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Found 74 results

  1. Hi all Any help/advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated as I keep going around in circles trying to find the answer to the following: When an applicant passes the practical assessment with Vetassess and they receive an AQF certificate III (based on 3 years skilled work experience as Capenter and Joiner), can this then be used to claim 10 points under the educational qualifications, where it states 'You have completed a trade qualification for award by an Australian educational institution.' or 'You have attained a qualification or award recognised by the relevant assessing authority in determining your skills for your nominated occupation.'? Unfortunately, I have received conflicting information. An agent we have asked says these points can be claimed, but I believe we would have to input start and end dates of study which we would not have as the qualification was obtained through skills assessment. Any ideas? Thanks for your time. Sara
  2. Hi guys, just wandering if anyone can share their experience. We have lodged visa 189 in Aug and front loaded medicals and police checks. On 27 Oct got asked to provide police checks from Canada (where we lived only for 7 m). Police checks submitted on 27 Nov. Just wandering how long did it take to get a visa grant after submitting that last piece of info? Visa status is still as further assessment. We are getting soooo inpatient now that it is so close. We are hoping to get an early xmas present lol looking forward to hearing from you! many thanks!:) A
  3. Hello, My boyfriend and I are looking into moving in the next few years, we are going over to visit first but need to decide where to look based on where we would like to live. I think the options seem to be Perth or Brisbane/Sunshine Coast - I was just wondering if anyone could advise which one would have better job prospects for both of our careers? My partner is a joiner, and I am a finance analyst (although I am not degree qualified)....so complete opposite work so we need a place that has opportunities for both! Any help would be great! Thanks
  4. Hi guys, just wanted to share some happy news - got an invite today for 189. Was loosing hope after many months of waiting so very happy. Now onto submitting all the docs. Details below if anyone inetrested ? good luck to everyone else! I ELTS (overall 8.5) - July 2017 || Skills Assessment - Joiner (331213) - Positive - Sep 2017 || EOI submitted with 70 points 20.02.2018 || Invitation to apply 11.07.2018
  5. Hi. Our business is in need of UK trained carpenters/joiners who want to work on heritage wooden windows. Our business is a leader and booming. We know UK has the skilled trades, as we already have them on our team now in Oz. If your serious about a job and settling in Australia see http://www.seek.com.au/Job/36406079/?cid=ios-share We are not offering sponsorship but we are offering a job in a business that’s spread nationally in a short period
  6. Hi all Looking for some help with completing the EOI ...has anyone submitted the EOI for joiner recently and could help with few questions please? Just confused about few things and worried we are over claiming points! My partner got a positive skills assessment from TRA and also got a AQF Certificate III in Joinery. On the letter we got - skilled migration assessment result - it only says that it has been successful and he also got that certificate in joinery. I though that on the letter it will say how many years of experience he has as well. My partner provided evidence for 7 y & 10 m and they said that he has provided all supporting documents for this period, but still 3 years will be taken off from this as he has only completed NVQ2 ( and not 3) so firs 3 years count as training and he should be claiming only 5 points for work experience. When we added the info about work experience to EOI, it gave him 10 points for experience so counted all 7 y and 10m... where are those 3 years to be taken off from that? How can we claim less? points are calculated automatically based in the information entered...im confused... Sorry if those are daft questions, I know its only EOI so should be straight forward, but just want to make sure we do this right and don't over claim.. hope there is someone who can help! Thanks in advance! Andana
  7. Hi all, Was hoping someone could help. My boyfriend is just going through skills assessment for a joiner ( visa 189). We have references and proof of employment for 7y and 9 months- so just short of 8 y to get extra points. Assessment may take up to 11 weeks, so by then we should have those extra 3 m to take him to 8y. When we submit EOI , can we only claim those 7 y and 9 m that are being assessed or can we add an extra evidence to show 8 y ? Skills assessment people told us yes so can claim more later on, so we submitted the application without waiting those 3 m to take us over 8 y. But now they say they are not sure.. told us to speak to our migration agent, but we don’t have one as trying to do without ( as it costs a lot L ) Anyone knows how this works? Thanks in advance! Andana
  8. Hi all, Hope someone can help My and my partner are just about to submit EOI (visa 198 - joiner) but just a bit confused about the points we got when we filled it. We filled in all required information and all that is left now is to submit it. However, I wanted to check first, if we provided the right information. The system calculated that my partner has 70 points ( age - 30, English - 20, qualifications - 10 and work experience - 10) but... He is a joiner and did skills assessment with ACTS, we provided evidence for 7 y and 10 m, which they confirmed, but they also said that 3 years of experience will be taken off as he has NVQ L2 and did not do 3 years of his apprenticeship. They said we should be claiming only 5 points for experience and not 10 ( as 7y and 10 m minus 3 y will take it down to 4 y). This still gives us 65 points which is over the threshold but the systems calculates the points itself and shows he has 70. We don't want to over claim points, but not sure what info to provide. How does it work? If we give less info on his work experience to get 65 points and they take away 3 y then we wont get any points for experience. Would someone be able to help? Also, re qualifications - ACTS assessed his qualifications and he got a Certificate III in Joinery - just to double check - in EOI we added this under Education History and NVQ2 qualification under - 'An award or qualification recognised by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation'. Is this right? sorry if those are daft questions, I know its only EOI so should be straight forward, but just want to make sure we do this right ... Thanks in advance! Aldona
  9. Do you have to do a test before you can go on site in Australia (health and safety or other) or another qualification to start working, even though qualified in UK? Is there a lot of work for joiners about? what is the average wage for joiners? how different is the building trade in Australia than the UK? thanks
  10. shellyk666

