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  1. Congrats to all who heard and got visas. Come on us further info peeps
  2. We put in pay slips and in statements what finances we would have to set up when we arrive. Again it wasn't requested but we wanted to show this as well as show those pay slips appear in transfers into the joint account.
  3. Lol.... I heard on a forum ages ago (before I applied) someone believed that there were more 309s granted at the start and end if the month ...... so I have now resigned myself to not hearing until then .... I mean if they want to prove me wrong and send me a golden email today I am not against that ... in these cases I like being wrong!!!!.... but for my sanity I am choosing to believe that. I have to say since having the request I have found myself being a little all consumed by this and I have to go back to the previous mindset of just wait to see when we hear from them. I am getting into some right states of what if there is a problem, should I have done more ..... there is nothing to be done now I just have to trust I gave enough to prove we are genuine (I mean if you met my hubby you would know it is ... No way you have 8 years and a sprog together for a visa ..... there are easier ways in (And shorter life sentences!!!)) But it's so hard that someone you never meet and never talk to can hold your whole future in their hands ....
  4. Yeh mine was similar. I read the reply to as being through the immi account only but I haven't heard back so can't guarantee 100% that's the answer ..... good luck
  5. So did I laf I thought they were grants from oz ..... Well hopefully it's an overtime weekend!!!!
  6. Well I tried to log in today and the whole site is down for maintenance so doubt we hear this week. I know it's so hard. I wish there was an SLA that we knew (I'm sure they have one) that is from pressing the I have supplied all data button you will hear in 20-30 days ... that way we at least know when to expect they will loop back into the additional information .... unfortunately we are just continuing the waiting game ..... hopefully we hear soon ... as Jon said a few posts ago at least it wasn't a no .... so hopefully this is the last bit to finalise before the grant. We gave the 10 years info on the form 80 I think from memory
  7. I agree ... it is just back to the waiting game .... all whilst we are watching Westminster implode and the pound crash against the AUD!!!! There goes the car!!!!!
  8. We had 7 days to reply from a request on the 30th ..... now 16 days since uploading (did on the same day) and not a word.... I guess we are in a holding pile waiting to be re-assesed. I agreed seeing rejections is concerning but we have to hope that asking for more info means the initial assesment was ok and this is just dotting the i's and crossing the t's... that's what I am telling myself anyway ... still
  9. Congrats .... nice to see visas still processing ..... keeps the faith alive for those of us still waiting
  10. Congrats to you both. Jon does that mean the champagne was with lunch or are you having a boozy Monday night?!!!?
  11. Thanks for this .... We only had 7 days so who knows .... hopefully not too long for any of us still waiting
  12. Oooh @Askem81thats so exciting wishing you all the best on the next part of the adventure
  13. Hey Stoney You can't do it in the app you need to be on a computer (Well I do anyway) Go to settings in the top corner. There is a menu down the left side, look for Edit Signature.
  14. Thanks at least that gives me hope I did do it right but they haven't got round to re-reviewing. Jon I know you "still haven't found what you are looking for" but it will be the "sweetest thing" and a "beautiful day" when it comes through!!!! Hope u enjoyed the concert!
  15. Massive congrats ... nice to see them still coming through. Has anyone who has had further information requested heard back recently???