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  1. Gillycraig

    189 health checks

    Thanks. Is form 80 always asked for? Couldn’t see it on the document list and seen mixed comments on forums about whether mandatory or not?
  2. Gillycraig

    189 health checks

    Just been invited for a 189 accountant visa - haven’t hit the apply button yet as just need to pull a few things together but does anyone know if docs need to be certified and when health checks are normally required? Keep going round in circles on the website! Thanks
  3. Gillycraig

    Accountant - Work experience

    I just used ‘manager’ and it’s against a big 4 auditor along with all the job descriptions etc. From what I understand as long as the employment assessment comes from the same body doing the skills assessment it should be fine. I’d be very surprised if DIBP said it wasn’t relevant experience but the assessing authority did. Yep used it for the EOI as I needed to be sure we were ok for 80 points and needed the work experience. Will see what happens when an invite comes through.
  4. Gillycraig

    Accountant - Work experience

    I got a skills assessment as general accountant that included big 4 experience when working in external audit when they looked at employment as I got that assessed to and was all deemed relevant and closely linked.
  5. Gillycraig

    IELTS English test

    Thanks I guess my question is I’ll have score for my skills assessment and a different test result for my overall points requirement as part of the EOI - has anyone seen or heard of this or is it perfectly acceptable.
  6. Gillycraig

    IELTS English test

    Does anyone have any experience of the language test. I scored 9s but had a blip in writing (no idea how but hey ho). I’ve got enough for the skills assessment but to get 20 points I’m going to sit the general as I don’t want to delay skills assesmnt or waste time appealing. I’m assuming I can use my general results (assuming I get the right score!!) for the language part of the EOI? Any advice /experience on this? Thanks
  7. Gillycraig

    189 accountant visa skills assessment

    No needs to be accoutnant as most of my big 4 experience is out with the 10 year window so can’t be external audit. I’d read something about the experience being on the career path then it may be considered. It’s only 5 points but every one seems to make the difference!! Just wondered if anyone had similar experience.
  8. Hi. Hoping for another little bit of help! I’m applying for a skills assessment under ‘accountant’ and whilst I’ve got 6 years experience in a Finance role I also had 8 years post qualification experience with PWC after getting my CA qualification. My question is will the assessing authority look at the PWC experience as technically it’s external audit or do they look at it as general accountant experience? Just trying to understand if I can get an extra 5 point or not for 8-10 years experience. Thanks for for any help!
  9. Hi does anyone know if for the employment assessment if years in external audit count for example I worked with PWC for 6 years and then as a finance manager for 6 years so happy with the last 6 years aligned to the accountant code but do they recognise work as an auditor as relevant experience in a closely related field? Just trying to maximise points!! Thanks
  10. Thanks I’ve got enough post qualification experience post CA qualification but have asked the assessing body for a bit of guidance anyway. Thanks for your help
  11. Hi where you had the qualification on the reciprocal arrangement did you get 10 or 15 points? Trying to work out what is what and not overly clear on the website. I have a degree but much more faff getting docs together than from ICAS.
  12. Hi thanks for this where do you get the info on the 80 points requirement? Is there a website that gives you the up to date info?
  13. I assume there is no way round doing a skills assessment without letting your employer know? How detailed is the skills assessment? What if you don’t have payslips going that far back? Sorey just at the very start of this process!also any info on the partner skills assessment as I think that could push us up to 80 points but it looks like CA australia need an English test even for that!!
  14. Hi just at the start of this journey and looking for some help! I’m a qualified CA with a body that has a reciprocal agreement with the Australian equivalent but what I’m not clear on (and the department involved hasn’t been overly helpful) is whether I need a work skills assessment in addition to noting my qualifications? I’m a bit confused! I’ve got 60 points between age degree and language skills but I’ve read I need at least 70 to be on the accountant nominated occupation. Any help or experience would be appreciated!!