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Planning a move to Oz for a year at 19


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I am currently in the midst of planning a move to Oz, and am in need of advice on how to go about doing this.


In the end I would ideally like to emigrate to Australia, I would like to go over to Sydney for a year on a W/H visa to get a feel for the lifestyle and the demands of living in Australia. I understand the conditions such as the $5,000 AUD needed for the W/H visa and the 6 months with one employer condition to this visa etc... I would like to get a good basis to eventually move to Oz so would like to study to obtain a personal training qualification whilst I'm in the country, I would like people's opinion on this? I would also like to stress that this is not some kind of "spur of the moment" decision and I am taking this seriously. I would also be going over alone or with a friend but that is undecided as of yet. I will miss home at times and know that it will be probably the hardest thing I will ever do but I think its about time I did something I'm truly passionate and enthusiastic about, and what better time to do it that whilst I'm young! Also, what is the case about staying in the country beyond the year? Is this possible and if so how? Any advice and comments would be more than welcome!


Thank you!

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I came over at 19 too. Back then you could only get a one year whv. You will have the option to do three months of approved regional work to get another years visa.


I had to leave at the end of my visa as at 20 I didn't have anywhere near the qualifications or years of work experience needed to stay.


It took me eight years to get back.


Do you have a job on the sol or csol?

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It will give you a good feel for the country and as blossom79 says you have the option of the 2nd year if you do the regional work.


However, you will probably find that doing a PT course in the country, won't give you the qualifications and experience to stay in the longer term so I would maybe talk to a Migration Agent about your options.

Remember as well, that any courses you do in Australia will have international fees which can be significantly higher.

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Study first then come. You could do a trade, or cooking which wouldn't take too long and you could do an apprenticeship so you could learn while you earn and if you pick right they are on the sponsorship list.

Take advantage of the free or reduced rate training at home, if you want to go to Aus for life another year or two will set you up and be nothing time wise.

Studyin out here would cost a fortune and isn't so easy visa wise.

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