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Car - To buy or not to buy, that is the question...


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sold our car a few months back for "plane ticket money":biglaugh:


Ok, so now that has been swallowed up by life, I realised that to get the car I want (need???) in Oz I will have to sell one of the kids, not an option apparently....:rolleyes:


Should I buy a car here, use it until we leave at xmas, then ship it over after a year has lapsed? is it really worth the hassle? how much does it cost to ship a car across anyway, and do you pay any taxes when it arrives? any help or pointers much appreciated.





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Unless you are planning to buy something really expensive or special I doubt the costs involved in shipping the car would be worth it anyway. I think there is a sticky about it in the Transport and Shipping section that probably has more info.

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(I would aim to own it for a year before shipping)


From what i can understand you have to not just own it but have proof of using it for 12 months ie: tax insurance in your name etc so you will have to be in uk for the whole time.... I hope i am wrong as we were thinking of doing the same thing....

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taken from the Ironchefs sticky in the transport section:


Criteria, ownership of the vehicle

Applicants must satisfy each of the following ownership requirements. You must:

• own the vehicle when submitting the application; and

• have acquired ownership of the vehicle from overseas; and

• have owned the vehicle while overseas; and

• have owned the vehicle for a continuous period of at least 12 months. This is the “qualifying period”.

The qualifying period must have occurred immediately before you (permanently) arrived in Australia.


Criteria, use of the vehicle

The vehicle must have been available to you for use in transport. This means that the vehicle must have been available to be driven by you, at all times during the 12 month qualifying period. The vehicle should be registered (in your name) and garaged (proximate to your residence) throughout the 12 month qualifying period, so that you could, if needed, drive the vehicle. In addition, you must have held an appropriate licence to drive the vehicle overseas.



here is the complete article:



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