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  1. bblackbeardd

    Price increase 1 July

    Sorry to piggyback on this thread, but are there going to be increases across all visa categories or is this specific to the 143?
  2. Hi all, My partner (Australian) and I have been together 3 and a half years, co-habiting for 2, so would certainly be considered in a de facto relationship. However, checking the various homeaffairs.gov pages about the 309/100 visa, I've seen that we have to provide 'proof that our relationship is genuine and continuing' and separately proof that we are in a de facto relationship. The lists of things required for each cross over at many different points and we would use various documents to prove both things, however the homeaffairs.gov website advises against uploading duplicate documents (can't tell if this is advice regarding upload limits). Should we just provide documents to prove these things, despite the fact that we'll be uploading the same documents like bills etc. for each? Can anyone also clarify if I can start my application just so we can see the categories under which certain things come under, or will it time out/look bad if we take a while completing it? I realise that uploaded documents get deleted after 30 days, so we won't upload anything until we're ready to submit, but I just want to have a poke around! Hope this makes sense. Jack
  3. bblackbeardd

    Providing evidence of joint activity

    This is really helpful, thank you. We're not married, but are de facto as we have been together 3 years and cohabiting for 2. We just feel like we need to make up for not being married by including as much as possible. I know they'll probably not look at most of it, but it's a good idea to be paranoid about these things I think!
  4. bblackbeardd

    Providing evidence of joint activity

    Wow thanks for such a detailed reply. That's really interesting to hear how little you included. I think I've gathered more than that already! We've got plenty of flight bookings with both names on, as well as hotel/Airbnb bookings. How long was your statement out of interest? And when did you apply, recently?
  5. Hi all, Fairly specific question but I think one that should apply to a lot of people. We're compiling documents for my Partner visa application (off-shore) and are finding that a lot of our evidence of joint cultural or social activities are tickets with only one of our names on. With no photos of us at some of the events, there's no real proof that the other one went! Is there any point in us including this sort of thing or will it be ignored? Thanks in advance!
  6. bblackbeardd

    Do I only have 6 days to apply?

    Thanks all, I wasn't worried about the visa being stopped but rather that it would get much more difficult/expensive. 7000 AUD is already basically breaking the bank...
  7. Hi all, I might have this completely wrong, but I read something in a post on PIO that suggested the changes to immigration to Oz might be tied up in the Australian Government budget announcement. I just looked this up and it seems to be coming on 8th May - is this right? Does this mean I have 6 days to apply for my 309?! Cheers.
  8. bblackbeardd

    Arrival in Oz after acceptance of 190

    This is so useful to know, thank you. You've helped us make up our minds, started collecting photos/documents yesterday! Thanks again.
  9. bblackbeardd

    Arrival in Oz after acceptance of 190

    This is very helpful to know, thank you so much. Is that a trend that's likely to continue for the time being do you think? I suppose there's no real way to know.
  10. bblackbeardd

    Arrival in Oz after acceptance of 190

    Thanks for the quick reply. If I do my medical/police check before applying for the visa, rather than when asked for it, I assume this then limits me to whatever time is left between the acceptance date of my visa and the 12 month period?
  11. Hi all, First post so apologies if I'm doing it wrong. My partner and I are trying to work out when to apply for my visa (she has a Aus passport) and part of the problem is we don't know when we want to move. I've been weighing up the options between a skilled visa and a partner visa and would ideally like to apply and get the visa and then decide when to move. Does anyone know how flexible this is? Would I have to touch down in Oz and register within a certain time period, either for the 190 skilled visa or the 100 Partner visa? Thanks for any help in advance.