    TradeSET please help!

    Hi, last night my husband completed the tradeSET questionnaire as a Joiner. He's never used computer controlled machinery so ticked 'no' to this question. He also completed his online skill assessment to Vetassess and paid the $600. Now I'm printing off the TradeSET report and can see it's suggesting that computer operated machinery is listed as 'mandatory'! Does this mean his skill assessment will fail?? He's been a joiner for 20 years and none of the workshops have ever used computer controlled machines (CAD)! Has anyone else not been able to answer 'yes' to all of the TradeSET questions? Did it matter? The report just states it as 'Skills and evidence I may need' and states that if the report indicates gaps in your skills 'please discuss these with the RTO you select to conduct your skill assessment'. They're not open now and are closed for Labour day on Monday. Can anyone help?! Pretty please??
  11. Hi, Does anyone know whether my husband can book the practical part of his skill assessment (he's a carpenter) before he's received the Employment and Training Assessment part back? Looking at the Vetassess website the practical assessments appear to be every 2 months with the next one being in London on 22nd March. The deadline for booking this is the 7th March however I don't think we'll have received his paper Employment and Training Assessment results by then. Any ideas?? Thanks for any help
  12. We need to ship over 4 power tools that have rechargeable Lithium batteries. We are not allowed to ship them according to Sevenseas so now we need to rethink and find a company who can ship them over for less than it would cost to replace them. OH says he can only get £100 second hand for the lot and he really wants to take them with us so can anyone help by recommending a company who will ship them? We have seen packsend.com.au do it but have not looked into this in any great detail as our Sevenseas boxes are currently half full since the extra boxes for power tools are now empty. I didn't even think of looking into it as we were too busy trying to work out how clean the power tools needed to be in the first place. I know some people have shipped batteries before but this was before the new legislation came into place regarding lithium batteries being dangerous goods. TIA for any help.
  13. Hey everyone, My husband and i are hoping to gain a 189 visa and have just began the whole process of collecting information etc. Where I am confused is on the skills assessment? My husband is a carpenter and his assessor is TRA. They require you to send all qualification proof, payslips etc etc and only charge $300 for this with no practical exam,...... but other carpenters on this forum have paid £1000 to VETASSESS to do a practical exam and interview? What i don't understand is why one requires a practical and one doesn't? Do the people who do VETASSESS not have any physical paper qualifications or certificates, hence why they have to prove their skills practically? I just do not want to send of all this paperwork and NVQ's etc to TRA to find out we then have to pay £1000 to be VETASSESS assessed as well? Also once you have passed your skills assesement are you awarded points for your trade to boost your over all points score? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Guest

