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Found 40 results

  1. Hazel Murray

    Medicare (RHCA) pregnancy

    Hi all! Sorry if this has been asked before. We are moving to Australia in 6 months (I am on Visa 461 and my partner is a NZer on visa 444). We are not pregnant yet but are trying. My question is whether I can enter Australia pregnant and register for medicare. (As I understand it I am eligible for medicare under the RHCA). I am also having trouble finding out what kind of maternity cover I get under RHCA. I may take out private cover but I want to know exactly what I am currently covered for. (Plus I know there is often a 12 month waiting period before you are able to claim). If anyone else has given birth using RHCA cover please share your experience. Thank you,
  2. Hi, Im driving myself mad trying to find an answer to this problem. Myself and my partner have been in Australia since January 2017. On 457 visa for roughly 3 years and awaiting PR to be granted. My question is: If I were to get pregnant am I still subject to 2 year waiting period for paid parental leave? I called centrelink and she said to just apply when the time comes as cases are assessed case by case. This doesn't really give any clarity. Has anyone been in this situation? Appied for the 18 weeks and discovered they were eligible for payment? ANyone post 2019 as this is when the rules changed I think. The wording is newly arrived resident- we are not newly arrived as we have been here for a few years, working and paying taxes etc. To me the wording is so ambiguous! Many thanks!
  3. In a panic! Had an invite from NSW to apply for 190 state sponsorship. I am claiming 10 points for 6.5 years work experience in my skilled profession. But....its just occurred to me. I have had maternity leave in this time and dropped from 37.5 hours a week to 22 hours a week. Will this still count?? Help, I'm in a right panic now!!
  4. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me please! I'm currently on a 457 visa but have started the process with my employer to apply for Permanent Residency. I'm married to an Australian Citizen and having our 1st baby in September 2017. I'm not entitled to Paid Parental Leave from the government whilst on a 457 visa and my permanent residency will not be granted before the baby is born. You can however claim paid parental leave up until the child is 52 weeks old. My question is, can I apply for paid parental leave within that 52 week period if my PR visa is granted even though I was on a 457 when the child was born? Any help or advice is much appreciated :-) Nicole
  5. I've searched high and low on the Immi site and I think I've found my answers, I just can't find specifically whether these things conflict with each other! Can anyone help. My situation by August will be this: I will have been in Australia for 4 years working with the same employer. I have been on 187 for 14 months I will be having a baby in August I want to apply for Citizenship in September Then potentially leave my job - to become freelance and work part time for them and some other companies at my own pace Obviously there's the 187 rules around me needing to be there for 24 months usually, is maternity allowed to be taken in this time? Then are you allowed to apply for citizenship whilst still in your 2 years (I'll have filled the Citizenship criteria of being here 4 years and being PR for 12 months) - i.e does the citizenship rules override the 187, or does 187 affect your ability to apply for citizenship? Can't find this information anywhere!!
  6. watson150

    Maternity Leave??

    Hi there! wondered if you could help me? I moved here in 2008 on a 457 working visa. I am still on a 457 visa even though September last year I got married, to an Australian citizen. However, we are looking at starting a family soon and I wondered if I would get any maternity leave from my employer? In my understanding, the government will pay 13wks maternity leave, which is paid to the employer, who passes this on in my monthly salary and my employer contributes the difference between what the government give and what I normally take home. But not being a permanent resident means there is no government paid maternity leave, does my employer still have to pay me? i know I have been paying my taxes etc in this country for 6years now and I understand and have no problems not receiving anything from the government, but as an employee, am I eligible for anything? any advice greatly received
  7. Hi, I am currently on a 457 visa with my husband and have been living and working in Oz for over 2 years. We are looking to start a family soon but I've heard there are no family benefits for people on a 457 visa. Does anyone know if I have a baby whilst on a 457 visa and then apply for perm residency, would I be able claim maternity pay for the child if I am not working. Wasn't sure if you could claim after child was born. Also if I become pregnant whilst in process of applying forperm residency, does this effect our application at all? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. mummyslatts

    Having a baby in Australia, Brisbane

    Hi, We are going to be moving to Brisbane for a two year secondment in May. I will be 7 months pregnant when we move (are we mad?!) and am trying to find out what we will need to do to have the baby in Australia. I'm not sure yet what visa we'll be on but I think I will be on my partners 475 (2 year work permit?), I'll be on maternity leave at the time of moving. We understand from the company that unlike in the UK, private health insurance is not included as a benefit with the job. We understand that there is Medicare - would this cover having a baby? How do we register? Also, what is the provision like? I have some Australian friends here who say they all have private health care in Australia and wouldn't have a baby under Medicare (surely it can't be worse than NHS maternity provision?), any idea what the costs of private health care, or the cost of having a baby in the private system would be? Also, how would I register in the health care system on arrival. Very anxious about stepping into such unknown territory so close to a due date (with a toddler in tow already) Any advice very warmly welcomed! Thanks Andrea
  9. My wife is 6 months pregnant and we are living and working in Oz. She is on my 457 visa as a spouse and is working for an Australian employer. My understanding is that because I'm on a temporary visa, we won't qualify for any Australian government support. Will we receive any support from the UK government? We both worked for years in the UK before moving out here and have therefore paid plenty in National Insurance over the years. I am still on the books of my UK employer, but have not paid any UK National Insurance for a couple of years as I am paid by our Australian office.
  10. Hi there, We will be moving to/back to Australia on a permanent visa in December this year. It has turned out that I will be about 7 months pregnant then so won't be working once I get to oz. Having looked at the Centrelink info it looks like we would probably be entitled to the baby bonus. The maternity payment looks like an even better (v good) alternative at $541,per week for 18 weeks. The only problem is, all of my work to meet the "work test" (ie worked at least 10 of of the last 13 months) will be in the UK. I was wondering if anyone else has been in this position, having worked all or part of the qualifying time abroad, and if so whether they were still eligible in the end. I can't find anything about this online at all, only references to being an Australian permanent resident and planning to stay. Thanks, Sarah
  11. Guest

    Maternity entitlements

    Hi everyone, I'm in the very early planning stages of emigrating so have lots and lots to think about. My partner and I are in our late 20's and both work for the emergency services in Manchester UK (Paramedic and Firefighter). I have managed to find out alot about the whole process online and speaking to a contact in Perth. Our dilemma though is regarding children. Do we start a family in the UK or wait till OZ?? I apprecaite this is a very personal dilemma and only we can decide when the best time is to have a child. Does anybody have any information regarding maternity leave/benefits? As this may influence our decision? As they say my clock is ticking! Given that we will probably be emigrating on my profession (Paramedic) I cant really go on maternity leave soon after starting a new job in a new country. Also asuming i can sponsorship how long does the process take? Any information is very much appreciated Thanks CJA :biggrin:
  12. Rather complicated situation and I'm hoping someone here can help or point me in the right direction to find help. It's a long story (sorry :biggrin:).... I'm a kiwi/brit who entered on a special category visa (temporary visa that allows me to live, work indefinitely). I moved to Melbourne in mid December with my baby daughter (parter due to arrive at the end of the month after lengthy delays). When I moved over I was still employed and on maternity leave with my UK employer - this is due to end in June. My employer is a global media company that is an umbrella for various companies throughout the world. I informed them of my intentions to leave the country a few weeks before I left and we discussed the possiblity of me transferring to a Melbourne office. I also submitted a work proposal of duties I could perform for them from Australia working remotely from however this was rejected - I was suprised however let it go as was sure I'd get something over here (btw - I work in software development so this was definitely do-able technology-wise). So, I approached the 'sister' company in Melbourne but they also had no available roles (only looking for part-time). The reason why I am so keen to continue working for them (the job isn't that great!) is that I received additional maternity pay (on top of statutory pay) in the region of 7k GBP. In my contract it stipulates that if I do not return to work after my maternity leave ends and work for them for a further 6 months I must pay back the additional maternity pay. That's obviousy a great deal of money to pay back so I would rather work for them for 6 months and then resign. However, as I am no longer in the UK I can't return to the office I worked at, and they have no role for me in Melbourne either. My question is - can they chase me through the legal system over here to get their money, given that it is a global company?....or can they only threaten me via the UK legal system? I don't have that kind of money to just hand over - long gone with the expenses of moving etc - and it's they who rejected my reasonable work proposal. Can anyone advise?
  13. Eddie2010

    Maternity Leave in last 4 years?

    Hi, Does anyone know if having maternity leave breaks in employment will cause issues with CO? Basically I have worked for 12 years for one company for my nominated occupation, but had 3 lots of maternity leave . I came back to work Sep 2008 after my last maternity leave and applied for 175 in Dec 2010 - so the last maternity leave was within the last 3 out of 4 years employment?!! Does this mean I will not get my visa granted?? Please help - very worried now ;0( Thank you
  14. I am a doctor from India who wish to work in Australia. I want to apply for a job which needs 3 years of experience and I have 2 years and 10 months experience and on paid maternity leave for 6 months afterwards. I'm returning to work next month. (All together more than 3 years if I include paid maternity leave as work experience.) Will I be able to apply for that job? Is paid maternity leave considered as a career gap? Do I have to include maternity leave in my cv or can I just leave it out? Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Siva
  15. Gaza

    Maternity leave?

    Hi, Im 39, an electrician, and have I think 115 points so far. The wife is 31 and a secondary school teacher, however, she has been on maternity leave for the last 3 years and we have another child due any day now so will be on maternity for at least another 1-2(all being well). we have applied to get her trade recognised but I think I cant get the extra 5 points i need because o/h is not working at present. is that correct? is there anyway I can still claim the points as she is on maternity leave? any help would be appreciated, other than that I think its back to the state sponsership route! Thanks Gary
  16. My wife and I moved to Melbourne almost 1 year ago and we would like to start a family. However, we are unsure about what maternity benefits we would be entitled, if any. I know that my wife will not get paid maternity leave but will be entitled to up to 12 months of unpaid leave. We are aware that there is a proposal to bring in 18 weeks paid maternity leave as standard at the minimum pay level, something like 500 per week. We understand that this is likely to come into affect sometime in 2011. What we don't know is: - are we entitled to this because we are not residents? - are we entitled to the government's 5-6,000 baby bonus (now paid in installments)? - are there other benefits which we are not entitled to because we are non-residents? Has anyone any experience with this issue? If so, what would you recommend? Is it worth applying for residency and will this mean giving up the LAFHA? Thanks in advance! J
  17. Ok, first the background, I am here on a 457 and am looking for the quickest way to obtain PR for my family. I currently looking for some specific advice on whether my wife would qualify for 886 sponsorship as we feel it may be a possibility with her current employer. My wife is a teacher who has been employed full time here since February at a private school. Her prior teaching experience is comprised of 1 year full time work followed by a break of 9 months maternity leave returning for 3 days per week for 18 months after which she left to become a private A-level tutor for 10 hours per week for the 2 years immediately prior to coming to Australia. She will need 3 years experience to qualify for sponsorship and we are assuming that part time work contributes to the 'full time' work experience in a pro rata sense - please correct me if i am wrong! We have also assumed that the private tutoring would be difficult to 'document' given the number of students and general lack of employment documentation relating to it, so we cannot count this. My first question (and i'm sorry if it seems dumb, it feels dumb but i need to ask it anyway as employment law is sometimes a bit crackers): Does the period of maternity leave still count as continuous employment and therefore as 'experience'? My second question is how can we make it easy on her employer to act as sponsor. If for example, we employ agents for our/my wife's side of the application, would it be practical/permissible to engage the agents to process the employers side of the nomination also? Many thanks for any advice.
  18. Guest

    Maternity Pay

    Hi All, Does anyone know how long you have to be working in Oz to get maternity benefit and how much it is? I heard you have to be over a year before you got it?:daydreaming:
  19. Smiler

