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  1. Kung-Fu Koala

    Which shipping company??

    Yeah your right, they should be honest and tell you it may get transferred, we left loads of stuff in UK so we could squeeze into a 20ft and be safe from losing stuff with a shared container -but how wrong we were. They (JM) sent an e-mail before delivery saying the dog crate needed to be cleaned $200 or destroyed $100 so we instructed then to destroy it, then after the container was delivered when some of our goods were found to be missing and I started digging with Allied they sent pictures, in the photos they sent were some of the missing items !! In the pictures you could also see goods from someone else's container ? I asked for the cctv of the container transfer as it should be a secure area when transferred, they did not have it ! Apparently they could not find any footage....
  2. Kung-Fu Koala

    Which shipping company??

    Hi, we used them end of last year, container arrived December. JM profess to be one of the best but I beg to differ. They told us the container they packed in the UK would be the container we unpacked in Oz and only the lock/seal would be changed IF customs checked it, what we received was a completely different container with stuff missing. We had a 20ft container.
  3. Kung-Fu Koala

    Places to live recommendations

    Hi there, Corona is slowing things up here but there's work, retail and resi no good at the mo, industrial and infrastructure are good areas, what sort of Mechanical does he do in UK (residential or commercial) I'm a Mech PM from UK so may be able to give some advice ?
  4. Kung-Fu Koala

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Not a bad sunset from my decking
  5. Kung-Fu Koala

    Which shipping company??

    We used John Mason but don't think we would use them again ! We were given incorrect information from them and when some of our stuff disappeared this end (oz) they didn't help and left us to sort with Allied Pickfords who are a shower of S##T
  6. Kung-Fu Koala

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Hope you've sold now John, or sale fell through again last month for the 3rd time, hopefully we sell soon too. Weather had been pretty rubbish out here but at least the rain put the fires out
  7. Kung-Fu Koala

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Great news Jon, I'd go for the quick move
  8. Kung-Fu Koala

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    So were here, well been here 3 week's and sorting car - medicare + all other things that you forget but all good, will have to start looking to get a job soon before I get lazy we used John Mason for shipping, their guys were great and really helpful, we had more than the estimator allowed for but all good and it fitted in the container they initially thought 2/3 of a 20ft container but we filled a whole one and had to leave some bits behind, no major issue and we had some extra bits to take that were not allowed for but left some bits so it evened out in the end. Alcohol is quite dear here now and we left all ours back home as the duty would have made it pointless. Anyway happy to be here at last, all those still in the UK keep the faith and be reassured it's worth the wait
  9. Kung-Fu Koala

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    No brisbane .... its cold but no snow ... hoping the sun will re-appear before we get there!!!!! Super exciting ..... just cant believe its really here!!! Lovely area, only a few weeks now I'm excited and were 12 weeks away so I can imagine how you feel. Process seems to take so long and then all of a sudden that's it time to go. So hard leaving all the family and friends but much easier now to communicate, Skype - Duo - WhatsApp
  10. Kung-Fu Koala

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Exciting times Katie your so close now, they've had some rough weather so far this winter and it's only just started even snow where they don't generally get it Where are you heading Perth ??
  11. Kung-Fu Koala

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Were sold subject to contracts so all go, my business in process of being sold too, tickets booked for 6th September and container coming 19th August so much going on it's hard to keep up.... hope you sell soon market seems to be picking up although there's still a lot of uncertainty out there Fingers crossed for you.
  12. Kung-Fu Koala

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Has anyone been told about not taking lawnmowers ? I've got a fairly new petrol one self propelled so didn't want to leave it but guy from PSS said not worth taking, I said I would jet wash so it was like new but he said they may still charge $200 to clean it the other end?
  13. Kung-Fu Koala

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    We're not going until September so better get drinking Hope all goes well for you with the move and you settle quickly
  14. Kung-Fu Koala

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Anyone know the deal on Alcohol, we have a stock that would make unwins proud but the chap from John Mason said today that you get hit with duty If we can't take it there's going to be one hell of a party soon