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  1. fish.01

    dealing with spiders

    You sure it's a red back ? They unusual make formless messy webs underneath furniture and in nooks and crannies...not usually large proper webs across open spaces ?
  2. fish.01

    Private health versus Medicare

    Yeah that's correct, the loading is nothing to do with tax. @OP There are two government "incentives" to push people into private insurance. One is based on your age, the second on your wealth. Age ---- A sliding penalty loading which increases the cost of your private health insurance depending on how old you are, after 30 years of age, when you first take out private health insurance. It's stated purpose is to encourage people to not wait until they are old and unwell to take out private health insurance. You are only penalised if and when you subsequently take out private health insurance; your premiums will be higher for 10 years. If you stick with Medicare only you will not incur any penalty loading. Wealth -------- As stated if you earn over $180,000 as a family (or $90,000 single) you will incur an additional amount of tax if you do not hold private hospital insurance for the full year. Note this has nothing to do with the "extras" portion of any private insurance plan, only the private hospital cover. If you earn under the thresholds this will not affect you.
  3. fish.01

    Brisbane suburbs - Paddington, Bardon...?

    We live around 10 mins walk from Paddington so I cycle through Red Hill, Paddington & Bardon most days. I love it because it suits my interests. I really love character homes, the history everywhere, the windy hilly old streets, the little independent shops, the old trees and gardens, the great food and coffee, the accessibility to the city, the bike riding distance to town etc. So for me it is worth it as I get a kick out of it every day but it does depend on your priorities. I also love that traffic has almost disappeared from my life. When we lived further away commute traffic was a big part of everyday life. Barely think about it anymore as easy to cycle or get a bus so it has almost disappeared from my life. Bliss. As I mentioned if you do have to use your car you can just take the empty back roads few use until you get right near town. People say that because outer suburbs have less traffic they are better for avoiding traffic stress but having lived in both I have found it the exact opposite...it is the daily grind of commute traffic that gets to you in the further out suburbs. We have also found the kindergartens to be just lovely (Rosalie Creche & Kindergarten and Red Hill C&K) and our children love their school. My wife is English and has made some great friends from Australia and all over the world that she sees all the time. Many lovely families that meet up at the local park for birthday parties, coffee mornings etc. I have always been able to cycle the kids to or from kindergarten/school and then go to work and my wife does it via bus at the other end. Has meant I have been a lot more involved with my kids life (knew all the kindergarten teachers really well, children's friends etc) than I would have been in an outer suburb with long commutes. Easy to jump on my bike at work and cycle back if one of the kids is sick or something.
  4. fish.01

    Brisbane suburbs - Paddington, Bardon...?

    If you're looking in Paddington and want to cycle I would stick either to the Red Hill/Ashgrove side of Paddington to pick up the Ithaca Creek bikeway (flat, goes right into the city off-road) or the Rosalie Village side of Paddington to ride via the Bicentennial Bikeway (flat, to city, mostly off-road). You can ride down Latrobe Tce in the morning ok and ride back up using the footpath in the evening but not as pleasant as the two other options above.
  5. fish.01

    Brisbane suburbs - Paddington, Bardon...?

    If you move out of catchment while your child is in primary you may not get into the catchment high school though.
  6. fish.01

    Brisbane suburbs - Paddington, Bardon...?

    FYI, Paddington's state high school is Kelvin Grove college which is around the same distance as the local private schools. Around 1.5km away from the edge of Paddington at the closest point. See:https://kelvingrovesc.eq.edu.au/Pages/default.aspx
  7. fish.01

    Brisbane suburbs - Paddington, Bardon...?

    Interested in this if you can expand Roberta ?
  8. fish.01

    Brisbane suburbs - Paddington, Bardon...?

    Paddington is really easy now with the airport link tunnel, just have to pay that pesky toll.
  9. fish.01

    Brisbane suburbs - Paddington, Bardon...?

    Hi Roberta, I'm not sure what you consider a Queenslander but I presume my definition if far wider than yours as those prices seem extremely high given my definition. As I understand almost all pre-WWII homes are considered queenslanders, just many different styles. I presume you have one particular style in mind. Maybe the colonial style with full wrap around verandahs ? Around 5km out you can get 3/4 bedders character homes starting around $800,000: Example: http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-red+hill-122762886 Example: http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-ashgrove-121045198 Paddington does have the Maroon city glider, 385 etc and the distance is short so the bus trip is only 10-15mins in peak...I find Latrobe Tce one of the least congested streets leading into Brisbane in peak hour. Living in the area I find the traffic the easiest of anywhere I have lived in Brisbane. The steep windy streets are actually a blessing as only the locals know the way through many of them and the smaller connecting suburban roads are often empty almost right to the edge of the city, even when the neighbouring arterials carrying people from further away suburbs are busy. The rat runners don't dare enter the maze, it's great
  10. fish.01

    Brisbane suburbs - Paddington, Bardon...?

    Plenty of the local kids go to state schools. The state schools in those areas are very well regarded.
  11. fish.01

    House Hunting in Brisbane

    I hope you don't do like my wife and say you hate those bloody shacks, and then years later when they double in price decide you love them You know me, I would honestly struggle to live in any other style of house now...they just feel so great and I'm obsessed with them I get depressed when I go too far out and the houses turn to post-war wood & tile or brick & tile. I must be nuts... though surely you could live in this house Cal ? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3287467/The-colourful-past-landmark-Brisbane-home-Massive-century-old-house-hosted-lavish-secret-gambling-parties-1-500-square-metre-grounds.html
  12. fish.01

    House Hunting in Brisbane

    My primary choice is location. I would rather live in a smaller house to get the location I want with the same budget as a bigger house in the suburbs.
  13. fish.01

    House Hunting in Brisbane

    Surely you wouldn't move to Bulimba and buy a modern atrocity Cal
  14. fish.01

    Toads in Brisbane

    It doesn't help you really, but no I don't think all areas are the same. I haven't seen a toad in my yard for a long time though I'm sure the odd one must be around. I see the odd one down on the cycle path by the creek. When I was a kid they were all over the lawn at night, so it seems like it must be different in different areas. Similar to mosquitoes I guess. To avoid both mosquitoes and toads remove all possible water sources from your garden. Old plant pots, buckets, ponds etc....