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  1. A 309/100 granted today!!! Can’t quite believe it. Best of luck for quick news to everyone waiting Submitted 30/8/18 RFI 5/12/18
  2. We are the same, submitted August 2018, RFI in December and now waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s really difficult not having any idea of timelines for approval. Fingers crossed it’s soon.
  3. Hi All Have submitted both applicant and sponsor forms online at the ned of August (without an agent) but my partner thinks it is odd that there has been no request for information about his employment/salary. Have we missed something or are we worried over nothing? Thank you for any information you may have.
  4. zpo

    Past Offences - Consent for Verification

    I'm jumping on this thread, hope you don't mind. My partner's check will come back NO LIVE TRACE but are we correct in thinking this is NOT a conviction so can tick no for criminal convictions? Or do we need to tick yes and outline the details of the caution from 20 years ago?
  5. Thank you! RRV in place and we are ready to apply!!!
  6. Thank you Nemesis. That's made me much more confident.
  7. I thought as we are ‘officially’ engaged as in ring, family friends know etc that was distinct from de facto. Now I’m reading all the comments here from you fab folk, I feel confident we can apply for 309/100 partner. Thank you!
  8. Thank you. Have maintained my RRV so keen to apply for partner/children visas before that’s due again.
  9. Thank you. I have maintained my RRV and travel back annually to see family. I was hung up on the fact we are engaged but honestly, with two small kids and a mortgage and the general ‘busy’ of life, a wedding is not on the agenda, yet anyway.
  10. Just starting our visa and stuck on the first screen. I am OZ PR but live in the Uk for the last 10 ears with my fiancé. We have two kids but have no intention of getting married in the immediate future - do we apply as prospective marriage because we are engaged or as partner? Prospective states we must intend to get married and partner states we must be defacto. What do i do???? thank you wise ones!