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  1. Goof93

    189 questions needing answered please!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true. I will certainly have it in the back of my mind. It may be naive but I would be giving it all my efforts to obtain superior english it nay be impossible but even if it takes over my life and i have to sit the test several times then so be it. Thanks for your help!
  2. Goof93

    189 questions needing answered please!

    Excellent thanks so much again. That is absolutely stunning I’ve actually been to Newcastle we spent a day there in 2015 it’s stunning from what i can remember.
  3. Goof93

    189 questions needing answered please!

    I agree, I would look into agents on here it makes sense. Just to clarify do you know If i could get a 190 in NSW does that mean i would have to get a job in my occupation? Or am i free to work in any line if work as long as its within nsw?
  4. Goof93

    189 questions needing answered please!

    Hi mate thanks for your advice much appreciated. In terms of a migration agent I don’t think I would attempt applying without one. Its just finding the right one that i might struggle with.
  5. Goof93

    189 questions needing answered please!

    Purely because i never expected a high volume of car mechanics to apply but I understand now thats not exactly what they will be looking at. Thank you again. What do you think the chances of a state sponsorship at 85 points would be?
  6. Goof93

    189 questions needing answered please!

    Thanks for your reply I’ve had a look at the PTE doesn’t seem like there is a test centre nearby me as I’m living in Glasgow although in saying that there doesn’t seem like many test centres at all so might be just user error with the site but i will look further into it thanks! If I couldn’t get the 189 I would ideally have liked to obtain a 190 in WA mainly because i have friends there and have stayed there before in 2015/16. Do u have any advice on my partner skills questions on my initial post? Im unable to message you it just keeps giving me an error code. Also in terms of the 190 do you know if its the same as the 189 when going for citizenship? Can apply after 4 years etc? thanks Garry
  7. Goof93

    189 questions needing answered please!

    Hi thanks for your reply. Yeah of course I'm under no illusion that i will turn up and be able to pass the test trust me if im honest its the one thing im actually nervous about as I believe it will be hard. As for having zero chance unless i have 90 points, is this even with a car mechanic would you reckon? I Wouldn’t have thought so but i will keep that in mind. My only other option is a state 190 with NSW as WA and Queensland don’t seem to have car mechanic on there list which is upsetting. Also have u got any advice on my partner skills part that I initially posted about? Any help is mich appreciated. Thank you
  8. Hi everyone, bare with me as im kinda new to this.. I have a few things I feel I need clearIng up as the obsession of how to get a 189 has taken over my life I would appreciate any help and I think others who may not have the same occupation as me could find very helpful as well so any help is welcome. Firstly I’m relying hugely on gaining as much points as possible by sitting the IELTS test, now this may seem a crazy dumb question but is the IELTS test based the same for the UK as it is for Australia? I cant remember why but i was under the impression that whatever country the testing centre was in that the test there would be marked in accordance with what that country are looking for, for example is there an IELTS for Australia and an IELTS for Canada and an IELTS for the UK etc or is ielts the same all over? Sorry if I haven’t explained my question this in the best way possible. Secondly I’m a 7 year qualified car mechanic who spent a year in Oz in 2015 on a working holiday visa with my partner, to cut a long story short my plan all along after researching visas while i was in Australia was to come home and build up my points through years experience. Im now at least 5 but less than 8 years post apprenticeship. Now im going to jump way ahead of myself here but if i had to get accepted on a 189 visa is it mandatory that i work within my skilled occupation that i have been accepted on or Is it possible to work in another line of work? If so would this in anyway affect my chances of gaining Australian citizenship in the future if i never worked as a car mechanic whilst on my 189? Another huge couple questions form me... My partner of 7 years is 27 years old the same age as me. I don’t imagine she would have any issues getting superior English in the IELTS test, she has just recently become a qualified nurse in the UK. I really would like to know does she need to get her skills assessed as i will so i can claim points when putting her on the visa? Also considering she has just qualified am i still able to claim these points or does she need years experience the way i did? In terms of “the que” am I up against every other occupation on the list with way more points or am i up against car mechanics only? i have had a look at the 190 also however i would like to work in WA or Queensland and a mechanic isn’t on their list. At my absolute best and with a lot of studying I believe i could get 80 points. Has anyone ever heard of a mechanic on more than 80 points and not been invited? For that matter has anyone ever heard of a mechanic gaining a 189 visa? Like i say any help is welcome guys hope to hear some answers as I’ve given myself a sore head over the last few weeks