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  1. Good luck with the move! We will be in Perth in June. Container confirmed. Flights booked tomorrow. Exciting!
  2. Amazing news! Congratulations. Such good news that the grants continue to come!
  3. Ingers

    partner sponsorship

    My sponsors status never changed. Even after grant, it still says submitted!
  4. They must be clearing the back log before going into March. Fingers crossed it comes in the next day or so. We need you guys to be green too!! @zoeholding
  5. I am totally made up for you. [emoji7][emoji847][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322] Amazing news. I've got mine too so you can fill in those pesky gaps on the spreadsheet!
  6. No 4 for the stressed gang ! I'm beginning to suffer from paranoia. C'mon London. We've all been good little applicants, shared our personal and financial history with you, paid out fees and waited patiently. It's now time for our reward. Pleeeeeease!
  7. Can you PM the company please. We are about to choose our company and have lots of valuable stuff to ship! Thanks
  8. Don't panic!!! I managed to find the helpline unicorn today (unicorn because they are very hard to find when calling the helpline)- someone who knew what they were talking about and could help. So - when you load the docs on the immi account what you can see is an acknowledgement that your docs have been successfully loaded onto the DMS and linked with your account. The docs are not stored on the portal. I, in panic reloaded everything and I have been told that there are now duplicates in my application files. The helpful unicorn told me that he thought it was a viewing error with the portal and reassured me that my evidence had no gone anywhere and won't affect the visa process at all. I would still raise the technical support request so they can address the problem. Hope that reassures you !
  9. That number is as useful as a chocolate teapot IMO. They can only direct you around the website. This email is for applicants who hold the 309 already so they may be able to help! It's an onshore centre so the assumption is you may need to be in Australia going through then next step, but they will tell you if they can't assist ! qld.pp.processing@border.gov.au
  10. I have a copy of everything that was requested in the RFI and have replaced everything and also put a note in the "update details box" What has annoyed me is that this may have gone unoticed if I hadn't logged in to see all Sponsor evidence has gone. They could have rejected me for lack of evidence which I had already supplied! We can't delete it from our end, so it must have been a system error on their side and there is no way to discuss it with anyone and see what damage has been done to the application/timeline. Seeing this with all the other grants come out after a period of silence is just upsetting. I logged on in hope that something had changed and Boy! had it, but not for the better. We really are at their mercy.
  11. It's only my husband's stuff that was requested for on the RFI. The whole thing was completed within 7 days of the request and all just disappeared. It does look as if there was a system glitch that has resulted in all of my husband's documents disappearing. I'm pretty angry to be honest , I have everything and can upload it all again but I shouldn't have to do this at this stage and who knows where it will put our application. *Sob*
  12. They as usual were unable to do anything other than direct me to an online technical form. This has now been filled in and submitted. What if they have lost everything and I've been put to the back of the queue. I feel sick!
  13. Oh my god - what has happened? With the spurt of approvals I just logged on and ALL of my sponsors documents have disappeared from my immi account and HIS! The sponsor form, the police certificates from UK and AUS, his evidence of citizenship, evidence of our new house, - all gone. Anyone seen this before or do I have a massive panic???[emoji44][emoji44] Congratulations@AmyLondon by the way!! [emoji16]
  14. Oh I hope things turn around for the better for your Dad. Mine has stage 4 Prostate Cancer (inoperable) and part of my deal with my husband in leaving Dad behind to live in Australia was that I could fly back and be with him when the Big C decides "it's time" . He's doing ok at the moment but it's been the hardest part of my decision to go! Sending best wishes!
  15. Congratulations everyone! It's restored my hope that something good will drop into my inbox soon!