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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Everyone, Happy New Year and wish you luck with your visas. My partner and I are about to submit 186 direct entry visa, Employer already submitted his visa more than a week ago. They never sponsor employees and didn't want to take agent for processing. We still have a couple of weeks on current visa, and just thought to wait a bit more until the employer get approval. 1) how long it is usually take for companies to get approval if they have never sponsored employees before? 2) what if we apply for our visa and employed get refusal? 3) could we then claim back visa costs? or the money are gone? 4) would that be better to apply for our visa straight away or wait until approval? Just thinking about worst case scenario, but it is better to know. Please share your experience. Have a great day ahead. Mia
  2. Hi every one This is SAM from India. I am into the preparatory stage of filing the Skill Assessment for Software Engineer but have got stuck into a situation. I have got more than 3 years of Software Engineering experience (see details below) with two employers. - 20 months with prev employer as Software Engineer - 24 months with current employer as Assistant Manager (IT Department) but working as Software Engineer I am working at a large firm employing more than 14000 people and we do not have any skill specific job titles like Software Engineer etc. instead we have general titles for all designations starting from Junior Office to Director (JO, Off, Sn. Off, AM, DM, Manager, DGM, GM etc) My current employer provided the employment certificate with the following Roles and Responsibilities. However, my consultant objects that these do not correspond to the Software Engineer (ACS and DIAC) and the experience of two years can not claimed. He wants to have another letter from the same employer but the employer is refusing to issue. Roles & Responsibilities: Conduct business analysis and develop requirement documents to implement software solutions Develop project schedule and assists project manager to resource and manage projects Implement software system as per the requirement documents and provide post implementation support Create and execute application test scripts, scenarios, and test plans during Unit, Integration and System Testing Creating user manuals, training documents and training users Considering the above situation, what are the alternatives for me? An early response will be highly appreciated. Regards SAM
  3. rockola57

    Just got an offer i can refuse!

    Hiya, Well we just got an offer for our house in the UK(the first since we have been here..23 months)Needless to say it is derisory,and with the quid in a sorry state exchange wise,the Mondo House prices over here,and the fact we have good tenants in our house,plus it's all we have got,i ain't selling!Old Faceache would sell tomorrow but i reckon it would be foolhardy at the moment.The proceeds after paying the mortgage on it would give us a 3 bed heap of she'ite on a dismal dirt track miles from anywhere.Nah,better to hang on to my little English Castle.:biggrin:
  4. kellyjamie

    Refuse from SA

    Well folks there you have it, SA refused our sponsorship on the grounds we dont have enough cash, which is wrong and we dont have enough work exp, which technically is correct because we applied under the SA loop hole after being advised by 2 seperate migration agents to do it! We showed that there was demand for our job, we showed all our research, interest from local employers but because we werent on their list we applied under a different 40 point occupation as all 40 pointers you only need be qualified in any occupation, we have the work exp in another SOL job but refused. Life for me right now couldnt actually get any crapper to honest.:sad: Me and Jamie will discuss tonite our options, we cannot keep chasing this dream forever we have to admit defeat at some point. Our only option is to get an employer to sponsor us and as most of you know thats like gold dust. We have a job in the pipeline but its in the back and beyond and most folk seem to think we,d be off our heads going for it! So i dont know i really dont. And to top it off an old contact of Jamies has phoned him to offer him a new job here at the docks , crane work or something on a very attractive wage why cant life just be straight forward:no:
  5. Guest

    Grounds to refuse a visa if ss?

    I have a question. If a state (Vic in our case) gives you state sponsorship how obliged is the CO to grant you a visa if your occupation is no longer on the CSL? When we applied we were on the MODL (remember that....happy days) but we we're not on the CSL. But VIC gave us state sponsorship. So, can the case officer still refuse us?