    Carpenter Vetassess

    Hi, My name is Gary and I have been a joiner/carpenter for 8 years. I am fully qualified and am currently working for a bespoke joinery company currently specialising in museums. At the moment I am working as a benchhand joiner and have been doing so for 18 months. I have completed the paper part of my vetassess assessment. I am now looking at sitting my practical assessment. If anyone can give me any information or examples of what I am required to do, I would be very grateful as the information on this seems to be very dated and inadequate. Cheers
  15. Hi there just started the visa process wondered if any other carpenter / joiners can tell me what to expect in the trade test I have to do. just filled the first lot of vetassess forms in and sent them back no idea whats next but know I have to sit a trade test.:unsure: Got a job in Perth so just want to get there and start. Any advice appreciated. Any time lines for a 175 carpenter/joiner
  16. Hi My husband is a qualified Carpenter with 10 years+ experience. He has been job hunting for two weeks now in WA with no success. He has tried all the websites, and travelled hundreds of km's to ask builders on site if they have any work but with no success and very little response. Any ideas? Lisa x
  17. Hi All My husband and I have been in Perth for 6 days and he starts work tomorrow (only two weeks temporary work). He did bring the majority of his hand tools and a drill so he is ready to work but looking to start buying tools to replace the ones he sold on Ebay before we left. Could someone please let us know the best place to buy tools that isnt extortionate! We have a car so we can travel, but currently living NOR. Thanks in advance Lisa
  18. Hello, Putting this post out there to get a few feelers on joinery work in Sydney. I am a qualifed joiner with a 4 year apprenticeship and 10 years’ experience. I work as a joiner on houses/building sites - fitting new kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, decking etc. If anyone reads this who is a joiner it would be good to hear about what joinery work is like in Sydney. From what I see on seek.com.au it's mainly cabinet maker jobs which isn't the type of worked I'd be looking to do. If you have any information on joinery work, pay etc that would be great. Thanks,
  19. My 33yr old husband is looking for sponsorship to gain work and a 457 visa for Perth, Australia. We would like to emigrate there with our 2 young children but want to go on a temporary visa first to ensure the move is the right one for us all. My OH has 17yrs experience as a joiner in all aspects of the trade, including 4yrs running his own business, which he currently still operates. If anyone is able to point us in the right direction then I would be very grateful. Thanks
  20. Hello, I am a qualified Joiner, i currently live in England, and i am actively seeking sponsorship to move to Brisbane Australia. I have five years of experience and have very good references. My partner is a qualified project Manager/coordinator and also comes with excellent references.
  21. Hello everyone Apologies for my naivety but this is my first post on this forum and I would really appreciate some advice. I am a recently qualified chartered accountant from N Ireland and my other half is a joiner with approximately 10 years experience. We are seriously fed up with life at home and are considering a move to Australia in February 2011 on a 12 month working holiday visa. Will we both be able to secure work without much hassle? I have a feeling Paul will be able to find something more easily than me? Would employers consider someone on a working holiday visa for temporary accountancy jobs? We are pretty sure that we will go to Perth but if jobs are more likely to be readily available elsewhere then we would of course go wherever we have most chance of getting work. Is there any way that we could secure work before we leave home? If not, where do we start looking for employment when we get there? Also, if we love life in Oz what are the chances of securing a 2nd year working holiday visa having worked in the construction and accountancy sectors? I'm sure these are probably pretty basic questions but we really do need some help, we have only just begun our research and it is an absolute minefield!! Thanks in advance
  22. Just thought I would say Hi as I am intending to move to Melbourne/Geelong with my wife, 5 year old daughter, 2 year old son and 3 month old son. We are not quite decided which area around Victoria we are moving to yet (work and area/facilities to take into account) but have back packed Oz and have a bit of a clue what we are getting into. I am taking all my tools out with me and a large container with all the family junk in it but any tips on what else to take and where to look at living in Victoria are most welcome.
  23. Hi, I succesfully passed the Trades Evidence Assessment Form recently (fantastic) and given the go ahead for the 2nd stage, Skype interview or practical test. I am now preparing to consider either option. Has anyone done the Bench Joiner practical test during the last 6 months? If so, what was the format and what were you asked to do?
  24. Hi,i've just got back from Perth but can someone clear something up for me? I have a sister-in law in perth who is permanent resident and willing to sponsor us. We're looking at the 176 visa as this would allow us into perth. I understand that a 475 is for regional sponsorship and that perth is now regional so my question is.....what's the difference now between 176 and 475 ? now perth has been re-classified. And is there a points difference. sorry if this has an obvious answer:wacko: Anybody that wants any info on perth, feel free to ask as we were there for 3 wks and had a good look around. Thanks , Darren
  25. Hi there, I am joiner with 20+years work experience (age 40) and just at the very beginning of the visa process. My qualifications are apparently outdated and have been advised I can update to an equivalent which is NVQ II. Does anyone know if that is an acceptable qualification or if there is another route I should be taking.:unsure: Would be very grateful for any advice:notworthy: