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  1. Hi MD, in short you can’t get anything in terms of the parental pay and have to wait for the two year period to expire from our experience. Center link will confirm this. There is a means tested subsidy that you might be eligible for which is the part b. The only thing you will get is a nice baby hamper bag with bits for the Bub at the hospital.
  2. Thanks AJ. It’s good to know. I
  3. Hey, So we rang Centre link and they put us in touch with Human services. Essentially they said it depends on your visa (still a little confusing, we are a subclass 186). They weren’t actually aware of the new law, they told us that nearly arriving residents are for people only just arriving in the country now (we have been here on a 457 for almost 4years before getting PR). They also said you can apply online for everything, but the only thing you need is the CRM code (centre link record membership) which you need to go to Centrelink to get They said we could apply for the following: 1. Paid parental leave 2. Partner pay 3. Family tax benefit (package you receive after the baby is born, so if not eligible they will back pay when you are - you only have to wait one year if you don’t receive any benefits). We were told to apply for part A. You can apply for the above benefits 3 months before baby is born (all online). So you will know for certain then. With the CRM you need the following to show Centrelink: 1. Passport 2. Visa papers 3. Bank acc details Who they put us in touch with: human services.gov.au Although I still feel like it could swing both ways, however fingers cross it doesn’t apply. Ben
  4. @boo-yaa Apparently the the best thing to do is go to centre link and they will put you through to their hotline (don’t call yourself you never get through) and they will take you through it. Although this is all through a friends friend who is in the same situation. I just want to find the document to reference and confirm. Ben
  5. Hi, My partner and I are due to have a baby in November (v.excited) and we were granted PR in February 2019, having been here for 4.5 years. We have recently discovered that there is a waiting period for getting child subsidies such as paternity pay (2 years from date of getting PR). One of our friends suggested there is a clause though if you have a child in Aus when parents have PR, as the child is then a Australian citizen from birth and therefore classed as an Australian dependant. Does anyone one know anything about this and where can I find this clause information online, really hoping we can still can get some support from the government. Thanks in advanced. Ben
  6. Ben

    Bridging visa B

    Hi, I'm awaiting for my PR to come, and the visa I applied from was a 457 to a 187 (business sponsored visa). I would like to go on holiday, however I will be on my bridging visa A at this point and would like to know what the chances of getting granted a bridging visa B and can you get this until your PR arrives so you can leave the country on multiple occasions. Thanks in advance. Ben
  7. Thank you all for your reply's, much appreciated!
  8. Hi, Really struggling to find information on this, basically we would like to launch our application, however we are not sure if we can lodge our application before my partner has completed her ILTS test to prove her English proficiency . Or can we add this evidence post lodging of our application. Any help would really appreciated. Thanks Ben
  9. Hi, Can anyone let me know how difficult it is to apply WITHOUT AN AGENT for the subclass PR visa from 457. My employer will sponsor me. The cost is an additional $4000 using an agent and my employer aren't paying so trying to keep the costs down. Any advice much appreciated, any links to documents needed. I have checked out the government website (homeaffairs.gov.au) but found it a little confusing, Thanks, Ben