    Maternity leave

    Hi I just wanted to look ahead for the future as my hubby and I are planning for a baby. I am on the temp spouse visa (2 years on this visa will be Oct 2011) and am working for a company that has maternity leave. Does anyone know if I am entitled to maternity leave if I am still on the temp spouse visa? Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  20. Hi Everybody Can Gill or George or one of the gurus on this site please take a look at the following scenario and advise if my wife qualifies for the 10 points given for 'specific work experience'. My wife is an accountant (been assessed all OK) and has been working full time since she graduated in 1996 ie 40 hours per week. In 2007 she took 4 months maternity leave, from 1st September to 31st December 2007. She remained employed by the company on maternity pay. She took another position with the company still as an accountant but in another division and worked shorter hours, 25 hours per week from 1st Jan 2008. In 2009 she took 4 months maternity leave from 1st September to 31st December 2009. She remained employed by the company on maternity pay. She worked a notice period for January 2010 and left the company on 31st January 2010. She never broke service with the company. My question is: Does she still qualify for the 10 points as she has been out of work for 8 months of the past 4 years?:confused: We will be lodging during March 2010 after IELTS tests to get onto CSL. I do have an agent but would like a second opinion while I stew away until Monday when I can talk to her as she is doubting we get the 10 points? If anyone can provide advice from experience then that would be great.:smile: Thanks
  21. Guest

    Maternity entitlements??

    Hi, We have recently moved to Melbourne and I have got a 1 year contract in a Government school rolling on after the 1 year to a permanent contract (all being well). We were hoping to start a family soon and I was wondering if anyone knew if I would be entitled to maternity pay/leave and how much it is? Any advice gratefully accepted Maz and Nick
  22. Guest

    Maternity Pay

    We are in the early stages of looking into a move to Oz & if we do, it wouldn'tt be for a few years. So we hadn't plannedon adding to our family for a while yet but wondered what sort of leave & pay you get in Oz nd/or would it be easier to have baby here first?? Thanks!
  23. Guest

    Pregnancy & Maternity

    We are in the early stages of looking into a move to Oz & if we do, it wouldn'tt be for a few years. So we hadn't plannedon adding to our family for a while yet but wondered what sort of leave & pay you get in Oz nd/or would it be easier to have baby here first?? Thanks!
  24. I have few unclear questions regarding moving to Oz and pregnancy. Currently I have a full time job in UK (I am not a main applicant) and we are planning to move to Oz later this year. So if we are pregnant and willing to have a baby in Oz: 1) Can I take a maternity leave in my current UK job and is there any timeline “how early” I can take it? Can I take it when I am 5-6 month pregnant (due to fact that most of airlines will not allow to fly at later stage) and go to Oz and get 6 weeks full UK maternity pay and then 400 a month in benefits (for 9 month or so). Is this actually allowed - not leaving job at this stage, but only when I need to come back to work from maternity leave? 2) If above is not allowed and I must leave my job and go to Oz on 176 SS visa – once I will have baby there – will I be entitled to any benefits? Obviously I would not have any work experience in Oz (so, I would not have contributed by paying any taxes), so not sure if I could receive any maternity benefits? If yes for how long and how much? I know – for some this all will sound “doggy”, but I have been paying taxes in UK, so would like to know, if there is any maternity benefits while I would be off.:notworthy:
  25. Guest

    Maternity Question

    Dear all, I am 3 months pregnant and we are hoping (if 175 CSL visa ever arrives) to move to Oz in August. My concerns are around maternity care - as PRs will I have a right to maternity care on Medicare? How much will I have to pay? Is it better to have private healthcare as soon as we arrive? Also, I had to have a planned C-Section with my first daughter and this may be the same with this pregnancy. Will I be able to request a section in Oz? Sorry for all the questions, but if anyone has been in this situation or can help I would really appreciate it - the move is stressful enough and having lots of pregnancy questions isn't helping!!! Thanks Sarah