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    Best place for our careers?

    Thanks for your reply! Obviously we're not stupid - we do have some confidence that we would get a visa of some sort, most likely 189 or 190 (which I know then dictates where we could go). But this is mainly about us visiting first - we really want to go and look at places we COULD live if we did manage to get a visa. No point going and wasting time in say Melbourne and then we decide to move to Perth and know nothing about the area. I don't think it's an unfair question to ask. I'd rather go and visit Australia first and see if I like it and the potential areas we'd be living in before I start spending money on visa's etc.
  2. Hello, My boyfriend and I are looking into moving in the next few years, we are going over to visit first but need to decide where to look based on where we would like to live. I think the options seem to be Perth or Brisbane/Sunshine Coast - I was just wondering if anyone could advise which one would have better job prospects for both of our careers? My partner is a joiner, and I am a finance analyst (although I am not degree qualified)....so complete opposite work so we need a place that has opportunities for both! Any help would be great! Thanks