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Found 6 results

  1. Agnese

    Citizenship by descent

    HI everyone, I hope you all doing well and staying safe. I have a question regarding Australian citizenship by descent. We have applied since mid September 2020 for our daughter and haven’t heard anything back. Has anyone have heard anything or had applied recently? What documents did you submit? We provided all what was asked on immi account, do we need to submit anything else? thank you
  2. LauraHol89

    189 & Current points required

    Hi everyone, So I fall in to the same boat as most, waiting for an invite after submitting an EOI for a 189 visa. I am defacto on my partners application and he is a Diesel Mechanic. We have 65 points and I can see that people under 70 points haven't been getting invited since last year; so that's disheartening! Anyway, the point of my post is to ask, is there any chance we would never get an invite at all?? Or is it just a case of waiting and eventually we will be invited ... just later down the line. I suppose I am just looking for some reassurance. Any comment is appreciated! Laura x
  3. Anyone out there approved for citizenship and waiting on the ceremony? What area and how long have you been waiting? My approval was granted on the 18th July (initial application went into the Sydney CBD office on the 4th June) and the ceremony location was put down for Leichhardt Municipality...
  4. Hi there, My name's Jess - I'm new to forums so hoping I've posted correctly...... I am 26 years old and have been living in Oz for over a year on a working holiday visa (subclass 417 - now on the 2nd year after jumping through the specified regional work hoops). I moved over from the UK after meeting my Australian fiance on a holiday here; we are getting married on 15th June this year so very happy indeed. Problem is - when I started the application for a partner visa the government website said the processing time was up to 6 months for the visa. I have recently discovered that this time-frame has jumped up to an official waiting time of 13-15 months! I understand that I will be granted a bridging visa from the time that my current visa expires (April 14') to whenever I get the partner visa results. Trouble is that my partner and I are planning to go travelling for a year starting next February (8 months away). I am launching my Visa application between 15-30th June so that gives me 7 ish' months before we set off. The visa application will be launched in Australia so I must be in Australia to receive the visa results - causing big problems for our travel plans (We are doing voluntary work in spinal rehab centres and hospitals in Nepal, India and other countries in Central Asia before travelling overland to Europe and then on to Africa). Our plans for travel and volunteering are so big, expensive and set in concrete that my visa issues have really put a spanner in the works. I have been told that if I have to leave Oz before my visa is granted I can get a Bridging Visa B - allowing me to leave the country and return within a set time frame. I have read extensively about Visa conditions, waiting times etc but there are two questions that I can't get an answer for: 1) If I submit a complete, accurate and full application in person is there a chance that my visa will take less than the estimated average time considering that I am from a low risk country? (This is a question more for people with recent experiences and I understand that I can't rely on answers as fact) 2) If worst comes to worst and my visa hasn't been granted before we start our travels - How exactly does a Bridging Visa B work? If they can't tell me when my visa will be decided upon - how do I know when I have to be back in the country by? Do they send me notification that I have to go back to Oz within x amount of days to receive the verdict? Question 2 is the one I really could do with some advice on. If anyone has any experiences or advice it would be so welcome. Apologies for the long post and thanks in advance ​Jess
  5. Guest

    8 months and still counting :/

    hi alll , i have not been on this forum for a very very long time now as i had filled out paid for and submitted my defacto visa (820) just over 8 months ago now ( about 8 months and 1 week to me exact) but im still waiting :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: i was told it would be 6-8 months and we applied onshore but should it be any longer ? ive had no contact what so ever, i keep checking my status online and it says im on a bridging still anyone currently waiting and for how long ? i lodged my about the 28th of June 2011 and is there a number i can ring to find out whats happening ? unfortunately my partner misplaced my receipt letter they gave us( we handed it in in person ) so right now i cant get my medicare card ( thanks ed lol) but im hoping i dont immediately need that to find out the progress........ ANY help or input would be much appreciated thanks :yes:
  6. Guest

    Help! Tell me it's not true!!!

    As a parent applying on a Contributory Visa I’ve just come across this great Forum. However, I was shocked to read (under a thread started by Helen about the TV prog “Wanted Down Under") that she's still waiting to hear when she can go to Oz even though her Police checks and Health checks were done way back in August 2008. Please, please will someone tell me it's not true that even when you’ve completed everything you have to wait another 6 months!!!! My situation is:- Submitted application August 2008. Waited 16 months and at last allocated a case worker on 17th December 2009 with a letter saying I had 28 days (standard I assume) to supply further info. However, the very day on the 18th Dec I got an email saying my case officer was now away on holiday until 11 Jan 2010. Despite this have done Form 80, got Medicals and Xrays done yesterday and am now just waiting for Police Certs then I will send it all to PVC. But this is where I'm thrown. Is it right that when I send these items to the Parent Visa Centre in Perth, even if everything is OK the waiting will start all over again???? If so I’m genuinely shocked as I thought once these last things were done I'd be able to go out immediately – pretty much by March 2010 latest.. Help me please – can someone shed some light on this? BIT OF INTERESTING HISTORY ABOUT CONTRIBUTORY VISAS…. My brother and his wife changed and went to once of the first Contributory Visas over 4 years ago. Everything went really quickly from then on and even with some health check problems they were into Perth within 6 months. It didn’t cost them a lot then either. Today the fees are going up and up and the wait is getting longer and longer.