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  1. miaeu

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi all, we finaly got today our golden email! Thank you all guys for help and every piece of advice. I wish all the best to everyone waiting! It's a matter of time and you will get your visa too. Here is my timeline: Visa: 186 DE Nomination and Visa applied: 11 Feb 2020 Nomination Approved: 28 Jul 2020 S56 Req: 28 Jul 2020 ( medical examinations, confirmation from Employer that they support aplication of the other applicant, de facto relationship proof - Submitted 16 Aug 2020 State: NSW Onshore: Yes No. of applicants: 2 Role: Mechanical Engineer Medicals Completed: 17 Sep 2020 Visa Status: Granted 24 Sep 2020
  2. miaeu

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Just to let you all know. We got the nomination approval and s56 yesterday. Occupation: Mechanical Engineer. I'll create and show you my whole timeline tomorrow. Basically, we applied for nomination in March and for visa in February.
  3. miaeu

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi, I've submitted my visa application for 186 DE on 11 February. The status is still received but I'm concerned about the information: action required - organise health examination (see snapshot). Should I do examinations now or is it better to wait for nomination approval? I'm just thinking that maybe they didn't open my application because of missing docs - health examinations. Thanks in advance for all answers and help!
  4. Hello Everyone, Happy New Year and wish you luck with your visas. My partner and I are about to submit 186 direct entry visa, Employer already submitted his visa more than a week ago. They never sponsor employees and didn't want to take agent for processing. We still have a couple of weeks on current visa, and just thought to wait a bit more until the employer get approval. 1) how long it is usually take for companies to get approval if they have never sponsored employees before? 2) what if we apply for our visa and employed get refusal? 3) could we then claim back visa costs? or the money are gone? 4) would that be better to apply for our visa straight away or wait until approval? Just thinking about worst case scenario, but it is better to know. Please share your experience. Have a great day ahead. Mia