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  1. Yes sorry, that’s what I meant Also, I have nothing in my passport, which I believe is normal these days - all electronic.
  2. I’m just sticking with the normal RRV that focuses on 2 year residency, and not shorter ones which are a bit more subjective (by the sound of it). What do you mean not quite? I know I have to spend 2 years, but I guess my question in a nutshell is whether I need to do those two years within my current 5 year subclass 100 ‘window’ or whether I can start a two year period if I enter Australia just before my ‘must not enter after’ date (May 2023)? Or whether both options are feasible.
  3. Thanks all for the advice, much appreciated. Just so I understand this clearly (please correct me if I’m wrong)... - I can re-enter Australia on this subclass 100 visa (even if I am no longer with sponsor), but must do so within 5 years of the visa being activated. If I was to enter after the 5 year period, the visa would no longer be valid. - I can enter the country just before the 5 years are about to expire, but would then need to wait 2 years before applying for the standard 5 year RRV (again, assuming I have no substantial link via partner anymore). I don’t HAVE to have spent 2 years WITHIN my 5 year subclass 100 visa travel allotment, just 2 years at any time during the last 5 years. My visa details: Date of grant: 08 May 2018 For first entry, arrive by: 01 March 2019 Must not arrive after: 08 May 2023 Length of stay: Indefinite from the date of each arrival Travel: Unlimited until 08 May 2023. For travel after this date, apply for a Resident Return visa I activated the visa in Oct 2018. So I interpret that I have two options: Option 1: Arrive in Australia anytime before my visa is up, but then build up 2 years residency. As long as I arrive again before May 2023 (as stated as ‘must not arrive after’ on visa), I can then spend 2 years in Australia and then apply for RRV. Although this isn’t ideal, as it would mean if I needed to travel outside of Australia (e.g. for family emergency) I wouldn’t be able to (or I should say I would be able to, but then my visa is lost) as I’d be waiting to build up 2 years of residency. Option 2: Ensure I have built up 2 years residency in Australia WITHIN my current subclass 100 travel period. So realistically to ensure I have both kept my permanent residency status while still keeping travel rights - I have spent roughly 6 months (Oct 18 - May 19) already and would need to spend another 1.5 years within my current 5 year period the subclass 100 grants (Oct 18 being activation date), so would need to move back to Aus roughly end of 2021 as a ‘deadline’? Hopefully I've got this right, and thank you so much for the advice on what I’m finding to be a confusing situation! Again, I’d prefer option 3: stay with partner :)
  4. Hi, I have a subclass 100 permanent partnership visa granted to me and spent around 6 months in Australia already. Myself and partner moved back to the U.K. after 6 months in Australia. Although I didn’t like some aspects of Aus, I think we didn’t give it long enough and maybe the location in Australia wasn’t right, not Australia per se. It was mostly my partner who craved to go back to the U.K. and I sometimes wonder whether it was the right choice to return. My question is relatively complicated: unfortunately, I feel my relationship may be breaking apart. I want to stay with my partner first and foremost, so hopefully we can work things out, but I’m also thinking about my options if it doesn’t work out in the end, and returning to Australia could be one of those options. For a fresh start. However, it’s a ‘partner’ visa, and my partner is my sponsor. Where do I stand with this? Again, it’s a permanent visa. All I can find on google relates to relationship breakdown advice either as part of the application process or if I was on a temporary partnership visa. Not an already granted and activated permanent 100 visa. Also, to get an RRV (resident return visa) should I wish to continue living in Aus, I know I would have had to be permanent resident for two years out of five. I’ve spent 6 months already in Australia, so would need to spend about 1.5 years in that five year period to qualify. But would it matter that I wasn’t with my partner anymore? If anyone can shed any light that would be helpful. Again, I love my partner more than any geographic location(!) so hopefully things get better and I don’t need to put into practice any of this advice in the end.
  5. oliver27

    Removals - from Aus to UK

    Thanks both, I just got a quote online from sevenseas and a lot better! Thanks again
  6. oliver27

    Removals Company - Recommendations

    Oh worth a mention though - wouldn’t be able to pick up boxes from UK. Would it still be suitable?
  7. oliver27

    Removals Company - Recommendations

    Thanks for the tip. Yeah just two medium sized removal boxes. 30kg each. We can drop off (think they’ll fit in the car!) as live in Teneriffe so not too far. would you happen to know the names of said companies? Or would I just google ‘freight forwarding companies’? we don’t mind waiting for these things (as seemed to have lived fine without them whilst we waiting for them for months over here).
  8. Hey, anyone have any recommendations for removal company that will ship just 2 x standard cartons (boxes), about 30kg each, from Brisbane to U.K.? Not a lot. we used a company called PSS Intl on the way from U.K. > Aus and they were only like £120, but they don’t do the other way from Aus to U.K. and quotes from other companies have been like $500+. appreicte the help
  9. oliver27

    Removals Company - Recommendations

    Hey, We’re moving back to the U.K. from Brisbane and only have 2 x regular cartons (boxes) to ship back. I’ve had a few quotes but they all seem to be way more expensive than the company we used to ship exactly the same amount from the U.K. to Brisbane (we used PSS Intl. but they don’t do Aus > U.K.) Any cost-effective companies you can recommend? Thanks in advance! :)
  10. oliver27

