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  1. I have used Pet Air UK for my cats too. They are currently booked for May to fly so I'm hoping my visa comes before then! The experience has been pretty good so far. In fact, it's only proving difficult for me to get into the country, everything else, though pricey has been fairly easy to arrange!
  2. Amazing News - Congratulations.[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] Lots cleared in the last few days. It's giving me hope!!!!
  3. If the U after RFI is uploaded? I uploaded my info week 3 Dec. Just for the next chart update! I'm loving the chart btw. Good work! [emoji4]
  4. I'm after you ! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Ingers

    Citizen by Descent not an option

    What Jon says! My Aussie is so by decent. We have a certificate for the date it was officially "granted" so used that as the grant date.
  6. We lodged everything on my immi account to begin with, however on our RFI we were asked for the sponsor to have their own immi account for the 40sp. This resulted in a lot of duplication of documents on both my account and his. As I understand it, as long as all the required documents are presented and both the immi accounts are linked this should be sufficient. [emoji106]
  7. They will join your account and the sponsors immi account together as long as you have provided your TRN in the sponsors application. I did it this was and why my Husband (the Aussie) logs into his immi account now it's linked directly to mine now. [emoji4]
  8. Excellent! They are coming through - congratulations!!
  9. Another grant! Great news. My heart skipped a beat this morning when I woke to an email entitled "Outcome of Application" It was from the Australian Government, but turned out to be my cats approval grant for their travel [emoji23][emoji23] So that's the Cats and the Mother in Law's RRV sorted. Just waiting for my golden email now!
  10. I'm not particularly religious but our Neighbour is a Bishop and and I've asked him to chuck an extra prayer into the ether. Hopefully his lofty position may hold some weight with the Visa Gods. [emoji23][emoji23] My house clearance in preparation for going on the the market continues. Cats are booked on their flight......it's all moving in the right direction!
  11. Thanks for the visual. This does give me hope that it will be sooner rather than later! Having everything crossed is becoming a bit uncomfortable. [emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Pretty much the same as you! I'd already loaded some financial documents but they requested more from 2015 onwards. My husband is the Aussie and he was asked for an Australian Police cert as well as a UK one. He also had to give his travel details for the last 10 years which was mainly back and forth to Australia. We've been together 13 years, married 10 with no kids. I'm hopeful that we are a pretty straight forward case but who knows! [emoji12]
  13. I lodged 20th August 18, further information requested 01 Dec 18. ! I know they must have hundreds of applications to work through but it's so frustrating waiting for the OK. Just got to keep busy getting the house ready for the market.
  14. They look like they are open over Christmas too. I'm hoping that a quiet office and Christmas cheer may push a few more through. [emoji23] Checking is becoming an obsession! My immi account and my husband's sponsor immi account are now linked in the system so things are slowly moving. I wonder if I write a last minute letter to Santa, if he will help. I've been good this year!
  15. I have a friend who lives around there, she loves loves it! I can't wait to get there just awaiting the Visa and the Rabies cert for our Cats so we can all get booked!