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  1. SSSF

    Parent Visa

    Hi VERSTORMY, I am currently staying in Hong Kong. I will move to Australia in this year. I have 2 brothers, who are living in Hong Kong. I tried the balance of family test, and it seems that I have failed because i am the 1 out of 3 children of my father who lives in Australia. However, my situation is that, I am truly the only one who can take care of my father, hence I wonder is there any other means that I can achieve that (for example, having a legal declaration on this situation etc.). And there are a number of parent visa as i can see from the site https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Brin/Pare, i wonder which one is more suitable to my situation, if I am eligible for the application. Would appreciate your advice, thanks!
  2. SSSF

    Parent Visa

    Hi All, My situation is that I am on a subclass 189 visa (granted). My question is that, can I apply a parent visa for my aged father, and if so, how do i kick start the process? Please shed some lights to me, many thanks to your advice in advance. Regards, SSSF
  3. Hi All, I have a question to seek your advice. My family and I were granted the subclass 189 visa in February 2013, and it will be expiring in Feb 2018. We have validated the visa in October 2013 as part of our vacation trip to Australia, and since then we visited Australia every year, and we have finally purchased a house in March 2015. However, other than these events, we have not relocated to Australia for good. We are still living in elsewhere outside Australia because of some family matters. Would like to consult you that - with the situation as described above, please advise if our visas can be extended for another couple of years (for example 2? or 5? or cannot anyway). Thanks.
  4. We are thinking to send our kids to the caption school. Can anyone share your experiences about it? e.g. the environment, the transportation, the program, the atmosphere etc... thanks much! We are Catholics, when compared to the public school, do you think sending kids to a Catholic school is better, re the all-rounded development of the kids? Thanks! SSSF
  5. Hi Everybody, Appreciate if you can shed some lights to me, thanks! Here is the timeline: 1. Our 189 visa was granted in April 2013 (the visa was granted with my current passport) 2. As per the DIAC grant letter, our first entry to Australia should be before February 2014 3. We had scheduled a trip to Australia in October 2013 (to validate the visa, do some researches and have a holiday) 4. We plan to migrate to Australia in September 2014 5. My current passport (which I used for the PR application) will be expiring in January 2015 6. FYI, I am not the main applicant of the 189 visa. I am the spouse of the main applicant. My questions are: (1) Should I renew my passport now (though it's expiring in January 2015) before my validation trip (October 2013)? With such, should I and how I can inform the DIAC about the change of passport number (there will be a change of passport number if I renew here in my home country). (2) If I am not renewing my passport now, but do it sometime in 2014 (before I migrate), then is there a problem with different passport numbers? Much appreciate your advice!!! SSSF
  6. Hi All, Glad to let you know that our 189 visa is granted. We are planning to visit Melbourne in late 2013 or early 2014 in order to validate our visa (visa will be expired in February 2014 while we plan to relocate at the earliest August 2014), and at the same time, to have a preliminary feeling of the environment, have some researches on properties, job and school for the kids. Do you think Christmas 2013 is a good timing? Reason behind is that we are not sure if there will be long holiday in Oz during that time such that we cannot have much information seek, e.g. properties, banking and medicare etc. If Christmas is not a good timing, how about January 2014? Which timing is better you think? One more question - what do you think we should do when we have this validation trip? (e.g. opening bank account? arrange medicare? applying the driving licences?) Hope someone in this forum can shed some lights to us. Thanks a lot! SSSF
  7. Hi, Around 30 days. For my case i preliaded medi and did my pcc only afrer a co was assigned and when he asked for it. SSSF
  8. SSSF

    Case Officer Questions

    Hi James, We resubmitted all the relevant employment reference letters together with the Vetassess assessment result. SSSF
  9. SSSF

    I m So Thanks ful to Everyone here ....VISA GRANTED ..

    Congrats on the grant SSSF
  10. Just want to know does any one need a letter/email in order to request the PCC locally. We live in Hong Kong, the HK police asked us to provide a letter/email from the CO in order to book the PCC appointment. With such, i believe we need to wait for the CO to be assigned? Thoughts to share? Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk 2
  11. Hi Lebourbellec, Thanks very much for your helpful reply. Yes you are right that i had put my father down as a non-migrating dependent, as he doesn't want to migrate with us. I am not sure if I had filled in the form incorrectly that's why these evidence were requested. With such, can I check the submitted form and correct the information as necessary? How should I do that? Is that what you meant by filling in the 1023 form to correct it? Sorry I have lots of questions but really appreciate your advice. Thanks again. regards, SSSF
  12. Hi all, I have submittef the application on 30th and on the Sam day, I received an email from DIAC requesting quite a lot of information, most of them I can manage but have a few questions want your help please: 1. DIAC asked for PCC and medical check, from some other threads I learnt that these are requested once a case officer is assigned. Is my case too early? Should I arrange the PCC and medi now? 2. Is every supporting, including PCC and medi has to be submitted within 28 day? In my case, 28 days from 30 Dec 2012? 3. I am not claiming my OH's skills, why DIAC is asking my OH's skill assessment? 4. My girls are 4 and 1.5, but DIAC is asking for the proof of their language ability, is that normal? 5. I am not applying my father in the same visa, just provided info when I filled in the form, now they asked his checks, is this normal? 6. If for the irrelevant supporting, should I just skip or write DIAC an email to clarify? But I don't have a case officer yet. Many thanks. SSSF
  13. Hi All, I am sure someone had touched base on this, but can you please help me to understand the process more? Assuming the following on a subclass 189 application: - Police and medical check done in Feb 2013 - Visa being granted in May 2013 My questions are: 1. What is the latest time frame that I should visit Oz to validate my visa? Is it within 1 year since the medic is done? 2. How long should I stay in Oz before I can become a citizen? 3. I heard that one with PR is required to stay 4 years out of 5, attempt the test become one can become a citizen. My questions is do I need to stay 4 years within the 5 years since the visa is granted (i.e. stay 4 years during the period May 2013 to April 2018)? Or I just need to 'activate' the stay within the 5 years (i.e. I can start to move to Oz for good in April 2018 and stay there for 4 years since April 2018)? 4. If I want to fulfill the requirements and become a citizen in the future, when will be the latest time frame that I need to move and stay (for good) in Oz? I am quite confused re the above, many thanks for your help.
  14. SSSF

    189 Invitation on 15th November Gang

    Hi! We've got an invite last night too... Yes, keep posting and updating here!