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Passport expiring, please advise!


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Hi Everybody,


Appreciate if you can shed some lights to me, thanks!


Here is the timeline:

1. Our 189 visa was granted in April 2013 (the visa was granted with my current passport)

2. As per the DIAC grant letter, our first entry to Australia should be before February 2014

3. We had scheduled a trip to Australia in October 2013 (to validate the visa, do some researches and have a holiday)

4. We plan to migrate to Australia in September 2014

5. My current passport (which I used for the PR application) will be expiring in January 2015

6. FYI, I am not the main applicant of the 189 visa. I am the spouse of the main applicant.


My questions are:

(1) Should I renew my passport now (though it's expiring in January 2015) before my validation trip (October 2013)? With such, should I and how I can inform the DIAC about the change of passport number (there will be a change of passport number if I renew here in my home country).

(2) If I am not renewing my passport now, but do it sometime in 2014 (before I migrate), then is there a problem with different passport numbers?


Much appreciate your advice!!!



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My sons passport expired this year. We got a new one, informed DIAC of the new passport number and received an e-mail say thanks. I wouldn't change it now, but I would change it 6 months before it expires. I don't see a problem at all

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