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  1. abz123

    Climate Change, proof its happening now.

    Maybe we were just sleeping! The climate has been changing since the last ice age - does that make me a denier or a realist?
  2. abz123

    Bungalows in blighty?

    Bungalow has its origins way back in the 1670s, taken from the older Hindi bangla, meaning low, thatched house, then morphing into the Gujarati bangalo.
  3. Gillard's Welsh and Abbott's English...
  4. Given that PB has put the alternative use of the funds into context then he does have a point. Or why not use the money for Ebola research? How many MH370s equivalent are dying from this disease? i understand the feelings of loss and search for answers but they don't even know that they are searching in the right haystack. Hopefully the "needle" will be found, but if not, what's Plan B?
  5. So I was thinking earlier today that Christmas is just around the corner which makes it panto season, not that it seems to be done down here, and how some of the threads and characters on here could be mistaken for a panto. who do you reckon would play a good pantomime part? i nominate @Perthbum and @simmo for the front and back ends of the cow as I see them as a bit of a double act on here. Absolutely no suggestion that I think Simmo is an ar$e before anyone tries to put words in my mouth! :mad:
  6. abz123

    Hating People without knowing them

    Don't say that - you'll spoil my perceptions :err:
  7. abz123

    Hating People without knowing them

    I come on here less frequently than I did in the past and don't really have a strong affinity with anyone in particular but respect everyone's right to their views whether or not I agree with them. Noone is on the ignore list but I choose which threads to read very selectively and will move on if the topic/posts are not what makes me tick. No offence to anyone but the Perth meet up is not for me - I'd rather have my own picture of how people look and sound than have illusions "shattered". It's a bit like reading a good novel then seeing the Hollywood blockbuster that just doesn't measure up to your imagination.
  8. abz123

    Cunning linguists

    Let's not forget Tommy Cooper too: I went to Millets and said 'I want to buy a tent.' He said 'To camp?', I said (butchly) 'Sorry, I want to buy a tent.' I said 'I also want to buy a caravan.' He said 'Camper?' I said (camply) 'Make your mind up.'
  9. abz123

    Cunning linguists

    I remember one Benny Hill classroom sketch where Mustava Leik was asked to stay behind and fill up the ink wells but the Hill's Angels are the main thing that stick in my mind (for some unknown reason...)
  10. abz123

    Cunning linguists

    Do you enjoy a play on words or is not your thing? i think my favourite was the Two Ronnies four candles / fork handles sketch.
  11. Australia expands visas for wealthy individuals. All you need is $15m and PR is yours after a year: [h=1]http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-29611137[/h] No more sob stories about how difficult it is to get in or struggles to pass IELTS, please. Just cut back on the Christmas shopping this year and you'll be good to go (or come) :wink:
  12. abz123

    England v Scotland ............

    Just as well it's not the winning that matters, just taking part. Do you think it was the SFA who came up with that expression first? Hopefully it goes off trouble free.
  13. abz123

    HMAS Cerberus in lockdown - Bomb Scare

    I always thought Rob was a bit shady.... :laugh:
  14. I'm worried since I saw the article on how much of the world's cocoa crop is likely to be stuck due to border freezes
  15. abz123

    England v Scotland ............

    yeah, footie fans aren't the sharpest tools in the box, are they... And yeah, we're going to get humped