if you want to live in a rabbit hutch, enjoy. Sorry rant over.......
  11. fluxsta

    Adelaide to Queensland?

    Rain and flood risk? It is Queensland, it floods inland as well, and in low lying areas?
  12. fluxsta

    Springfield lake & North Lakes

    Each to their own but North Lakes is congested, confined and too populated for my tastes, but what the hell, loads of poms seem to like it there so who am i to judge.. Would avoid it like the plague.....
  13. fluxsta

    Springfield lake & North Lakes

    This has good reports this school: http://www.livingfaith.qld.edu.au/s/ and is down Brays Rd, just off Anzac Avenue, 5 mins from North Lakes/Mango Hill. And also 3 minutes from my house. A note of warning......there is NO train line built yet and it appears nothing is on the horizon. This is QLD ok? :-) living in North Lakes....a car is a MUST
  14. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    I sent anything and everything I had, to air on the safe side. Worst that can happen? It's not needed and they shred it. Good luck :-)
  15. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    Believe me it isn't as daunting as it has to be. We followed most suggestions and are loving it here! One word of warning. There is no such thing as a cheap car here! I would budget for at least between $3000-7000 for anything with semi low km on the clock. Bear in mind cost of driving licences as well