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Found 32 results

  1. Hello Everyone, Happy New Year and wish you luck with your visas. My partner and I are about to submit 186 direct entry visa, Employer already submitted his visa more than a week ago. They never sponsor employees and didn't want to take agent for processing. We still have a couple of weeks on current visa, and just thought to wait a bit more until the employer get approval. 1) how long it is usually take for companies to get approval if they have never sponsored employees before? 2) what if we apply for our visa and employed get refusal? 3) could we then claim back visa costs? or the money are gone? 4) would that be better to apply for our visa straight away or wait until approval? Just thinking about worst case scenario, but it is better to know. Please share your experience. Have a great day ahead. Mia
  2. Good day peeps. Any advice welcomed, not sure which thread I should post this one on. We bought our new car and collected it yesterday. Paid the 'drive away' price which includes compulsary 3rd party insurance. Before we collected it I purchased the fully comprehesive insurance with Allianz costing over $500. I noticed in the car manual pack, the 3rd party insurance receipt included costing us almost $400. Are we able to cancel the 3rd party policy and get our money back since we already now have a fully comp one? It does not mention anything on that piece of paper any cool off period. Thanks in advance.
  3. BizLarker

    Medicare claim deadline?

    Hello does anyone know if there is a deadline by which you must submit a medicare claim? thanks
  4. I am about to leave Australia to go back to the UK. I have a 457 visa and am about to finish a 6 month contract (the only work I have had since being here). As I have only worked for 6 months, am I able to claim back some tax (as I would be entitled to in the UK due to the tax being applied on the basis that you are working for 12 months)?
  5. l have been working as an engineer in the company for 11 yrs with a diploma in mechanical engineering, my job scope is equivalent to an engineer. During my work peroid, 1st yrs onwards l took up offshore part-time studies and have graduate with a mechanical engineering degree from University of South Australia in April 2010. Does this allow me to claim points for 8 yrs of Overseas Skilled Employment? Please kindly advise me. Thank you..
  6. Hi All ! I was stuck in the queue of 485 for almost 1.5 years and just received the grant. I applied on 10th Feb 2010. Now, the points test has been changed as well. So, I'm looking for claiming experience from overseas work, which I didn't consider before. I have been classified as an Electronic Engineer. I worked almost 3-4 years in designing and building UPS/ IPS. and earlier 2-3 years as a coumpuer maintenance officer. Let me say, most the time period of these work were when I was studying my engineering. Would they be countable ? Almost 4 years during graduation and 2-3 years after that. All these were my part time job but more than 20 hours. Any view is appreciated.
  7. Hello all.... Unfortunately our shipping experience hasn't been a great one which I will elaborate on in another post. My query here is with regards to how you go about claiming. We are with Insure Your Move and I was wondering if those of you who have claimed have put your claim in AUD or GBP. It will be a nightmare to claim in GBP and then have to purchase again in AUD due to the exchange rate. Also not sure how to estimate damage done to furniture such as impact marks to wood....it can't be repaired and the chairs are very old and can't be replaced??? Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Spencer
  8. HI, I've searched the forum for some answers but nothing really answers my question.I was claiming LAFHA at say 800 bucks per month, i then moved to a new nicer flat, claiming 1500 per month. It shows in my gross pay but then i actually only take home about 20 bucks different as a lot of cash is taken out a deductions. Someone mentioned that it may be because I have reached the LAFHA ceiling. Is there a maximum amount that can be claimed each year? Cheers
  9. I know its been going on for quite a while now, but.............. just why is it right for the government to grab our hard worked for and hard paid for houses, if we should end up in a home, due to old age and illness. The wifes parents who are 72, want to sign their home over to the wife and her two sisters and apparently if you do it 7 years before they end up in a home, the council can't do anything about it............. or so they thought. My niece is a solicitor and she says the councils are closing this loophole by still grabbing the houses to pay for care and that the only way round it is to ensure the house IS signed over legally and that they then pay rent to live there and the rent they pay, has to be declared for tax. DOES anyone know the true legalities of this? To me its sordid and disgusting that old people should have their houses grabbed off them to pay for care, when they want to leave it to their children. :no::mad:
  10. Opportunity for a claim to fame! Do you have any funny, interesting or disasterous stories of your move to Australia? We are putting together a collection for a book, so this is your chance to have your story and picture (optional) published. Please send a brief outline of your experience PM me for details. and we will be in touch within 14 days.
  11. hi without going right into it we need to tell diac we need to claim points for ielts to be added to our app how do we do that? thanks kelly
  12. Bit of a strange question and I'm not sure if this forum is the correct place for it but I'm sure someone will have come across this before .... We are in the process of obtaining our 176 visa and hoping to make a trip to Perth at the end of this year .... I have my own Limited IT company and hoping to setup a few interviews and meetings with IT business whilst I am over there... My question is, as this will be a visit to checkout the business prospects within Oz, are the flights (and maybe accommodation,etc) legitimate business expenses? My wife is also my company secretary so does this mean I can claim her flights too ? ... and as we would not be able to setup business in Oz without our children checking it out too, could I claim their flights ?? Thanks Roy
  13. Hi! I am engineer and I was working for my former company in my country doing online reporting for 8 months ,20hours, paid ( Analysis of measurements). At the same time I was working in Australia in a part time contract job (without relation with engineering) Can I claim my online experience? Cheers, Jessica
  14. I am not sure if it's the same in the UK, but... My car insurance company wrote me a nice No Claim Bonus (65% :biggrin:) letter, which I can take with me to OZ and continue to benefit from the bonus when I'll do a new car insurance in OZ... Though it might interest you... :smile: Cheers B!K3R
  15. Hi, I would like to go for 175 visa for which I need 5 more point to match my requirement of 120 point. I am a Civil Engineer by profession and my mother tongue is Tamil which is listed as one of the community language. Can I claim 5 points, because I did my schooling, Diploma in Civil Engineering in the medium of Tamil, community language? The problem is I did my bachelor degree in the medium of English.
  16. Guest

