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  1. Kayleighjx

    Visa Medical

    Thank you!! I’m a mature student (33) but I am fit and healthy so suppose I’ll have to wait and see or pray that we travel before July
  2. Kayleighjx

    Visa Medical

    Thank you. So do you think if I deferred in say June and applied for the new visa it would still be valid?
  3. Kayleighjx

    Visa Medical

    Hi all just looking for some clarity. I got my medical for a student visa in July 2020 as I due to start my course in January 2021. I then had to defer the intake to July 2021 and was issued a new visa. If I have to defer again to January 2022 and apply for a new visa will this medical still be valid or will I need a new medical? How long does the medical last for? Thanks in advance for any response
  4. Kayleighjx

    Coronavirus and Temporary Visa holders

    Thanks everyone.
  5. Kayleighjx

    Coronavirus and Temporary Visa holders

    Anybody know when student 500 visa holders will be allowed to enter? Course start date should be January 2021. Thanks
  6. Kayleighjx

    School place before arrival

    Thank you both for your help I have contacted Queensland DoE so hopefully they can help.
  7. Kayleighjx

    School place before arrival

    Thank you for responding. The list of the requirements to apply for the student visa says “Evidence of enrolment of an accompanying dependent child 5 to 18 years of age at an Australian school. If any family unit members are 5 to 17 years of age (inclusive) and will live with the applicant in Australia, documentation confirming their enrolment in an Australian school.”
  8. Kayleighjx

    School place before arrival

    Hi all I have just been offered a place at Tafe to study early childhood education. I will be taking my partner and 2 young children, one of which will be due to start school in January. Looking at the requirements for the student visa it says that I need to have my child enrolled in a school. After contacting the local school in Australia they can’t offer me a place till we have a residential address in the catchment area. Has anybody else experienced this? Is there some way around it? Thank you x