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  1. TattooNurseGym

    Nurse looking to come to OZ with WHV

    **SWMOYO4... Thankyou, yeah I'm looking at everything before I start anything really Ive got at least a year to sort myself out so should be all good! Did you use agencies for nursing work? How did you find sorting it all out?
  2. TattooNurseGym

    Nurse looking to come to OZ with WHV

    Ah OK thank you both
  3. TattooNurseGym

    Nurse looking to come to OZ with WHV

    Yeah, I was a bit confused about this been true or not so Ive Contacted an agency to see how it would work as this is what it states would happen on their website, so I'm waiting to hear back from them
  4. TattooNurseGym

    Nurse looking to come to OZ with WHV

    Yeah this is very true! I have thought about doing something different job wise but as part of our nursing registration we have to do a certain amount of hours so it's easier to keep doing that, plus I love my job as a nurse so it's easy not to change also I think if I did a year nursing and moving hospitals to try different areas this would give me a better grounding if I did move permanently as nursing is what I'd be doing and I've heard it's slightly different in Oz to the UK so would give me chance learn the differences
  5. TattooNurseGym

    Nurse looking to come to OZ with WHV

    Hi, thanks for your reply! Yes I do know this, when I say move I just mean from England to oz but not permanent yet, I think the whv is better option to start with as I can give it a year living and working here and traveling round abit and using the time to get more Info about permanent move and see if its the right option, if its not I'll have at least given it a year and for the 6 month thing that's why I'm asking about people who may have gone with agencies as some say you can go with them for 12 months and they just move you around hospitals so not going over the 6 months at each.
  6. TattooNurseGym

    Nurse looking to come to OZ with WHV

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum but just wanted to throw a question out there and possibly get some Info so I apologise if this has already been posted. I am a qualified adult nurse at degree level from England, I currently have just over a year post qualification experience in Emergency Department but will have around 2 years by the time I am am looking to actually move over to Oz. I have family In Melbourne so would be looking to go there, I am currently looking at the working holiday visa as my best option but I was wondering how those of you who have already moved or are in the process have found getting jobs? Have you gone through agencies? And are there any better ones to look at? Also what are wages like for agency workers as they dont seem advertise this info. Any extra Info or advice is also appreciated TIA