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  1. Katiebobbles

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Arghhhhh good luck .... hope it all goes really smooth for you x
  2. Katiebobbles

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Thanks all ... looks like the golf clubs are getting another round of brushing.... May buy a few wire brushes and stop pansying around!!!!!! Congrats @W20 must be a relief to have a buyer ....
  3. Katiebobbles

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Thanks @W20 did JM have any advice ... I am hating Jayes fluid ... killing my hands!!!!!!
  4. Katiebobbles

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    That's great news congrats @Kung-Fu Koala must be a big relief you have been waiting for ages . @JontheHat we are having the same issue ..... swapping estate agents this week ... fingers crossed ... worst case will have to rent it out ... not ideal but Westminster seem determined to put off those weak stomach buyers who don't want to move in uncertainty ... which seems to be a lot in our area ..... Fingers crossed for us both [emoji1696]
  5. Katiebobbles

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Hey all, So we have finally got sorted .... crate coming July and we are knee deep in Jayes fluid.... anyone any idea how clean is clean .... I.e. if there is a bit of dirt in the groves of a golf club or a tiny bit of grass around a spike of a shoe are we going to get fined?? Ta Xox
  6. Thanks@CEP but was that for me or@ZoeHoulding?!??!!
  7. Huge congrats@ZoeHoulding Hope you and@CEP have good flights and then you get to start the next exciting chapter I'm gonna jump off this thread now as I think we are all there really now from our "class" of applications Thank you so much to everyone who kept me going on the darker days and if we start a meet up in Brissy for the class of 2018 page count me in (from end of July obvs!!!!) Loads of luck to those waiting you really are in the best company you could ask for .... see you all on the flip side xox
  8. All crossed ... they are on a roll this week so hopefully you hear today
  9. Omg@CEP I literally just let out a squeak in the office I am sooooo chuffed for you .... so well deserved ... I do have everyone looking and laughing at me now though!!!!! Defo class of 2018 onshore reunion ..... Now just to sell the house get the crate and move so we can meet up and celebrate Whooooo x
  10. Oh no I'm sorry I didn't mean to plant another worry .... but if there are CO stalkers out there ... come on there are only a couple on lonely white cells in that sheet who would love to turn the deepest green!!!!!! All crossed for tomorrow
  11. Oh no ... you have to be next honestly I fear the COs are stalking this thread and know the great work your spreadsheet is doing and saving them hundreds of calls so are holding off .... seriously this is your week (for the Seuss fans 99 3/4 % guaranteed!!!!) All crossed for you tomorrow xox
  12. Fab news@GemTrae and all those grants today ... come on@CEP wake up and let us know the (all crossed) good news x
  13. If you have enough uploads I would .... it's such a hard call but trust me you kick urself when you get the RFI. I guess from their point of view you have declared a speeding conviction or whatever but they can't see it on the police checks so they need to know it didn't happen in Canada where you didn't give a check from .. plus then ur back in the waiting game .... that was the only q we got and if we had given it on the form we could have had a grant not rfi and we would have been granted 2.5months earlier!!!! Good luck x
  14. Heya@Belfastchild Quick one from our experience ... we listed my husband had a driving ticket but didn't specify which country. When the police checks came back they had no trace but we got an RFI asking which country it was in (I guess so they know if it's on the police check or not) therefore make sure your declaration on the correction specifies where the convictions were.... hope this helps I know the waiting is torture but will all be a distant memory soon ... then we all need to start revising for citizenship!!!!!
  15. Heya, I had the same worry. My partner's documents and forms were uploaded in his own section under my application .... however we loaded in June. I am unsure if this changed post the new financial year in July. Sorry can't be definitive but it sounds like you have done similar to us and we had a grant through last month. Good luck