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Credit for Migrants


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Guest The Pom Queen

Your UK credit rating doesn't count for anything once you are here. When you arrive the first step is to get everything for your 100 point ID check so go for your Medicare card and drivers license if eligible.

In regards to mobile phone contracts, its a tough one, some stores will sort you out no problem, others will refuse you. Many members have told them that they are self employed as they ask for no wage slips or anything only the income earned and an address/telephone number. You may be best just opting for a PAYG for now ass this still goes down on your file and helps them see that you are a responsible person.

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Still doing PAYG almost 4 years later!


Some people don't like Vodafone in Oz (well, a lot really!) but had no issues with them in Perth metro and your $ credit (as opposed to free minutes/texts) can be used for international calls.


Telstra has the best overall coverage for Australia as a whole but there is a bit of a cost premium as a result.


if you are planning on unlocking handsets it will be cheaper to get this done in the UK

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Can someone tell me if bad credit in Australia is the same as the uk? Even if you cleared your debt, does it still go against you for 6 years before your name is cleared?


No idea what happens in the UK, but here unpaid defaults are obviously worse than paid defaults, but having any type of default on your file is not a good look.


Pretty sure they hang around for at least 5 years, maybe longer.

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Details about any credit applications and unpaid debts remain on your credit report for 5 years. The more serious credit infringements, such as a payment default and associated failure to provide a creditor with your current contact details are kept for 7 years, as is information of bankruptcy.

More general information which is also included such as your current residential address and details of any addresses you have included in credit applications for the past 6 years.

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