    100 Partner Visa - Moving back to UK

    Yes she has a U.K. passport and had been in the U.K. for 7 years prior to this move. Thank you :) that’s what we didn’t want to end up like. If we know now, then why wait? And yes it’s definitely an adventure, not only of Australia but of character and life! :) don’t regret making the move...
  11. oliver27

    100 Partner Visa - Moving back to UK

    Thanks for everyone’s great responses. Firstly, thank you for the info about the resident return visa. I had a feeling this was a long shot, but just wanted to check. Makes sense that you must have lived in Australia for a decent enough time to meet the ‘resident’ part of the ‘resident’ return visa! Oh well. Like someone pointed out, I guess there’s always the possibility of another visa further down the line if we ever wanted that. Secondly, I guess I’ll give more texture about our decision as that seems to be a topic of convo. We have had jobs pretty much since we landed and have been relatively settled into the day-to-day-life here to get a feel for what it’s like. Although I agree that three months isn’t long (and most family and friends are saying we need to give it more time), I still think we know by now whether we’re going to want to live here. Also, bear in mind we’re not leaving tomorrow, so if anything changes in a few months then we’ll stay. We have already made a pros and cons list, and made it as objective as we could to the specific places (U.K. vs Australia) and things you can’t change about these places (i.e. so no things you could change was able to feature on the list - jobs, friends, etc. - as these things aren’t place specific and can be changed in either place). The U.K. came on top by quite a bit for us. It was based on what was important to us, so obviously this could be completely different for other people, hence why I don’t want to say Australia is rubbish etc. as it’s not at all and I don’t even personally think that. I just know I don’t want to live here for the rest of my life, as doesn’t my partner, so what’s the point in wasting time here to prove to others that we ‘gave it more time’. Also re: other places in Australia, we obviously considered this, but although moving to a different oz location would have addressed some of our oz ‘cons’, it would have still favoured the U.K. as most were Australia wide things. I spent a lot of money on my visa, which is a bit depressing, but I have A). learnt a lot about myself, what’s important to me, and my character; B). challenged myself on a personal level to relocate across the world; C). learnt a valuable lesson about the grass not being greener all the time and the lesson of being contempt in some situations; D). made new friends; E). added to my CV and will likely come back with money in the bank by the time I come back due to better wages here; F). scratched an itch I think would have always been there if I hadn’t have tried it, and now gives me clarity to set other goals like buying a house and get my roots down; G.) had the joy of experiencing another country and culture (and I will be making the most out of it - I want to stress that I’m not depressed over here and will ensure my time over here is positive, I just don’t think it’s for me long-term so don’t see the point in staying past the point where I’ve seen everything I wanted to see just to prove something, as we’ll then start to distance ourselves from the U.K. and probably find it harder to move back). Just wish I’d have got a WHV...
  12. Hey, I was granted a 100 perm visa and moved to Oz about three months ago, but I have come to the realisation that it’s not for me (and ironically it’s not for my Australian partner even more so!). This post isn’t really a discussion on my decision, but I don’t think Australia is a bad place at all and would suit a lot of people moving over, but just not for me. My question: if I move back to the U.K., can I ‘keep’ my permanent visa status? You never know what might change in life and whether my priorities will change later down the line so just want to know. My understanding was that I could apply for citizenship within a certain amount of years or I could have just paid a nominal fee (I think $300) every 5 years for a resident return visa? If I just kept paying the resident return visa every 5 years would I effectively keep my 100 permanent residency visa status? And does this matter if I’m ‘offshore’? Thanks
  13. oliver27

    Christmas shopping for relatives in UK

    I actually have just done a few gifts on amazon, and was going to get amazon gift cards when I realised there were people who needed it more than me trying to think of gifts for people who have got most of what they want, so bought some unicef donation ‘gifts’ instead!
  14. Hey, Looking for an easy way to get gifts to relatives in the U.K. that doesn’t involve having to post them from Australia. What do people do on here? Amazon UK site and then delivery from there? (Assume you need UK debit card for this?) Gift vouchers for everyone?! Assume I still have the same problem though as would need to be U.K. based companies and they wouldn’t come wrapped. I’m quite new here and don’t really want the additional stress of posting Xmas presents by due dates etc. So any ideas would be appreciated!
  15. oliver27

    Just Landed - Medicare & Doctors

    Hi all, After months / years of anticipation, I landed in Australia yesterday. What an emotional rollercoaster the past week and especially yesterday, but feel better today after a good sleep in a bed after the long flight! Anyway... I’m looking to understand how MediCare works. I’m on a subclass 100 partner visa, so I’m entitled to join. Do I do this at a centrelink? I have a prescription medication I need to take. The doctor in the U.K. provided bulk prescription before I left which should last a while, but would rather sort out new prescription in Aus sooner rather than later, so how do I go about finding a doctor? Is there a website or something? And do I need to wait till Medicare sign-up is complete before I can do this? Any help appreciated (looks like this forum is going to be invaluable not only at visa application stage, but also for things like this too - a great place for advice!)