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  1. That was my thought. Maybe the timeline suggestion was not to expect your grant before then, which could be more realistic due to current timelines! Fingers crossed for you!
  2. That's interesting Emma. Who advised on the assignment of the CO? Are you with a migration agent?
  3. You're not kidding! Contact from any CO regarding anything is positive at the moment. It's been so quiet! Thanks @t.f.s and do make yourself comfortable here with us. Hopefully we will be out of the waiting room soon! [emoji16]
  4. Lovely PIOs ! We have decided to press ahead with plans to travel at the end of May. House goes on the market today. Cats are due to be released from their Quarantine in Perth in June and up till a few weeks ago, I was pretty confident that my 309/100 would be through before I departed. That is now looking a little dicey. So my question is - What are the potential pitfalls I should be aware of if I apply for a Subclass 600 to travel to Aus on. I am aware some of you have already done this and I would be interested in learning from your experiences so I am fully prepared! Thanks so much !
  5. Thanks! That's good information to have. [emoji16]
  6. Thank@cep ! Was it the Tourist stream you applied for rather than the Family stream? I don't think it would be possible to be more over the account than I already am! [emoji23][emoji23]. But wise advice to make sure I'm hovering over the cancel button. I am guessing if I am granted a 600 and THEN the 309 is granted. The 309 then cancels out the 600. Would that be right?
  7. Ingers

    Application lodged from uk August 2018

    Lodged in August, RFI end of November, returned extra info within 5 days and still waiting!
  8. I'm August lodgement and there are others on similar timelines so there is still some way to go but some that were lodged later have their grants. It's so difficult to judge!
  9. Crikey. March is a long time!. Fingers crossed yours in imminent. We were August. Had a question over the medical and an RFI but every item of evidence we can come up with has now been submitted. I'm at 98 docs of my 100 allowance so hopefully we've submitted enough now.
  10. Yes totally @w20 , we should be a shoe-in. My husband is saying "what if we sell up and resign and you don't get your visa" "what if we've missed something" the fact that there is zero contact allowed with the CO at this stage is tough. My sister's visa took 4 weeks, but that was 10 years ago. She's now a fully fledged Aussie. I'm running out of things to do to keep me sane. Anybody know any White Witches or Shaman that can cast a granting a visa spell for us all? [emoji12] [emoji13] [emoji13]
  11. ** loaf! Not love. [emoji23][emoji16]
  12. Honestly, this is torture. I'm trying to be patient but my husband has a 3 month notice period and we want to travel at the end of May which means end of Feb for his resignation. If my visa isn't through soon it's panic time. Everything is organised pretty much apart from the visa. Surely 14 years together and coming up to 11 years of marriage should be an easy yes! [emoji24][emoji24] All my husband's ancestor needed to do was steal a love of bread and he was sent to Australia for free! He even arrived a free man having served his sentence on the ship there!!! I don't suppose if I "half inch" a packet of crumpets from Sainsbury's the same thing will happen [emoji23][emoji23]
  13. Ingers

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    We are looking at a 40ft container, but that is a 4 bed house and a 1 bed flat shipped together at the same time. In total there will be 4 sofa's 2 arm chairs, two dining tables etc, etc. We are not taking white goods or any wardrobes. So it's a lot of stuff and they think there will probably be a little space left over. Quotes currently are between 5.5K and 6.2K eeeek.
  14. Lets hope Friday was a "snowday" and stopped COs travelling into the office to press the grant button on our applications. Today there is no snow in London so we can expect them to come flying out!!! Fingers crossed !
  15. This is useful information! I have a quote from PSS but will be looking at another two also. Simpsons and Bourne's . Reading the insurance details will be key based on the information here!
  16. Ingers

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Scrub everything!!! But using Jeyes fluid I've been told is a good tip as it has a strong smell and satisfies customs that things have been properly cleaned
  17. I wish I knew if the was a rough order to the approvals. Are they processed in order of lodgement? If there was an RFI , order of RFI request or the date when all the docs were uploaded? The constant checking is driving me a touch doo-lally [emoji23][emoji14]
  18. I have used Pet Air UK for my cats too. They are currently booked for May to fly so I'm hoping my visa comes before then! The experience has been pretty good so far. In fact, it's only proving difficult for me to get into the country, everything else, though pricey has been fairly easy to arrange!
  19. Amazing News - Congratulations.[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] Lots cleared in the last few days. It's giving me hope!!!!
  20. If the U after RFI is uploaded? I uploaded my info week 3 Dec. Just for the next chart update! I'm loving the chart btw. Good work! [emoji4]
  21. I'm after you ! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  22. Ingers

    Citizen by Descent not an option

    What Jon says! My Aussie is so by decent. We have a certificate for the date it was officially "granted" so used that as the grant date.
  23. We lodged everything on my immi account to begin with, however on our RFI we were asked for the sponsor to have their own immi account for the 40sp. This resulted in a lot of duplication of documents on both my account and his. As I understand it, as long as all the required documents are presented and both the immi accounts are linked this should be sufficient. [emoji106]
  24. They will join your account and the sponsors immi account together as long as you have provided your TRN in the sponsors application. I did it this was and why my Husband (the Aussie) logs into his immi account now it's linked directly to mine now. [emoji4]
  25. Excellent! They are coming through - congratulations!!