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  1. Mad4daSun

    189 questions needing answered please!

    I did both IELTS and PTE and can confirm that PTE seemed way easier to score higher in. Definitely took me a couple of days of proper studying with aid of some Youtube videos but getting superior english was the single biggest thing that pushed my application to get invited. Mind you this was 18 months ago so the situation is a bit different now. I hope things work out for you, I know what it feels like to be dreaming about oz. still am...we haven't moved yet. waiting for covid to end
  2. Canada has pension funds provincially for their public employees / teachers etc. So there are a certain amount of jobs in each province. However they're not easy to get into and don't pop up often. Obviously Toronto / Vancouver have majority of finance jobs. Montreal has some too but french is a prerequisite usually. I was thinking that there'd be state teacher retirement funds etc in Australia. I suppose we need to research this in more depth. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Thanks for the advice, sorry for the late reply. No working remotely is not an option for the Canadian job. What are your thoughts on Brisbane? Thanks.
  4. She could work for any Super or investment fund, and I'm sure there's at least some in each state. Doesn't have to be the big ones. We're also looking for family friendly to raise our kid. If we can have it all we'll take it haha.
  5. Thanks Marisa and Collie for the advice. From our prelim research Brisbane would be our first choice, however my wife's not a big fan of high humidity. We would also be looking at buying a house and Sydney / Melbourne seem astronomical for prices. We will definitely be updating our linkedin and reaching out to people in our fields. I think the first step is to get boots on the ground and get a lay of the land. Thanks again.
  6. Hi there, We just got granted 189 visas and will be making an activation trip soon from Canada. I am a Mechanical Engineer with almost a decade in the natural gas pipeline industry in Canada. I already got the CP Eng designation in advance from Engineers Australia. My Wife is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with 6 years working in portfolio management for pension funds in Canada. Fixed income is her specialty. If anyone on this forum is hiring or knows companies that are we would be delighted to connect and go into more detail on our skills. Really looking forward to making the move. Thanks!
  7. Mad4daSun

    189 Medical Question

    Hi Everyone, I applied for a 189 visa for myself, Wife and child back in April 2019 and we are waiting patiently for the grant. I applied as a Mechanical Engineer. We did our medicals up front and the doctor said that my wife's x-ray showed a mild case of neck scoliosis which is apparently a curvature of the spine. I am worried that this could affect the outcome of our visa. Does anyone know if this is a serious enough condition to require further investigation by the department? We never knew my wife had this until we had this exam. I don't think it would cause a financial burden on Australia. I'm thinking we might get a request to do a health undertaking. Anyway if anyone has been through a similar experience or know what to expect; the advice would be much appreciated. Thanks all!
  8. Mad4daSun

    Brisbane Oil & Gas Industry

    Been lurking here the last few months as I was making my way through the 189 process. Finally applied last week and now lining up the police checks and medicals. Its been no easy feat so far. Looking forward to a grant since theyre sayin 6 month processing time now. Anyway I’ve been sizing up the job situ in Brisbane as thats where my wife wants to go. I’m keen on there too because my background is in oil and gas engineering and apparently brisbane has a lot of that. However after doing quite a bit of research it seems like times are not great in the job market. Not a lot of energy jobs. Does anyone have any insight into this? Any advice on how to get my foot in the door? Ive 7yrs exp in gas pipelines in canada. Cheers all and looking forward to contributing more here.