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  1. Hi Ben, thanks for the response. So I'm assuming you guys with newly acquired PR status didn't get the parental pay when you had your baby? Which sucks if that's the case. I'm abit overwhelmed by all of this. I called Centrelink and the lady there said to apply regardless as applications decided on a case by case basis, which confused me even more.
  2. Hi, Im driving myself mad trying to find an answer to this problem. Myself and my partner have been in Australia since January 2017. On 457 visa for roughly 3 years and awaiting PR to be granted. My question is: If I were to get pregnant am I still subject to 2 year waiting period for paid parental leave? I called centrelink and she said to just apply when the time comes as cases are assessed case by case. This doesn't really give any clarity. Has anyone been in this situation? Appied for the 18 weeks and discovered they were eligible for payment? ANyone post 2019 as this is when the rules changed I think. The wording is newly arrived resident- we are not newly arrived as we have been here for a few years, working and paying taxes etc. To me the wording is so ambiguous! Many thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the Parental Leave entitlements? Awaiting PR and been on a 457 for 3 years- am I subject to the 2 year waiting period. Finding it really difficult to get a clear answer on this. For those of you who applied- were you eligible after all? Many thanks!