    Claim back GST

    Hello I am looking for some advice on whether I can claim back the GST on any thing whilst on holiday in Australia? If this is possible what do I need to do? Cheers Paul
  17. I left my job on 31/12/2008 and left the uk for Sunny Melbourne on 4/2/2009.I haven't yet filled in a p85 am i too late to claim tax for the 08/09 tax year.I have always been on paye and never filled in a tax return in the uk.....I've been very lazy can anyone help......thanks
  18. hi, I'm due to emmigrate to Oz in September and I've read that some NI contributions can be reclaimed and placed in another pension, but I'm unable to find the form on the government website to do this, although there are plenty of agencies offering to do it, which I would like to avoid. Also, on my QIS form for customs it asks about items bought within 1 year as I will have to pay duty on them. Will it be my responsibility to prove that all items were not purchased within a year? I've kept many original boxes for stuff I bought in the past 2 years or so, knowing we were off to Oz, but I don't have receipts for them. If I do pay duty on some items, can I claim the UK VAT back and where can I find the form to do so? I'm guessing that the fact I may charged duty on some items in Oz (on the basis I may not be able to prove when I bought them and therefore must be less than a year old-if this is the case) wouldn't be enough to then prove the case for claiming the VAT back in the UK. So will I be taxed twice effectively? Many thanks for any advice and info
  19. Some advice please ! I always book my flights back to the UK from the UK, it is obviously much cheaper and I go home once a year to visit my parents and family. I had booked to travel back to the UK on the 30th May, this way the return flight, and have booked my trip back to Oz on the 21st June. I booked the flight back to Oz with Trailfinders in Sydney, they could access English fares through their offices in the UK. Due to a death of a close family member I had to return to the UK earlier than expected (19th May), I tried to change my flight but was informed by Quantas that this was not possible as the fares were not transferrable. So I had to pay for another ticket which was $1700. I then returned to Oz on the original date of the 21st as it was obviously not worth travelling back to Oz after the funeral. So, can i claim on my travel insurance, even though it was taken out here in oz after the first flight occured (the first part of the return fare,UK to OZ last year). Does all that make sense ?? Your assistance would be appreciated.

