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    Citizenship by descent

    HI everyone, I hope you all doing well and staying safe. I have a question regarding Australian citizenship by descent. We have applied since mid September 2020 for our daughter and haven’t heard anything back. Has anyone have heard anything or had applied recently? What documents did you submit? We provided all what was asked on immi account, do we need to submit anything else? thank you
  2. Hi sponsor needs to submit his own application, it can be done either from your immi account or sponsor can make his own! When you go to new application there is form 40sp sponsorship for partner to migrate to Australia done
  3. I have updated my application twice since lodging it and it still stays last updated 30/05 although I submitted my application week before that and last time I added something was our police checks couple of days ago. Also regarding kids, our daughter is not part of my application, we initially wanted to get her citizenship and passport is Aus but decided to do it here in next couple of months. Only thing I’m unsure about is she has Latvian citizenship and passport already, but she was born here in uk and my partner is UK/Aus dual citizen. I guess just what I’m worried about is if she already had uk citizenship? Although we haven’t applied for it nor she has a uk passport! But both Aus and Latvia is allowing dual citizenship, I just hope we won’t need to go trough extra paperwork
  4. mine also says family stage, so that’s for everyone! And also sitting on received, last updated I understand means when someone last looked trough your information or did something with it, i don’t know if case officer downloads it or what but that’s what I understand it means
  5. Hi mine says received and it’s been like that a week later since we applied for visa. Sponsors is still submitted and hasn’t changed since the date we submitted his application. Unsure if us doing our daughters citizenship by descent next month will speed up my visa process or not!
  6. That’s horrible, knowing that you have t done anything wrong at all and especially using an agent. Hope it will be sorted out soon for you! We are in the same pot we just want some family around, here we have just friends but since our daughter was born and none of our friends have kids our priority is her and we can’t go for a pint everyday so apart from work and home mainly we feel a bit lonely
  7. I’m sorry to hear this, can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be and not knowing if and when it will be sorted out! May I ask what happened? I’m new to this forum! Me and my Aussie partner are two of us with baby girl here in London and I know how hard it is when it’s just you and no family to help out or support! Keep strong
  8. Well I hope you will be able to do so soon!!! I saw some people sent email saying they have front loaded they application in full, so immi would have a look at it and some were granted visa soon after that
  9. @moominfillyjonk HI! They send automatic email after a year of lodging your application! I really hope to get my visa before it hits one year mark