    475-can we claim any benefits at all?

    Hi there we are going ver on a 475 provisional visa & fully appreciate that we cannot claim any benefits for the qualifying period. But is there ANY thing we may be able to get whilst my OH is not working? Could we get any rent assistance, Are we still able to get Child benefit, and if so how much is it, does anyone know? Also, think I may be a little confused, but do we pay for the childrens education in a state school? Any help or pointers in the right direction would be fantastic, thanks guys Lynda
  21. Guest

    LAFHA, when do you claim? Help

    Hi been in OZ on 457 visa here since July 09 , is the living away from home allowance something you claim 'as you are going along' (monthly) or can you claim it back at the end of the year? This was mentioned to my hubby when he first started work but we stupidly haven't done anythng about it...have we missed out for the past 6/7 months?!! or can be back claim? Ta
  22. HuwandDonna

    What Can We Claim - Benefits?

    Hi, We are looking to move to australia, some time! I have dual citizenship between uk and aus, so do my two daughters. Me and my partner are not married, but de-facto. So we would be applying for the de-facto visa of course. I was just wondering what Benefits we would be entitled to once living in aus? Over here, we have Housing Benefit, Child Tax and Child Benefit. Also JSA at the moment as Im outta work Ive been on the Centrelink website but it all seems confusing! Thanks guys.
  23. Guest

    Dont forget to claim your Tax

    Done my tax returns last night for the few months i worked before i left Aus and was nicely surprised at the the estimated rebate that soon coming my way :smile: You can fill out your returns by downloading etax2008/2009 here Link to the 2009 tax return program Good luck..
  24. Hi I wonder if you can help. We obtained a skilled migration visa three years ago (full skilled migration, with sponsorship by a relative - subclass 138 - sponsored). We are moving to NSW in October and are wondering whether we will be entitled to medical care under medicare when we arrive. I thought there might be a clause saying you needed to have been resident for two years to claim, but am not sure (is this just social security benefits). If this clause exists, I also wondered what classified as residence and how this was tested (i.e. what documents you would need to indicate residence). We made our first entry to Australia 18 months ago but have not been living there. Any help (links) with this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Andrew
  25. For those of you renting out your house in the UK - Hi all! I have replied to several posts and thought it might be useful to post this as a thread. This is how it works in the UK. I am sure it must be similar in Oz, but check it out. I am no expert, but I run our lettings business and this is what I do: On your end of year tax return you include the figure that you have received in rent for the financial year MINUS all revenue expenses that you have paid out. This is entered as "unearned income". It may well be a negative figure if you have made a loss. (I presume this will then be deducted from your tax bill for earned income under this system once in Oz, but check this) If you are self-employed, you will automatically be sent a tax return. If you are not, ask for one from the tax office. Revenue expenses are: mortgage repayments, buildings insurance, agents fees,phone calls to Agent, postage, cleaning, contract fees, gardening, window cleaning, replacing broken white goods in the kitchen, repairs, the list goes on - if you pay for any of this yourself you can reduce it from your rental income figure. KEEP ALL RECEIPTS. If you need to spend it on your house to keep the tenants in there, then generally it is an expense. You can deduct 10% for wear and tear from the original rental income figure, but this is in the UK. Just get an Accountant to complete your tax return whilst in Oz - he will surely know what you can claim as it may be different. You cannot claim for alterations that would increase the capital value of your property - i.e. putting in a new kitchen or double glazing. I would strongly advise using an Accountant. It is worth it for what they save you on your tax bill. If you are using an Agent, they will normally deduct what they have paid out in repairs etc from the rental income before they send it to you. Check what they do and make sure you get proper receipts. In the UK, you have to keep receipts for 6 years. Hope that helps. Tracy I will post a thread advising you on the legalities of letting a house in the UK. If you do not use an Agent, it can be a minefield. You can be fined and face prosecution for not fulfilling your obligations as a Landlord - Gas Safety Certificates / Energy Performance Certificates from 1st Oct / Tenancy Deposit Schemes / Tenancy Agreements / Your mortgage provider and Buildings Insurance provider and your obligations to them.